Thursday, August 31, 2017

Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls

Hello lovelies,

this is one of the most exciting product that came for me in these past month. It literally in the shape of a pearl and that radiance which I found to be, irreplaceable.

So beautiful, poised and like it has a class on its own.


Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls Light Revealing Pearls of Powder.

Inside the giant pearl, lives many small to tiny glowing pearls that gives every skin it touches that perfect radiance unlike other. They were in a perfect hue of the rainbows.


Colour Correction: unique mix of coloured pearls of powder

Radiance: Stardust Technology for a soft-focus perfecting halo

Guerlain know-how and hand-made production


A delicate violet fragrance, inimitable and totally addictive


For a luminous and naturally glowing makeup.
Perfect for strobing
Perfect for light sculpting
Perfect for light contouring

Directions for use

Use Météorites Brush to apply evenly to the entire face to fix make-up and improve hold.

For a greater boost of radiance, highlight the cheekbones and other prominent parts of the face: trace a G from the centre of the forehead, towards the top of the cheekbone, then from the bridge of the nose towards the chin.


These Meteorites Pearls come in several varieties. The original one in 4 shades, they also have this Happy Glow Pearls (Spring) and Birthday Candle Pearls (Summer). Inspired by the pearls they launch products such as blush, base, baby glow and baby glow touch. Based on these we certainly can say that the pearls are definitely inspiring and loved, so much love for sure.


The spring version aka Happy Glow Pearls are dominated with golden beige (like the first ray of sunshine after a long winter), a bit of violet that brighten the skin, light pink for that lovely hue, and white radiance pearls as the finishing touch which speaks luster luminosity.


In this post you'll see me using the product in several occasion, it's true, I can't seem to get enough of the pearls. They are so beautiful and wearable anytime. Light touch for daily healthy glow and buildable layers during special events. I love how the shine gleam. It's unlike those highlighters which made me look like I'm sweating or have oily skin, Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls are a touch of brilliance without the glare, in fact all of their variants are made with perfection.


Aside from the product, the container itself is made with the most tasteful design. Smoothly operated, easily opened and tightly closed to keep everything inside safe and sound. The round mirror inside is perfect, clean and gives a clear vision. The puff is pleasing, delicate and delightful.


I found many reasons why they are so collectible.

The minute I put the container out from the box, the scented pearls are astonishing. The memorable fragrant from every Meteorites Pearls, it's sublime. When I opened the big Pearl, oh the scent, it's getting stronger and once again, I'm in love.


I used them with a large brush for that G sign and using this puff when I want to emphasize on certain areas such as cheeks, nose and chin. The puff acts as a holder too, it help kept the pearls safe from any accidental bumps, we wont want them to breaks apart.

The powder from the peals also helps as a finishing touch, it helps keeping the makeup together. Keeping them looking fresh right from the start.

Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia, this one is definitely a keeper.

(Price IDR 1.180k)

Guerlain Spring 2017

Hello lovelies,

there's this most special package I have received a few days ago and they look beyond gorgeous.


I opened the bag carefully and found a letter for me. It was surreal, they made me feel so special and blessed.

It's Guerlain Spring 2017 collection and some other varieties from La Petite Robe Noire Make Up.


Here they are, 4 products of pure pleasure. They dressed so provocatively and others are so romantic. One other thing, they smell so good once I get them off the box, two particular products are from the Spring 2017, like soft floral are everywhere. I'm in love.


These two are so wonderful, Pearls Meteorites are always been my favorite and they keep having new variants, this one is Happy Glow Pearls, and look at the container, it's round like a pearl and glows so breathtakingly pretty.

La Petite Robe Noire Mascara and that adorable Lip & Cheek in bright pink also super endearing. I'm a huge fan of lip and cheek product, who doesn't love a matchy-matchy makeup, and this one also smells fragrantly good.


Heehee, those words on their catalogue "Everyone Says Meteorites I Love You" is so spot on! No one ever resist these babies. They look so good, attractive, glowing, and made the skin appear so happy and bright.

The blush are hard to resist too, it has that perfect shade of pink that glows.


These pearls are made specially for our skin to have that irresistible charm.


And this Lip & Cheek appear simple yet when opened, the texture is intense, gooey like gel and yet, still easy to blend.


