Monday, March 2, 2015

Nano Philosopy Face Treatment

Hi all,

I want to share with you my recent treatments with Nano Philosophy. A beauty clinic located at Hang Lekir and been a huge hits among celebrities and famous people alike.

Their services and treatments are varied from Nano Cocktail (which I've shared at my past posts) to facial treatment, from slimming to thread lift. And I'm having both last month.


This is me at their clinic, so pretty and everything looks comfy. The clinic does pay attention to details, their treatments are not cheap for sure but offers quality and assurance.


This is my before look, the doctor told me not to laugh or smile during the before after images to see the effects better.

Of course, like any other premium clinic, we are getting a consultation first with the doctor. Blood test are needed on some treatments and they also do 'customized' treatments on certain condition. Like for slimming, each customer may have different sessions and the number of sessions also varies, depends on the needs.

I was suggested to at least went through 3x, but this review is based on 1 time only.


First, a lot of numbing cream, and if you can not stand pain, as them to re apply, I should've remind them that I have a very low pain tolerance again, since they didn't reapply and it is quite painful during the treatment.

Take note that the numbing cream only works on the skin and help ease the needles once it enters the skin and not within. So even thou they put tons of numbing cream on the skin, the pain can still be felt inside, but it's bearable.

The slimming method is using fat burner which feels like it burns from within. So even thou the needles are numbed with the numbing cream, the burning sensation from the fat burner can still be felt, it might sting a little.


The treatment done for me that day is thread lift and slimming, so the area affected is all over the cheek to jaw area. The double chin also will be reduced but the doctor's assistant forgot to apply the numbing cream there. So I get to experience with and without the numbing cream (ouch!).


Soon the injections began. Well, not so soon, around one hour for the numbing cream to work its magic.

Injection after injections and finally it's over, there is pain, but not the one that very painful or the ones that made you wanna call it quit. I do have low tolerance of pain and I can go through it.


Above and below is the result of the thread lift, the thread itself is like a gel, so it doesn't need to be extracted, they'll 'dissolve' gradually. If taken care well, the thread lift should last approximately a year. For the slimming itself, it will last as long as I don't gain more weight than this.


Right after the injections is done, I can see the immediate result of the slimming and thread lift. I have instant 'cheek bone'.

There are areas that feel so sore and some are mild. I guess it really is depends on each individual, especially in terms of endurance.


The full effect can be seen around 2 weeks post procedure.

A week later, I went back to Nano Philosophy and try on their Needleless treatment


Nano Needle-less Delivery System
Nano Philosophy’s Needle-less Delivery System is an alternative for those who don’t want to use injections. Using the latest European technology, the Nano Needle-less Delivery System is able to penetrate the skin as deeply as a needle, with no pain, and no breaking of the skin surface. This revolutionary treatment ensures products are evenly distributed into the skin surface and produces an immediate and lasting result. 
The Nano Needle-less Delivery System has a three step approach. Firstly, Thermotherapy is used to prepare the skin for treatment by opening pores, improving blood circulation and accelerating the absorption process of vital nutrients. Ultra sound then assists in the infusion of active ingredients deep into the dermal layers of the skin (much deeper than most standard galvanic systems). Nano Philosophy’s organic products are made using the latest advancements in Nano Technology, which means the particles are small enough to penetrate into the cell and deep into all layers of the skin, rather than being too big to pass through the skin barrier. Thirdly, Thermage acts as a delivery mechanism for these active ingredients, infusing products through the dermal layers of the skin without the use of a needle. This stimulation allows cell membranes to become permeable and absorb the vital nutrients contained within our active ingredients. The transdermal infusion of products to the deepest layers of the skin results in a needleless version of Nano Philosophy treatments.


Here are my before treatment face, during standing and lying down.

These are images after a week, so the pain and sore has decrease by far and I can move my jaw more freely compared to the previous week. After the injections I feel like I can't laugh for a couple of days, eating also feels a bit weird like something held my jaw together so I can't open my mouth so wide. The staff at Nano Philosophy also reminds me not to laugh to wide, so I was having a 'fake smile' temporarily heehee.


Again, it is best to take images with  no expression whatsoever, the treatment is like using a metal plate on the skin, like the skin is being ironed. There's a gel liquid applied on the skin to 'lubricate' and perhaps nutrients as well on the gel, the metal plate then 'iron' the skin and the treatment itself on me reduce wrinkle, promote lifting and help the skin to look younger instantly.


This is me 15 minutes later. On the image above the treatment is done on the right side only and the left side haven't been touch. Look at my laughing line on the right and left, that's how visible the treatment is.

The warm sensation of the metal plate is au contraire to the cold gel which made the whole treatment a very interesting treatment. It is fast, comfortable and gives immediate gratification.


I look so much younger right with the skin all lifted up.

And this is me (below) after a week of the slimming and thread lift treatment.


And below are after two weeks.

The jaws are getting loosen and loosen or perhaps I'm getting used to it. It does feels tighter than before and the room on the cheek are less than before the procedures are done.


What do you think, does the procedures worth the pain looking at the result?

This is just one session, if I goes all three, I would have been slimmer and definitely have that sharp V look. Hmm, perhaps on the body someday ^^ I think my body can tolerate pain more than the face, but who knows. Until that time came, I'll just enjoy the results I have right now.

Thank you so much Nano Philosophy.

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