Tuesday, August 8, 2017

K-Palette x Disney Alice In Wonderland collection 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP Deep Brown

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this is one of the cutest thing ever in K-Palette world. Collaborating with Disney, K-Palette have many different designs according to each of their variant. I bought several since K-Palette eyeliner is known for it's long lasting ability and since I always bought black, I prefer brown nowadays, and it turns out, it appear prettier and much more interesting.


Product Description
  • Rated consistently as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan with 1 billion pieces sold since its inception in the market 4 years ago. This eyeliner guarantees results in its ability to last throughout the day without smudges from perspiration and sebum production. Its magic lies in its patented micro-fibre soft brush application which ensures that the liquid eyeliner goes easily on your eyelids. The eyeliner is made of a unique conditioning formula consisting of sage essence, pantenol and chamomile essence, and would not irritate even the most sensitive eyes. Easily removed with any eye makeup remover. The ‘1 DAY TATTOO’ range of products contain high molecule polymer that repels water, sweat and oil, to prevent smudges. Improved with smoother lead, the drawing of eye line or filling in the gaps between the lashes is now as easy as a breeze with ‘1 DAY TATTOO’ eye pencil. With more than 500,000 pieces sold a year in Japan, this waterproof eye pencil is specially formulated to present the best quality of ‘1DAY TATTOO’ at a great value.
The design is not tacky, but looks so pretty, it's like shiny silhouette of Alice and some of her iconic friend from the movie.

There's Super Black, Deep Brown (mine), Brown Black and pencils too, all in different shade and design. Pink, blue, yellow, they all so collectible. Perhaps I'm just so into Alice in Wonderland, or perhaps they made it really good.


As usual, with fine and delicate tip suitable for the eyes, the product is ultra comfortable and produce fine or wider lines according to our pressure. And the deep brown color is so gorgeous, I thought they'll be boring and less visible on the eyes, like they won't make much statement compared to the super black, but I was so wrong, deep brown is stunning.


I've used the eyeliner with a total nude chocolate shades for my eyes and lips and they look sensational. The eyes appear elegant and still brilliant. It provide a different character than super black, like more to the feminine than powerful.


The size and shape of the product is perfect, handy and I have no problem using it. I've had so many of them I lost count. The cap always works charmingly, I never had a faulty product with K-Palette before, and never had any accident like spills or the ink runs everywhere. So I'm pretty much a satisfied customer in terms of K-Palette, however, no matter how long lasting it is, the product is doesn't really stands against greasy eyelids and rubs at the same time. It pretty much like you're rubbing it off using a makeup remover since the oils is the one key ingredient that removes most makeup, even waterproof.

But still, even with my greasy eyelids, the product do stands with me almost the whole day, powdering the eyelids also helps once in a while but comparing to most eyeliner in the market, this one is a tough one to beat, and the price is still in the drug store category.


I think I'll keep being their customer and recommending their product for sure. It is easy to clean, doesn't create a messy leftovers nor smudges much like other eyeliner do, so no panda eyes so far with K-Palette, and best of all, when you happen to have an accident during application, just wipe it off and it cleans like they were never there.

Setting time after application also considered fast, I don't have to close my eyes for long and keep fanning them, around 20-30 seconds usually enough.



a great product with excellent finish and deep color hard to be missed. Stays on the eyelid like having a good grip against many odds.

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