The top that shaped like the tip of La Petite Robe Noire perfume bottle is actually just a decor, it easily detached from the top and when opening the bottle, it's easier when it is off.

Inside, the top is connected to a small brush and behold, it's shocking bright neon pink.


And there it is, the mascara, La Petite Robe Noire Mascara, do you know that Guerlain's mascara always has this gel fluid, never sticky nor harden formula (when used accordingly around 6 months), that glides on the lashes oh-so-beautifully.

This time, they does it again but with a very well made wand.


The tip will reach very short lashes like lower and inner sides, while the rest are able to grasp the long lashes for a fuller look with intensity of darkness and volume.


And when they are finished, we can see that they are actually bright pink inside.


There you go! An prelude, a teaser, a taste of what happens in my blog in the coming future. A glimpse of a radiant reviews on these amazing products. Stay tune, as I will review them one by one, as they do deserve a post on their own. Each one of them.

Thank you so much Guerlain, love, love, love!!

Molto Eau de Parfum Luxury Rose

Hello lovelies,

yesterday I went to a beautiful event where roses are everywhere. It's the official launch of Molto newest perfume, the Luxury Rose.

We can see roses from top to bottom, it's filling up the stage, photo area and decor.


There's tea corner on the side of the registration where guess can enjoy a cup of fresh brewed tea, and look there's event an Eiffel Tower, the whole French themed is clearly linked to the new product.

Each of the guess are given a taste of the new EDP, it's definitely unique, exquisite and unlike other rose perfume I've tried. This one is fresher, sweeter and there's this light crispiness.


Anggya Kumala, Senior Brand Manager Molto PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk stated that the new perfume is in sync with their first product that become a best seller which keep Molto to inovate. This time, Molto deliberately developed one new French Rose variety called Princess Charlene De Monaco, a hybrid result of 7 kind of best French Roses, where then they are used as an essential ingredients for Molto Eau de parfum Luxury Rose.

This roses are special, they need to grow in a specific condition, and even picked on a very special timing. Why roses? Alina, a perfumer from Firmenich explained that during their research with Molto, roses are one of the most favorite flowers by Indonesian women. Roses brings romantic moods, sensuality and happiness. The scent also boost confidence.


Bunga Cinta Lestary, Molto Brand Ambassador also chooses perfume to boost her confidence when meet with a lot of people related to her carrier. Molto EDP Luxury Rose gives her a sense of luxury that last all day which gives her positive mood.

These are also the reasons why Molto grow a digital campaign called #RoseForALady. The event us held in @MoltoIndonesia Instagram account where Indonesian women can nominate inspirational women that boosted with confidence and character. Best winner will get a special rose treatment and special rose hampers from Molto EDP Luxury Rose. The campaign is held from 30th of August until 30th of September 2017.

There's also a special promotion where you can get Molto EDP Luxury Rose for Rp. 220.000 and get a free jewelry Molto designed by Elizabeth Wahyu. Simply do a pre order by sending a direct message to @MoltoIndonesia (Instagram). Only the first 250 customer will get the jewelry.


I personally like the perfume and the 25 ml packaging is perfect for on the go. It fits to my purse and the scent do lingers beautifully. It's unique and I love how the scent makes me happy. If the first Molto perfume was a success, I think this one will be too, they already get their first fans, me!

The scent reminds me of a fresh early summer. Like a joyful floral and a bit fruity bath we just had, and we took that bright new aroma with us all day long. It really a mood booster.


Thank you so much for having me during the event Molto Indonesia, and for you who wants to take a peek of the jewelry, it's there on the image above, I put them on together on my perfume, they look great together and like a pretty charm.

Get yours by being one of the first 250!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LAKME Makeup Indonesia

Hello lovelies,

a beauty brand from India has made its way to Indonesia recently and take social media by storm. You've probably see many celegram posted about their favorite product from LAKME, and today, I'll show you some of mine.


When they arrived, I was taken by surprise of the amount, it is enough to make a full makeup look. As seen I was at home relaxing, hence I didn't use any makeup, so the product came just right in time ^ __ ^


From nail polish, eyeliners in glittery green and gold sparkles, lippies in several texture and feels, there are also base makeup and mascara.


The white intense concealer stick, Illuminating foundation, and mattreal skin natural mousse foundation that shaped like a ball and have this light airy marshmallow like texture that almost melt to the touch.


