Friday, September 24, 2010

Maybelline WaterShiny Collagen Gloss PF 32

Pic taken from Google Search

Thanks to L'Officiel I got this wonderful lip gloss. I usually hate lip gloss for their one and only reason: S.T.I.C.K.Y.

So sticky that no hair can pass by without being trapped there. So I'm glad I try Maybelline newest family member, it's not sticky at all.

my before pic

When I first opened it, it does seems very sticky, but surprisingly not at lips....and hair :)

The color went on exactly like the bottle, there's some kind of tangy-lemony-citrus scent when applied. Then when closing it don't forget to keep spinning until you hear that 'click' sound. The gloss feels smooth and the felling is wonderful unlike other gloss I've tried, and the moisturizing effect also wonderful too.

Will definitely use it a lot from now on. ♥‿♥

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