Thursday, October 27, 2016

VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion

Hello lovelies,

here's another post for VOV Maxmini and it's the Cover Cushion. A similar version to the cushions, but made for a more coverage.


The packaging, container, is all lovely and love the colorful reflection. It was not easy to see which is which, I have to read the details to know which is the Moisture and which one is the Cover Cushion.

What's lies beneath also so similar, the cushion, the shape, and yes, the shade too, mine is shade 21.


As usual, above is my skin before using the product. Cleaned skin and skincare all over. No primer or other base makeup applied.

The formula is also light, comfortable to be used, I think it's a bit more powdery than the sister cushion that embrace moisture more. Rather velvety, but still do give my skin a demi glow, so it's pretty much satisfying for me since I'm not a huge fan of a total matte look.


Cushion yang berisi foundation ringan ini memiliki daya cover yang tahan lama tanpa terkesan berat. Mudah sekali diaplikasikan, menutup pori-pori dengan sempurna dan hasil akhir yang flawless. Cushion ini juga memberikan kelembaban pada kulit dan mencerahkan seketika. Mengandung  SPF 50/PA++. Tersedia dalam 4 jenis warna yaitu no 21 Light skin, no 23 Natural Skin, no 33 beige dan no 43 dark beige.

Covers imperfection just nice from pores, dreadful uneven skin tone, patches, redness, acne marks, to just about anything. And when adding primer plus concealer, it just will get better and better. But as for me, this is suffice, my skin already looks so flawless.

The product really does easy to be used, comfortable as in so light, and travel friendly. This cushion alone replace bulky bottled foundie and a brush or separate sponge for foundation.

And anytime, I can just gently tap my skin with the cushion for a quick touch up.


Add some powder and color makeup and above is my finish look. Flawless, natural and still has that subtle radiant glow.

As usual, like any other makeup, their staying power does involves the air, is it humid or not, the dryer the air is, the better they'll stay. And ones skin condition, oily skin usually breaks makeup faster, same goes with activity, sweats and movement does fade makeup faster than sitting still.


it's a wonderful base that over coverage without feeling heavy nor too much. A base that is perfect on it's own or can be added with anything you want. The formula is light and very much comfortable. The SPF 50 / PA ++ is handy for a city gal like me.

Thank you so much VOV!!

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