Monday, March 16, 2015

Beauty Couture RF (Radio Frequency) Tri Lipo Machine Treatment

Hello lovelies,

last Friday, I was invited by Beauty Couture, as probably most beauty enthusiasts already know, the company that brought Etude House, Dr. Jart+, and many other beauty products has a store at Mall Taman Anggrek. This store contains all of those goodies, and recently, they add rooms for a special treatment using RF (Radio Frequency) with Tri Lipo Machine Treatment by Pollogen.


A non invasive treatment that shapes the body, firmed the skin, reduce cellulite, and stretchmarks.

It release the fat using radio frequency energy which is proven by warming up the fat cells, as the fat cells melts and release naturally through a lymphatic drainage. The skin structure reformed by the radio frequency energy to activate collagen for a long term rejuvenation. By continuing the RF Trilipo, the fat layers reduced, the skin will become more elastic, firm and soft.

The area we can choose are face, neck, arm, abdominal, inner thigh, thigh, waist, back, rear, hands, and ankle.


This is me inside the room, and that's the machine and on my left side is the bed. The treatment itself is around 30 minutes, with preparation like cleansing the area before and after the treatment, usually for a significant result minimum of 4 treatments is needed.


Where are the treatment rooms? There are behind these glasses doors. There's 6 rooms in here and usually on weekends this treatment is fully booked. Beside these treatments you can enjoy many other products on display.


Here's another look of
RF (Radio Frequency) Tri Lipo Machine Treatment.

It may look a bit scary heehee.


And soon, I'm taking off my clothes and ready for my first treatment. I hope it doesn't hurt.

First, the therapist scrub the area, mine is belly, with a ginger scrub, and clean the area before applying a glycerin serum onto the stomach with a brush. Then she begin the treatment, at first it was mildly warm with tingling feeling like small electric sensation. After 5 minutes or so the heat seems getting warmer and warmer, but it never was hot until the whole 25 minutes is done. The electric feeling also reduced by far by the end of the treatment. It's the pressure from the therapist that I feel uncomfortable the most, so the heat and the feeling of being electrocuted is bearable.

For the warm-hot, the electric sensation and the pressure are all can be adjusted to our own tolerance, I do ask for more heat but it seems that the therapist misunderstood and she reduce it instead of adding, I knew it at the end of the session. Fret not, I'll be back for my second treatment and this time, I'll make sure the therapist add the enough heat so those stubborn fats may melts away for a slimmer me heehee.


I hope I can have my post pregnancies belly back.

After the treatment, it really is like the pamphlet says, I can go back to my normal activity without nothing bothering me, there's a mild sore feeling on the tummy but it really very mild.


So I take a look at the products available at Beauty Couture, all look so pretty and there's Coverderm and Avene too.


Don't forget to visit Beauty Couture where you're in Mall Taman Anggrek and look around. They are also having promotions for the slimming treatments.


Thank you so much Beauty Couture and see you again soon!!

Psst!!! On this treatment alone I lost 1 cm on the treated area.

Beauty Couture is located at Mall Taman Anggrek 1st floor, phone no: 021-5639968

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