Friday, October 14, 2016

Milbon Deesse's Series

Hello lovelies,

For those who are following on instagram must have known my recent cravings, hair care products.

Milbon recently made it to Indonesia, I know them from my recent trip to one of Japanese salon in Senopati area, they are using Lingkage series specially made and used for salon or professional. It helps my hair tremendously, from being super duper dry and coarse to smooth and silky.

And now, I'll share with you that they also have products to be used at home on our own. It can be purchase from salons and do check out more details regarding Milbon Indonesia on their instagram account.


Their products that have made it to Indonesia are from Deesse's Series, consist of Neu Deu, Linkage and Elujuda. In this post I'll share a bit of my review using Neu Deu and Elujuda.


Hmm, where do I start?! Let's begin with Neu Deu. Shampoo and treatment care to be used at home, divided into SilkyLuxe for thin hair, WillowLixe for normal hair, VelourLuxe for rough and thick hair.

Elujuda also consist of several type, but instead of 3, the products only divided into two categories, thin hair (FO and emulsion) or normal to thick (MO and emulsion).

And one of the best part of their products are they have fragrance like notes from top, middle to base. Each of them smells so good and fragrant. You can easily noticed Neu Deu being so fruity and floral from apple, orange, grapefruit to lily, jasmine and rose with white musk at the base for shampoo and treatment (or conditioner). And the hair nutrient has aroma of lemon, mango, peach, rose and carnation. It was so good and relaxing.


The product comes in this beautiful packaging and several sizes. I think their prices are around Rp. 200.000 and above.


I'm using the shampoo and treatment on daily basis now, and I can immediately feel the differences from the first use. Most shampoo just cleans the hair, but this one makes my hair super silky. It felt surreal. When rinsed all those roughness, dry and coarse texture are gone, like my hair instantly becomes tame and manageable.

I don't even think the result could get any better, when I'm using the treatment (like using a conditioner, after shampooing the hair, rinse and then apply on the mid length to the ends) and rinse them well, it was super smooth. It is an experience that one's should try to believe it.


After using the shampoo and treatment, I can now use their leave in essence on my damp hair, right before drying.

Elujuda FO & MO, and Elujuda Emulsion.

The Emulsions are in lovely pink coral shade. One for thin hair (contain Keratin (CMADK) Baobab extract and ceramide 2) and the other for normal to thick hair (contain Keratin (CMADK) Baobab extract plus Aqua Collagen).

It has the aroma of blackcurrant, apple, citrus, rose, raspberry, and vanilla as the base.


Elujuda FO & MO in orange and yellow pump container.

They also contain Baobab, but its Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, where the yellow one adding Oil Soluble Silk PPT and the orange one using Olive Squalene.

The fragrance used are bergamot, apple, geranium, rose, jasmine and vanilla, musk and vetiver as the base.

What is the meaning of FO and MO? FO is Fluent Oil and MO is Mellow Oil. The texture is slightly different but they are both oils.


Elujuda FO & MO are oils and Elujuda Emulsion is emulsion, so it is slightly creamier. You can simply use any texture that you like, it is more to the preference. For me personally, I love the emulsion since they smells so good, more to the floral where FO & MO are more to the citrus side.

But they both works well on my hair. It felt a bit oily and creamy at first, but after a while, the hair will take the nourishment and become so soft and frizz-free.


When they are all used together, start from the shampoo, to treatment and then before drying it out, using the leave in care, it helps damaged and broken hair a great deal. Styling, combing, managing the hair become so much easier, the bonus part is that the hair become fragrant and shinier too. Like there's no damage in the first place.

I love changing hair color, changing their original texture too by perming and daily styling. It does make my hair suffer but I like to keep myself upfront of being trendy and it made me feel so good to. So now with Milbon, I can keep my 'hobby' and be confident while their products took care the damage made by those chemicals and heat from the tools.


I guess for all of you who are confused where to begin with, I think it is best to start with the shampoo and treatment on daily basis. Adding the Nutrient once or twice a week also really helps as the formula is richer and thicker than the treatment. It has the ability to transform the hair into silk like texture. If the hair was zoomed in using a magnifying glass, people could see the difference as the strands that are look like flyaway, has now smoothed out.


Bottom line,

Deesse's Series has given my hair opportunities to look great even thou it has gone through so many process and being so damaged. From frizz, breakage, dull, to brittle hair, has now become smooth, soft, manageable and so silky with aromas that I really enjoy on daily basis. It becomes my go to routine where I feel excited using the products.


Thank you so much Milbon Indonesia.

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