Wednesday, March 4, 2015

YSL Youth Liberator Y-Shape

Hello lovelies,

here are two babies from Yves Saint Laurent beauty collection (#YSLBeauty) the Y Shape Concentrate and Cream from the Youth Liberator collection.


Aging appears on the lower part of the face, neck and décolleté. Skin thins and the once sharp and contoured jawline and smooth neck become blurred, prone to sagginess, and definition is lost. YSL has shown that it’s possible to visibly address the look of the signs of aging including lack of volume and firmness, elasticity and shape. A sleek new form, an ideal Y·SHAPE."

Take a small amount of the Y·SHAPE CREME in the palm of the hand and dab 5 points on the face and 4 on the neck and décolleté area. Smooth it from the centre toward the outside using your fingertips


I can only find information about the cream from the site. So the concentrate is pretty much the essence of the cream with other details (such as ingredients and detailed information on the pamphlet inside) available on the packaging.


This post is solely based on the experience of using the travel size product that last around 1-2 weeks.


Start from the concentrate, the light serum become my instant favorite, it is so luxurious, rich and light at the same time. The aroma of YSL Beauty products is just as always, wonderfully scented. The concentrate penetrate easily on my skin, leaving a soft and velvety feeling, ready for the cream.

The cream feels thick at first like a creamy gel, but when applied on the skin, like it's melting and so pretty.

I also enjoy the aroma and the cream just moisturizes the skin instantly with a slight tight feeling, perhaps the combination of both activated and gives the skin a slight firming effect. It's not major, but like a gentle lift.


I could not say there's a significant effect in using these minis but from the texture and experience of using them for 1-2 weeks, I don't mind trying the full size for the hydration, sense of firmness and aroma

Thank you YSL Beauty Indonesia.

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