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Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations

Hello everyone,

recently Makarizo launch their new products, the series made for the hair and more.


Sun is the core of the universe. It is also the very essence of life on earth. As the sun sends its beam to reach the ground, it turns into heat which becomes an energy used to bring life or heal -- from humans, animals, to plants and in all types of terrain: land water and the air. The sun’s energy is capable of turning tiny seeds into blooming plants, it is also capable of helping create new life in water which are then harvested and used as efficacious natural ingredients. The sun has its own healing power that brings life and functionality back to once sick or dying things.

Reflecting on those powerful values of the sun, Makarizo came up with a revolutionary brand platform in Makarizo ENERGY. Without a doubt, this fresh new brand offers liveliness and audacity for those who are eager for something fun and yet energetic yet sincere in its mission to heal and treat.

Inspired by the shape and glow of the sun, Makarizo ENERGY’s logo is simple yet unmistakably representative of everything the brand would like to evoke. The bright golden yellow resembles the color of the sunshine in broad daylight, which appeals to the eyes. The small dots form the sun’s shape, reminding us of its simplicity and magnificence.

Makarizo ENERGY evokes the feelings of sincerity, confidence, positivity, and enthusiasm. These are embodied in the persona of the brand ambassador: a young, high-spirited, active individual who shares himself/ herself with others for the good of everyone. May this person be known or unknown, what is important is this person knows to give back and inspire others to do the same – a true embodiment of what the Makarizo ENERGY brand platform is all about.

Makarizo ENERGY’s products are made along with natural elements of the earth. By the help of sun with its transformative power, efficacious fresh ingredients used by Makarizo ENERGY have the capability of healing, repairing, and regenerating – depending on the function of the product. Among the main ingredients are royal jelly extract and olive extract which are known for their anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, melon, aloe and ginseng extracts to prevent hair thinning and regrow hair, kiwi extract which preserves hair’s moisture and held pacify dry and open hair cuticles, and keratin and omega-6 to stimulate hair growth and bring back the integrity of the hair before it was damaged. All of these ingredients allow Makarizo ENERGY to produce high quality products which enhance a person’s quality of life. The product lines start with a complementing hair range of Shampoo, Creambath, and Hair Fragrance. Exciting new product launches and new ranges are expected in the upcoming months. Feel the Makarizo ENERGY as we bring back the fun and health into your life!


Makarizo, a leading hair expert in Asia is proud to present a revolutionizing brand platform Makarizo ENERGY. Reflecting on the powerful energy from the sun, the Makarizo ENERGY brand aims to give back healing benefits from the natural ingredients it uses  -- just as the sun does. The sun itself even has its own healing power that is highly beneficial to people of all ages and walks of life. The sun’s energy is capable of turning tiny seeds into blooming plants, it is also capable of helping create new life in water which are then harvested and used as efficacious natural ingredients for all Makarizo ENERGY products. It has a fresh new take on everything from its ingredients’ story, to its youthful, eye-popping orange packaging, sensorial and surprising formulations and scents, and audacious endorsers and communication platform. It shows a liveliness, eagerness and sincerity and offers something fun and energetic for all to enjoy.

With the birth of the new Makarizo ENERGY brand comes an innovative new hair product called Makarizo Hair Energy SCENTSATIONS, the first hair fragrance with an odor neutralizer in the market. It works in dual action: 1) ScenTech-F neutralizes unwanted odor and 2) Perfumes all day* long to boost one’s confidence. Makarizo Hair Energy SCENTSATIONS answers the challenges anyone faces in their daily activities which could put the smell of their hair at risk.

Nothing is more irritating than washing hair in the morning and have that fresh, clean smell and feel be completely gone by mid day.  Sweat on the scalp from daily mobility in using public transportation or motorcycles as well as environmental factors such as smoke, pollution, exposure to food smells, and humidity often leave lingering bad odor on the hair, making it smell unpleasant. One ends up washing hair everyday just to get the odor off. It puts a risk on stripping off the scalp and hair's beneficial natural oil in the process, which ends up drying the hair and scalp. Others might apply perfume, however it will only mask the odor and all the aroma will be mixed up with the odor, resulting in unflattering smell on the hair—a sure confidence breaker!

Makarizo Hair Energy SCENTSATIONS addresses the need for more than just another ordinary fragrance. The first in the market, Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations incorporates its latest technology ScenTech-F into the hair fragrance which provides neutralization function. When Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations is sprayed onto hair, ScenTech-F works its magic: instead of masking the odor, ScenTech-F neutralizes any unwanted odors first before the perfume penetrates into hair strands, leaving the hair feeling fresh all day up to 8 hours.  It also contains vitamins and UV protection ingredients that would be beneficial for hair’s health.

Four delightful scents of Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations are available to choose fromOcean Breeze, Morning Dew, Cherry Blossom, and Fresh Bouquet. The high-spirited Ocean Breeze and the calm Morning Dew variants provide unisex scents appeal for all ages. Japanese-inspired Cherry Blossom leaves a light, floral aroma for young girls while the sweet, sexy Fresh Bouquet speaks to more mature women. Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations can be used by children from ages 3 and above. It can also be sprayed on the body and on clothes without fear of staining it.
All Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations variants come in big 100 ml bottle which retails for Rp 20,000, and handy 30 ml bottle which retails for only Rp 10,000 that will easily fit into purse. Spray directly 15 cm away from hair or spray onto palms first and style hair after exposure to sources of odors or after being outdoors. Smell gorgeous and feel confident anytime, anywhere. Grab one at a store nearest you!


These are the babies from Makarizo, the Hair Energy Scentsations. All four of them in minis, they are so cute. Dressed in orange and colorful caps to address their names.

Beside their minis, they also comes in full size and friendly price Rp.10.000 and Rp.20.000


They are Morning Dew, Ocean Breeze, Fresh Bouquet, and Cherry Blossom.


The products can be used for anyone above 3 years old, for the body as well and not just hair. The scent last like a body cologne and similar to some perfumes on the market.

For me the Morning Dew smell like a soap, like when you just have a shower, so clean and refreshing.

The Ocean Breeze is sweet and become my favorite for the helping get rid of my 'damp hair' smell. Like when I haven't take a shower.

The Fresh Bouquet also smells wonderful and perfect for any gal.

Last but not least, the Cherry Blossom for that girly girl.


The scents are of course personal, you may choose whichever pleases you as they comes in variety suitable for man or woman. The highlight is definitely they are being a hair fragrance that help get rid of odors, uneasiness and discomfort that comes with a smelly hair, even confident too.

The scent last for a few hours on me, but these minis are small and very light, hence carrying them in the purse wont be a problem for a quick touch up. Beside as a hair fragrance, the Hair Energy made the hair a bit damp, brush it off a bit and it help re-styling the hair. It add a bit of shine but it only last for a while.


Don't forget to check their ingredients, just peel the sticker on the back of the bottle and more details is provided.


Thank you Makarizo for the Hair Energy Scentations.

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