Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cottage Lait Corps Hydratant Moisturizing Body Milk

Hello lovelies,

back again with another product from Cottage which I have been using for quite some time now since it smell so good.


The Moisturizing Body Milk comes in an Ocean Blossom scent, blue colored packaging, and pump bottle. The details is provided on the bottle from how to use to ingredients. And I think the best part of the product is in the scent since the lotion is a bit too light to my skin. I need something thicker and richer for my dry skin. |


So I'm usually use the product after a body cream, since most products I'm using is for dry and sensitive skin hence they are (well, most of them) are scent-less or even scent-free.

Using one that smells this good is irresistible and I like to bring it on my bag. So I can simply use it anytime I want since it is very light, a bit powdery, definitely not greasy and comfortable as a touch ups.


As seen above, the texture is indeed light, almost like a gel and the milky cloudy blue color is just too cute. Another reason why the product is so irresistible.

Your usual body lotion is not fragrant enough?
Made with delayed-effect moisturizing agents, Cottage body lotion has been specially designed to maintain an optimal level of skin hydration* all day long. Enriched with sweet almond milk, a natural concentration of moisturizing and lipid-enhancing agents, it prevents drying skin, day after day.
Its rich and melting, non-greasy texture penetrates rapidly into the skin. The skin regains its suppleness, softness and comfort.
Special care has been taken to develop its fragrance: a delicious fruity and floral scent wraps your body in a halo of sensuality

Thank you Cottage Indonesia

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