Friday, August 4, 2017

Rance 1795 Elise

Hello lovelies,

this is perhaps one of the most expensive perfume I bought for myself. Rance 1795 is a brand from France and the family is well known back to Napoleon. It has a long rich history that got me into reading about them more. It is a family business which grew in legacy and exclusivity in regards of the value they hold.

They have several iconic collection, and Elise is one of them.


The packaging is simple yet so gorgeous. Just look at them, the box that opens by lifting it up and the clear bottle containing Eau de Parfum with blue and pink ribbons.

I was told in Changi Airport (where I bought the perfume for SGD198) that it wasn't sold just about anywhere, so the perfume itself is rather unique and worth collecting. I spend quite a time picking which to choose, and I bought Elise since it have something that I find endearing and connecting to my memory, there's depth in each of the perfume, but this one is definitely my first option.


Napoleon's younger sister Élise dared to defy him by going against his will and marrying the handsome Captain Baciocchi. As the Emperor loved her dearly, however, he soon forgave her, and while she was still very young she was given the title of Grand-duchess of Tuscany.
She lived an intense social life with frequent and long visits to Paris, where her radiant youth made her a star of the Imperial Court.
In 1809, Jean Rancé dedicated her a perfume with her name.

Today, Jeanne Sandra Rancé proposes the new fragrance Élise with a contemporary flavour: fresh and young, romantic and sensual. Cheerful and lively like Élise, characterised by the bracing touch of marine notes and Sicilian Mandarin, and the gentle, voluptuous and intensely feminine Neroli and Rose of Grasse. Bourbon Vanilla and Amber create an atmosphere of seduction, while romantic and passionate Patchouly and Musk add a touch of sensuality.
   Head notes:    Neroli, Mandarin, Marine notes
    Heart notes:   White Rose of Grasse, Eucalyptus
    Base notes:    Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli
    Olfactory Description:                Fresh - Young - Romantic: Citrus Flowers, Rose, Amber and Vanilla

The story behind the perfume itself is fascinating isn't it?! And did you notice one of the heart notes that says eucalyptus? It's like another distinct feature of the perfume. 


The perfume reminds me of oceans for some reasons yet it is not as heavy as other 'sea-themed' scents, it was in fact light, so fresh and the floral are brightly added with a touch of white rose, vanilla and mandarin together somehow so dreamy and energetic at the same time. I can see the vibrant and vitality of a person embodied to a perfume inspired by her, it is spectacular and fun at the same time. Like I'm imagining someone wearing a white gown with a floral design during that time yet being so passionate, alive and live freely against her time.
Like a garden of wild flowers by the sea, untamed, untouched, self-ruling and happy.

The scent last on me for days when sprayed on the clothes. It was magical and I treated it like my most prized procession.

Patchouli itself is one of the most popular ingredients loved by French, I've noticed that many of their 'hit' perfume have it as the base. Elise itself is non-parallel, it have patchouli but the concoction and mixture of other ingredients made the perfume special.


If I have to describe the perfume in two words, I would like to say romantic and adventure.

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