Thursday, August 31, 2017

Molto Eau de Parfum Luxury Rose

Hello lovelies,

yesterday I went to a beautiful event where roses are everywhere. It's the official launch of Molto newest perfume, the Luxury Rose.

We can see roses from top to bottom, it's filling up the stage, photo area and decor.


There's tea corner on the side of the registration where guess can enjoy a cup of fresh brewed tea, and look there's event an Eiffel Tower, the whole French themed is clearly linked to the new product.

Each of the guess are given a taste of the new EDP, it's definitely unique, exquisite and unlike other rose perfume I've tried. This one is fresher, sweeter and there's this light crispiness.


Anggya Kumala, Senior Brand Manager Molto PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk stated that the new perfume is in sync with their first product that become a best seller which keep Molto to inovate. This time, Molto deliberately developed one new French Rose variety called Princess Charlene De Monaco, a hybrid result of 7 kind of best French Roses, where then they are used as an essential ingredients for Molto Eau de parfum Luxury Rose.

This roses are special, they need to grow in a specific condition, and even picked on a very special timing. Why roses? Alina, a perfumer from Firmenich explained that during their research with Molto, roses are one of the most favorite flowers by Indonesian women. Roses brings romantic moods, sensuality and happiness. The scent also boost confidence.


Bunga Cinta Lestary, Molto Brand Ambassador also chooses perfume to boost her confidence when meet with a lot of people related to her carrier. Molto EDP Luxury Rose gives her a sense of luxury that last all day which gives her positive mood.

These are also the reasons why Molto grow a digital campaign called #RoseForALady. The event us held in @MoltoIndonesia Instagram account where Indonesian women can nominate inspirational women that boosted with confidence and character. Best winner will get a special rose treatment and special rose hampers from Molto EDP Luxury Rose. The campaign is held from 30th of August until 30th of September 2017.

There's also a special promotion where you can get Molto EDP Luxury Rose for Rp. 220.000 and get a free jewelry Molto designed by Elizabeth Wahyu. Simply do a pre order by sending a direct message to @MoltoIndonesia (Instagram). Only the first 250 customer will get the jewelry.


I personally like the perfume and the 25 ml packaging is perfect for on the go. It fits to my purse and the scent do lingers beautifully. It's unique and I love how the scent makes me happy. If the first Molto perfume was a success, I think this one will be too, they already get their first fans, me!

The scent reminds me of a fresh early summer. Like a joyful floral and a bit fruity bath we just had, and we took that bright new aroma with us all day long. It really a mood booster.


Thank you so much for having me during the event Molto Indonesia, and for you who wants to take a peek of the jewelry, it's there on the image above, I put them on together on my perfume, they look great together and like a pretty charm.

Get yours by being one of the first 250!!!

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