Monday, October 10, 2016

Hairchalk [International G I V E A W A Y]

Hello lovelies,

who loves changing their hair color all the time, and I really meant all..the..time. Like every single event, every single day, but really can't commit or doesn't feels like going through the chemical process?

Well, here's your answer, hair chalks.

They are not 'new' definitely in the business, many people has try them before and comes in several ways, brands, methods, and so on.

But comes with many colors and options that becoming a trend. Do check out for sure.


I can be timid, and try a few colors on my hair strands. Like using the purple and red as stripes. Using the chalks on some areas only.

Before going further, let's see the details provided by on how to use it.


Or, you can make a mixture the chalk in the water, and use the spray bottle to apply the color. You can also check out @Hairchalkco on instagram as they sometime share tips in using their products.

And mine is Independence Red Blue Ombre a 12 chalks set.

And it was not easy, I need some practice in using the product. The color is surely bold and the vivid, but it's still chalk and it since it was made to be used wet and when it's get dry the hair got all tangled up.


So my tips would be, apply on the hair that is cleaned, dry and already use some hair essence, especially when your hair is already chemically damaged like mine, it is already so dry and brittle.

Use the chalk when wet, apply on a combed hair section by section. As the wet chalk become like a sticky paste, left it be until completely dry, before combing them again. And be careful, these chalks are a mess, it will left mess everywhere, I prefer doing it outdoor.

Cleaning them is easy, just shampoo the hair and use plenty of hair mask or conditioner afterwards to replace the moisture back into the hair.


Does the hassle worth? Seeing the final result, yes! It covers hair that is dark to of course bright and bleached. It has the ability to transform the hair color instantly. The process took around 15-30 minutes for the result as seen above, so it was pretty fast.

Now, for you who are curious and would like to try, you can join the giveaway and win yourself a set or a product from

There will be one winner who gets to choose one product from the shop. It could be one set of 12 OR 1 set of 6 OR a hair chalk pad. The giveaway will run for two weeks. Anyone can gain entries by following social media profiles (instagram @Hairchalkco) and mine (@Carnellin).

Do follow me on instagram to read more details.

Thank you

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