Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ThankScrub in Thanks Mom

Hello lovelies,

here's a scrub that has been the talk of the instagram 'town.

A naturally made products with fresh green tea, Japanese rice, and organic clay.

I got mine from @prettyrecipe (instagram).


The product is very easy to be used, just pour some into a bowl, mixed with hot water (like when we're making tea) and after mixed well, spread them all over the skin, of course it is done after the temperature is warm and friendly to the body, not pipping hot.


I've been wanting to try the scrub since @PrettyRecipe introduce the products on instagram. All natural, effective and looks promising. Nowadays we are just looking for a more and more naturally derived ingredients that gives instant result too, Indonesia is famous for the nature, so we should been having more of them.


These are the products when still in powder form, and below when I just poured on hot water.


The green tea immediately take place and the scent is just lovely, like a warm sweet milky matcha.

I swirl everything and if it's too thick like the image below, I can simply add more hot water to the mixture.


And then I applied them all over me using massaging movement and leave them for a while. It's kinda boring waiting 5-10 minutes inside the shower room with nothing, so bring a magazine when you want to scrub. The scrub is perfect in terms of size, not too big and not too small, and very comfortable, perhaps this is the texture of the clay and rice.

After they are dry, I gently rub them off and some will come off easily with the dead skin cells. then when rinsing, I also massage the skin again and feel them become super soft. I will continue using the, since they are known for whitening since my skin does appear fairer after usage, I hope it helps removes the uneven skin tone over periods.

Thank you @PrettyRecipe for ThankScrub.

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