Monday, March 9, 2015

Kanebo Impress Granmula

Hello lovelies,

last week I was invited by Kanebo Indonesia, for an experience at the counter with Impress Granmula series.


Please do read more regarding Impress Granmula here:


First, they are testing my skin, with the skin check I was able to know that my skin is in my 20's while my actual age is 30's.

But there are still room for improvements, especially in the sebum zone, my skin is oily here and the sebum looks too much.


It was clearly seen that my cleansing is not enough.

So the team do a mini facial on me, let me try on the products from Impress Granmula, but first, they cleaned everything from my skin.

After cleansing they put on lotion, by using a cotton pad and with a patting motion so the air on the skin may break loose and so does everything else. This technique helps the rest of the skincare to penetrate into the skin and the skin gets the nutrients it need.

Followed by serum, emulsion and the cream. They all feels good and comfortable on the skin. I can't say much since this is just a counter experience.

Below is my skin condition after the mini treatment.


The moisture and sebum level is better but how come the suppleness and circulation lessen a bit?!

After finish, of course the Kanebo team helps to do my makeup all over again.

I found a product from Lunasol which I think irresistible, the Creamy Matte Crayon Lips, they come in 4 shades and super pretty. I'm using EX02, please do see the swatches on my instagram account @carnellin.


I wish I can say more about Kanebo Impress Granmula, but since it is only an experience at the counter and one time only, all I can say is the products is light and rich at the same time. Comfortable to be used and doesn't irritate my skin.

Thank you Kanebo Indonesia.

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