Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hello lovelies,

this time I want to share a bit about Asmaraku, one of the site available out there that sells lingerie and many other 'love goodies' for married couples.

From flowers, beauty products, intimate items to novelties are sold at https://www.asmaraku.com/. It is kinda like a one stop destination for those who are looking for a way to spice up their sex life. But I think they need to add a bit more spice since I think Indonesian are now more open and comfortable to play a bit.


I ordered a set of lingerie that comes with an undergarment that matches. The service was very good and discreet.

Browsing through their site also fuss free, everything is written clearly and as usual, we do need to read carefully as some details could be very important. Like there's a icon of free delivery, but it does with a specific details on the minimum amount of purchase.

The ninja icon made the cue pretty clear of their ideas in terms of discreet, precise, professional and fast too. Their responds not just for queries but when the item is delivered, they also send another email making sure we have received the product.

The packaging and wrapping of the goods is nice, doesn't expose the item inside, so we don't have to feel embarrassed, especially when still living in the same roof as the in-laws.


The material and quality of the product is lovely. The image on the website and the product itself is a match. They also sell high quality branded lingerie from French, they are bit steep but I guess because it's an original goodies.


I feel satisfied and happy with Asmaraku, they sell good quality products with service that discreet, accurate and efficient too. Would love to shop some more anytime soon.

Thank you Asmaraku.

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  1. Agreee, foto di web sama produk yang sampe di kita tuh sama plek yaaa. Nggak kecewa deh belanja di Asmaraku. <3