Monday, March 2, 2015

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Hello all,

This time I want to share with you a review for a product from Bicycles.Sg. A number one bicycles shop in Singapore. Apparently, they also have these custom made watches.

Please look at the product below and more details can be found here: CLICK ME.


I got the white one, which I think is the prettiest ^^

The watch itself is pretty simple and in terms of design actually quite plain and nothings to it. Suitable for those looking for a fuss free product.

The material itself is rubber and feels soft on the skin.



The product is chubby and thick, I think this is a unisex watch. And the length of the strap and the holes made it suitable for smaller or bigger wrist.

The thing that comes with most of rubber material is they are not really goes well with sweats as in they become rather sticky and add heat on to the skin, and eventually feels kinda yucky.

So I don't think the sport watch suits me during sports heehee,  more like into the sport theme fashion.



A sport 'theme' watch with an all white feature, simple, no fuss no frill product. Just tell time without any date or any other function.

The soft rubber material is comfortable and soft against the skin but like all rubbery material, it can become hot when the weather is up to it.

A unisex watch that can fit almost all wrist, the adaptable band with tons of holes made it all possible.

Will I keep using it this chubby watch? Yes. when the 'theme' suits the occasion.

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