Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beauty Couture Tri Lipo 2nd Treatment

Hello all,

I'm back for my second treatment at Beauty Couture.

The therapist already told me that after the first, my body will get used to the treatment and wont feel as much electricity as the first, and she is right. I feel much more comfortable, and psssttt!!! Some people even went asleep during the treatment, it is THAT comfortable.


As I get myself comfortable in the dimmed room, I was thinking of how much cm could I loss that day. And the answer is still 1 cm.

During the treatment I browse using my phone, I'm happy with the wifi provided by Beauty Couture, so the time flies faster during the treatment. For the strength level itself, I can increase a level for the heat, so it becomes much warmer than before.

As usual, the therapist cleans the area (tummy), scrub, and after cleaning the ginger scrub, brush some glycerin onto the skin and start the treatment.

The therapist told me some of her other clients has went through dramatic transformation, they are not just slimmed down but the shape and firmness of their skin also gets better. This is what we're looking for, not just loosing weight during diet, but a firmer and s shaped body. The targeted treatment is perfect for those who only wants those part to be shaped up.

Have you ever see someone who has a slim upper body but not their lower? Or their upper arm needs a bit more firmer? They can simply get the treatments on those exact part only.


This customized program is available with it's own pricing, please do visit Beauty Couture at Mal Taman Aggrek for more detail.


These are the packages available at the moment. You could see that they also have other treatment such as microdermabration, facial, and RF package for the face to reduce the appearance of double chin, fats around the cheeks and help lifted up the facial skin as well.


Tri Lipo by Pollagen offers a slimming result like going through a fat suction in surgery without the needles and pain.


Below are all the treatments at Beauty Couture. Please do click on the image below for larger view.


It's like an all in one beauty treatments, from waxing, pampering, to slimming too.

Thank you so much Beauty Couture and see you on my next treatment.

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