Monday, March 30, 2015

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

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This is Secret Key Indonesia - Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence from Nihonmart.

  • Untuk semua jenis kulit
  • Mencerahkan & mengurangi keriput di wajah
  • Melembabkan kulit dan meratakan warna kulit
  • Paraben,animal oil,artificial coloring,mineral oil,artificial fragrance,Benzophenone & Alcohol Free
  • Dipakai di urutan pertama perawatan kulit kamu

Secret Key adalah merek yang berawal dari Korea dengan concept Nature, Beauty & Science. Meberi kepada customer produk-produk dengan kualitas tinggi dengan harga terjangkau. 
Mencerhkan,mengurangi kerutan,meratakan warna kulit,membuat kulit lebih kenyal,melembabkan dan Oil Control.
Cara pemakaian
Aplikasikan sebelum toner di awal perawatan kulit kamu. Dipakai pagi dan malam
Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate,Albutin,Adenosine,Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract,Viscum Album (Mistletoe) Leaf Extract,Grafefruit extract,Rosemary Leaf Extract.


When I first received the product, I can't help but notices the similarities to a famous product from Japan that contain pitera. But what does it has? Is it similar as well or  has different key ingredients? Let's see the details I've found from


So, it is used as a lotion or perhaps like when using a toner, on a clean skin, tap the essence gently onto the skin before using serum and moisturizer. It contain Galactomyces, a yeast that has protein, vitamin B1, B2, Niacin and folic acid as well.

Galactomyces itself has a propounding effect on the skin, based on
The positive effect of GFF on late differentiation biomarkers supports previous in vivo observations that GFF-containing moisturizers help protect the skin against damage 6-7), such as due to dryness or environmental stress. These results provide a compelling reason to further understand the nature of GFF and its potential benefits for skin.


Secret Key brings the goodness without the hefty price tag, it even claims that Secret Key doesn't contain 7 known irritant and harmful ingredients for the skin like paraben, mineral oil and so on.


I've been using it for days now, directly pour the essence on my palm to my pre-cleaned skin. Gently tap the skin when using it as well. The product can also be used with a paper mask. Damp the paper mask with the essence and use it like a facial mask, wait until around 10-15 minutes and the essence will be absorbed better on the skin. Continue with serum and moisturizer.


The essence has a similar aroma and texture to the one that contain pitera, the feeling on the skin also similar, the differences is that, it is felt milder on the skin. It made the skin feels less oily (on areas that are oily) and doesn't make the dry parts feels dryer, nor adding moisture in my case.

The essence pretty much made the skin feels and looks instantly better, healthier and do make my skin appear younger, like it renewing the skin without making any peels or anything harsh on the skin. I guess this is one of the lotion that have a big potential as being my favorite, I hardly found other that gives instant positive result on the skin. Most toner that I love gives calming, softening, relaxing instant effect since it is the most common positive effects, and to see a instant rejuvenation effect usually takes weeks or even months. It does make my skin appear fairer and less wrinkly. This one in a matter of days. Like 2 days to be precise.



A superb essence without 7 deadly sins unwanted ingredients such as paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, benzophenone, animal oil, color, and spice. Convenient to be used without burning the pocket. A product that can act as a toner, lotion and mask when put on a paper mask. So far, I don't have any problem using it with other skincare products from different brand and function.

Thank you so much Nihonmart for Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence.

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