Their shade is actually rather deep, not considerably fully olive but I do kinda understand perhaps since the brand originated from India I feel like even their number 1 tone is still a bit tan for me. Maybe since I'm accustomed to Asian brand that looks like snowy white.

The result in the end is really good, like my skin is naturally flawless and it felt so smooth, like a fly could fall from being too slippery.


The eyeliner stays vibrant and doesn't melt easily with the lovely green sparkly tones and the lashes appear far longer and darker thanks to the mascara. Flutter secret dramatic mascara is the name and it create a more attractive looking eyes.


And the lipstick is super dry and matte, like so matte that I'm afraid if it's matter than this the formula will become like a dry sand. Like if you perhaps have been fed up by lipstick that claims to be matte but turns out to be demi matte, semi matte or whatever excuses they have matte, this is it, it's the mattest of them all in the shape of a lipstick with shades that pigmented.

They are not waterproof nor kiss proof the surely the matte finish is satisfying.


Of course, like all the rave out there, it's gotta be the mousse. It has that dry mousse consistency and airy like any good whipped creamed mousse should be, easy to apply, great finish that some doesn't even add powder afterwards, and blends like no other. Like it was made to seal the skin with it's thin and delicate consistency.


LAKME is now available on and soon to stores near you.

Stay tune for more review!!!


Thank you LAKME

MAAT Golden Ratio Search

Hello lovelies,

recently I went to an event held by Merz Aesthetic in Senayan City. At one of the restaurant on the Crystal Lagoon I met some of the most influenced people in the aesthetic industry (in Indonesia). Doctors, General Manager from Mers Indonesia and one of the key person in beauty media in Indonesia.


Here they are from left to right respectively:
  • Ricardo Manaloto - General Manager Merz Indonesia
  • dr. Adri Dwi Prasetyo, Sp.KK - Pakar  Dermatolog 
  • Affi Assegaf - Female Daily
  • dr. Kevin Maharis - Pakar Estetik

There are so many important details and needed information from the press release, I feel obliged to share with you all.
Pencarian Wajah Proporsional Pertama di Asia

Jakarta, 22 Agustus 2017 – Merz Aesthetics – sebagai perusahaan penyedia UltherapyTM, sebuah teknologi ultrasound untuk perawatan kecantikan non-bedah yang dapat mengencangkan kulit, dan telah lolos uji FDA – memulai pencarian untuk menemukan kandidat dengan wajah proporsional di Indonesia dan Asia melalui ajang MAAT1 Golden Ratio Search (Ajang Pencarian Golden Ratio berdasarkan MAAT) yang akan berlangsung hingga tanggal 30 September 2017. Selain di Indonesia, ajang pencarian ini juga diselenggarakan di 9 negara di Asia yaitu Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Filipina, Singapura, Taiwan, Thailand dan Vietnam.

Ajang MAAT Golden Ratio Search merupakan yang pertama di Asia dalam rangka memberikan informasi dan pemahaman kepada para wanita tentang proporsi dan daya tarik wajah serta merupakan bagian dari ajang peluncuran pedoman medis pertama yang membahas pendekatan holistik perawatan kecantikan wajah proporsional di Asia. Peluncuran pedoman medis tersebut akan dilaksanakan pada 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS) (Pertemuan Tahunan ISDS ke-38) di Bangkok, November 2017. Ajang pencarian ini merupakan program yang dikembangkan untuk mendukung tujuan dari pedoman medis tersebut, yaitu mengaplikasikan sains dalam dunia kecantikan  dan menyediakan pedoman perawatan kecantikan yang sesuai dengan proporsi wajah seseorang.  

Pencarian the Golden Ratio yang dilakukan di 10 negara ini menunjukkan bahwa wajah proprosional tidak memandang suku ataupun batas geografis. General Manager Merz Indonesia, Ricardo Manaloto mengatakan, "Setiap orang memiliki pendapat pribadi yang berbeda-beda tentang kecantikan wajah. MAAT Golden Ratio Search menggunakan ilmu pengukuran untuk menciptakan kesadaran publik bahwa rasio simetri wajah juga merupakan bagian dari kecantikan. Wanita yang memiliki pengetahuan tentang proporsi dan bentuk wajah akan mampu menyesuaikan penampilan wajahnya sehingga cocok dengan dirinya.”

