Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Anna Sui Eyebrow and Eyelash Mascara

Hello lovelies,

Anna Sui Cosmetics Autumn 2016 is just the best collection ever, it is now has Eyebrow and Eyelash mascara with more shades from dark brown to blonde. The product is made to be used as a mascara for eyelashes and brows at the same time, it's a two in one product not to be missed.


Mine is shade 500, a light brown shade. The product comes in this pretty packaging which embodies the whole concept of Autumn theme, just visit their official website where you can get a glimpse on the idea fresh from Anna Sui herself, how she pick the theme and how enchanted everything is. I couldn't help but googoo gaga about the decor.

The bottle itself is cute and rather smaller than most mascara they have (or at least from the previous collection) so perhaps this time, it is more to the eyebrow mascara than eyelash, at least for the colors since I always prefer a really dark lashes (and it is more visible too).


I'm using the eyebrow mascara after the pencil, so I draw the outer lines first, fills in the empty spots and gently draws in between. Since I believe the mascara only colors the hairs and not really made for the skin.


And they work like magic. Everything the mascara touches turns into (gold) the color it was made for. The product is comfortable to be used, glide on easily and as usual, Anna Sui's products smells good.

It also make my eyebrow seems a bit like embroidered.


As I'm using the product as an eyelash mascara, as seen, it's not really visible. Perhaps since my lashes is rather too short or I really need the color that are really dark to emphasize on number and volume so this product, as for me, is clearly made for the brows only.


The staying power is really good, stays on me for the whole day, I'm not worrying of suddenly found them missing since they have a very good grip. The mascara made it waterproof or at least water resistant.

Easy to be used, the short wand and the large to small brushes are wonderful, it can hold the long hairs to the shortest. Dispense the product evenly and most of all, convenient.


Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia.

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  1. The color is suit on your hair too hihi