Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette

Hello lovelies,

it's so good to be back on my blog. I've been really caught up lately with a lots of things, my house is renovated, I've been going back and forth to IKEA, took a short holiday, getting sick and so on, and now finally I'm here again, doing something within my passion.

These babies are from USA, a relative just got back and she help me get these babies (along with other products too-will be shared in separate post) and I love how practical and useful they are.

Contouring has never been easier.


Rimmel’s first Sculpting & Highlighting Kit designed by Kate Moss.
• Soft shimmer powder to highlight the cheek bone, brow bone, centre of the chin and bridge of the nose.
• Shading powder to contour the sides of the nose, jaw line and forehead.
• Powder blush for colour and definition.


They have 3 available shades and the two are Golden Sands and Coral Glow. The other one which I do not have is Golden Bronze.

The differences lies in the number 3, their blush. Golden Sands has rosy to pinkish hue, where Coral Glow has a peachy coral blush. Their highlights and contour has a tad differences for lighter to darker skin tone. 001 Golden Sands is more to the lighter and 002 Coral Glow is for those whose in more natural shades. And perhaps 003 Golden Bronze are for those with darker tones.

But as for me, I could easily use 001 and 002 just fine.


Above is my before look, I'm using a BB Cream and a bit of powder to set the base, and then I apply some of the sculpting palette like in the description of the product details above. The powder is fine and easy to be used plus very comfortable too. I really like using it since it has particles that powdery and buildable at the same time. I can use it as soft as I want or a bold as I prefer. In this post I'm using 001 Golden Sands.


And then, for the final finish, I can blend them easily for a better overall look that shines, highlights, glows and create a three dimensional finish.

The product works well with any other base that I have at home, it doesn't noodles, nor clumps. And I really love that luminous touch, like my skin is a pearl.


This one is definitely a keeper, would love to keep using the product, it has everything I need and helps me appear better too without looking like overly done.

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  1. This contour powder looks good on you hihi