Pakar  Dermatolog dan juga Juri MAAT Golden Ratio Search,  dr. Adri Dwi Prasetyo, Sp.KK menjelaskan, “MAAT1 Golden Ratio Search menggunakan model dan rasio matematis untuk menghitung proporsi dan daya tarik wajah. Dengan teknik Golden Ratio, akan membantu para ahli estetik untuk menghitung proporsi wajah dan menentukan treatment apa yang dibutuhkan seperti filler, botulinum toxin, dan yang terbaru adalah UltherapyTM, sehingga menghasilkan wajah yang cantik serta juga terlihat proporsional dan simetris.” dr. Adri Dwi Prasetyo juga menjelaskan lebih lanjut tentang perhitungan Golden Ratio, yaitu :

The Golden Ratio (rasio panjang dan lebar wajah).
Garis wajah dari bagian trichion (bagian paling atas dahi/garis rambut) hingga ke bagian menton (bagian paling bawah dagu), dan juga garis wajah dari bagian pipi paling kiri ke yang paling kanan perbandingannya harus 1.618:1
Proporsi wajah horizontal2
Bagian atas (trichion3 ke glabellar / area wajah antara alis kanan dan kiri), bagian tengah (bagian glabellar5 ke pangkal hidung) dan bagian bawah wajah (pangkal hidung ke bagian menton4) masing-masing harus proporsional; yaitu 1/3 wajah
Simetri Wajah
Wajah bagian kanan harus sama simetris dengan yang bagian kiri.


Pakar Estetik, dr. Kevin Maharis menambahkan, “Banyak treatment kecantikan yang selama ini ditawarkan untuk membuat wajah menjadi lebih terlihat proposional, misalnya mengubah bentuk dagu, rahang, dan tulang pipi yang optimal. Untuk menghindari hasil yang tidak proporsional dengan bentuk wajah, formula Golden Ratio dapat membantu para ahli estetika untuk membentuk wajah yang proporsional.”

Pakar kecantikan Affi Assegaf mengatakan, “Penting bagi seseorang untuk mengetahui proporsi dan bentuk wajahnya, agar dapat menentukan serta menyesuaikan penampilan yang cocok dengan wajahnya, mulai dari gaya rambut maupun make-up.”

Menurut literatur medis, ada lima jenis bentuk wajah, dan kelima jenis tersebut  dimiliki oleh masyarakat di Indonesia.

(Oval, segitiga terbalik, oblong, bulat, dan kotak (square)).
Ajang pencarian wajah proporsial MAAT Golden Ratio Search ini terbuka untuk wanita berusia diatas 21 tahun yang berdomisili di Indonesia. Kandidat yang ingin berpartisipasi dapat mengunggah foto pribadi sesuai ketentuan di Seluruh kandidat akan dinilai berdasarkan proprosi wajah – yaitu berdasarkan The Golden Ratio (rasio panjang dan lebar wajah), proporsi horizontal wajah, dan simetri wajah – yang dinilai oleh empat orang juri yang terdiri dari pakar medis dan kecantikan, yaitu: dr. Adri Dwi Prasetyo, Sp.KK (Dermatolog), dr. Kevin Maharis (Dokter estetik), serta Affi Assegaf (Pakar kecantikan) dan Ricardo Manaloto (General Manager, Merz Indonesia) mewakili Merz Aesthetics selaku penyelenggara ajang “MAAT Golden Ratio Search”. Keempat juri tersebut akan menentukan 12 kandidat dengan wajah proporsional untuk di-voting (10%) di Facebook Golden Ratio Search Indonesia ( dan Instagram GoldenRatioSearchID ( pada tanggal 7 hingga 14 Oktober 2017.

Kandidat yang terpilih dengan wajah paling proporsional akan berkumpul bersama dalam pengumuman dan acara pembukaan 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) pada bulan November 2017. Kandidat terpilih yang mewakili Indonesia akan mendapatkan uang saku sebesar US$3,000. Ajang pencarian ini akan berakhir pada tanggal 30 September 2017.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai “MAAT1 Golden Ratio Search,” silakan kunjungi GoldenRatioSearch dan

