Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cottage Skin-Toning After-Shower Lotion

Hello lovelies,

this is Cottage Skin-Toning After-Shower Lotion in grapefruit.


Two-in-one care for moisturizing and scenting

Cottage After-Shower Lotion is specially formulated to provide a long-lasting fragrance after your shower or bath while giving skin the moisturizing care it needs. Soft as a caress, this milky mist combines the mildness of fruit-enriched milk with the lightness of a spray enriched with essential oil. It absorbs rapidly and leaves skin moisturized, soft and wonderfully fragrant.
Clinical test of effectiveness* : +86% moisturizing 30 minutes after application, +74% softer skin after 14 days of use.
* Test carried out on 11 women using two applications daily for two weeks.

A fragrance

A juicy tangy fragrance that illustrates the flavour of freshly-pressed grapefruit juice. Its blend of citrus notes provides tonus and lightness.

Protects skin

Neutral pH for skin.
Tested under dermatological supervision


The product is as said, skin toning, so don't treat it like regular body lotion. It doesn't really moisturize the skin as it is made to tone the skin as made them appear firmer and the scent is just wonderful. The grapefruit smells so fresh and the sweet citrus awakens me instantly. I love the smell and the zesty effect on my skin after shower (but can literally be used anytime to boost the mood). And since my skin is dry, I add more lotion to the skin and top it off again with the grapefruit just because I love the scent so much.


For those who suffer blessed with oily (body) skin, they can enjoy using the skin toning as it helps hydrating the skin just right without (ever) being greasy nor oily since it was so light. It is watery, fluid and again, smells so nice.

For those who are like me, dry skin, could also enjoy the product after or before applying body cream.

Thank you Cottage Indonesia.

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