Tentang Merz Pharma Group
Memiliki lebih dari 3.000 karyawan dan 34 anak usaha, Merz merupakan penyedia produk perawatan kecantikan dan neurotoksin terdepan di seluruh dunia. Telah berdiri sebagai perusahaan swasta selama lebih dari 100 tahun, Merz Pharma Group merupakan perusahaan yang dikenal baik akan penelitian internalnya, kemampuan finansial yang mapan, serta sebagai perusahaan yang memiliki pertumbuhan berkelanjutan. Selain memiliki serangkaian produk dan perawatan peremajaan dan pengencangan kulit yang bersifat minimal-invasif dan non-invasif, Merz juga mengembangkan terapi neurotoxin untuk mengobati gangguan gerakan yang bersifat neurologis. Perusahaan kami yang berkantor pusat di Frankfurt, Jerman juga menyediakan obat-obatan OTC, suplemen makanan, dan produk perawatan kulit lainnya. Pada tahun fiskal 2015-2016, Merz Pharma Group mampu menghasilkan pendapatan sebesar EUR 1.092,9 juta.

Tentang Merz Aesthetics Asia Pacific

Merz Aesthetics menyediakan beragam perawatan kencatikan seperti UltherapyTM - sebuah teknologi perawatan kecantikan non-bedah yang dapat mengangkat dan mengencangkan kulit dan telah lolos uji FDA,
  Xeomin® (Incobutulinum toxin A), Radiesse® (calcium hydroxylapatite dermal filler), dan Belotero®( hyaluronic acid dermal filler) agar dokter dapat memenuhi kebutuhan kecantikan pasien.

Tentang MAAT Golden Ratio Search
The “MAAT Golden Ratio Search” (Pencarian Golden Ratio berdasarkan MAAT) dilakukan di 10 negara di Asia, termasuk Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, dan Vietnam. Pencarian regional ini (a) bertujuan untuk memberikan informasi dan pemahaman kepada para wanita tentang proporsi dan daya tarik wajah, dan juga (b) mendukung peluncuran pedoman medis tentang wajah proporsional pertama di Asia yang akan diluncurkan di Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) di Bangkok pada bulan November 2017, dalam rangka mengaplikasikan sains dalam dunia kecantikan. Dari setiap negara, akan dipilih kandidat yang memiliki wajah paling proporsional yang akan tampil di acara ISDS di Bangkok pada bulan November 2017.


So it's really technical and there's event a scientific numbers with mathematical quotation on a person's beauty. But the doctors there reminds us about it's not always about being perfectly symmetrical, in fact most people are found to be asymmetrical and we found them gorgeous too. Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, but the golden ratio itself is like a guideline in aesthetic. Like everything in life, guideline is not compulsory hence do sought over the opinion of those we love and care about us.

I remember there's one TV show from South Korea about plastic surgery, one woman was given an opportunity to go under the knife. The changes are pretty drastic, so when she get back home after recovery to her family, her own child doesn't even recognize her and refuse to be held by her. It's kinda sad to see that, so changes should be made in the convenience of our family and friends too alongside with the peace of mind of oneself.


To make it clearer or perhaps understood better, this is the mapping made by Dr. Stephen , one for female and the other is for male. Again, it's a guideline, so when someone is opt for a face restructuring, the doctor know which result to aim to help the patient achieve better satisfaction.

It is kinda reassuring listening to dr. Adri on how he live his practices. He try to consult and understand the patient better before going through any procedure. A small changes sometimes is better than the whole big revise as it will effects someone's life dramatically too.

This search itself is open for anyone who think that they have the golden ration so when people or future patient come to a beauty clinic, they can see how a beauty is look by science and it can be in many form.

Named many beautiful persons in the world and we all agree it is not just one or two persons, but there's tons from around the world and changes every season. They all have different features, shapes and comes in many countries, and yes, different culture and background also means varieties of favorable traits.


This is how someone who perhaps made from the golden ratio mapping by digitally computerized. So are you interested in joining the search? Are you Indonesia's representative in the most proportionally number possible? If you're above 21 years old (and no age limit) do click on this link:

Fills in a few details, submit 3 photo and that's it. You might be the one and get that 3000 USD pocket money while traveling to neighborhood countries. All the expenses will be fully paid by Mers Aesthetics, you just need to join the fun.

The search is open for every female from any background, haven't done any invasive beauty treatment (like plastic surgery) for the past year, and willing to participate in the program, seminars, press conference and gathering related to MAAT Golden Ratio Search.


See you there!!!