Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wax Inc

Hi all,

have you ever try waxing? I think most of us have tried waxing or at least heard about it and think whether they should get one or not.

The thing is, there are hairs in places we wish they didn't grow. Like for ladies, the hair on their head is the most important part and the one at their armpit is their least ^^

According to many waxing salon, armpit in the no.1 location and bikini line is next.

So, after looking for waxing places near my home, I found Wax Inc at Pantai Indah Kapuk.


This is me, right before a wax is down, facing up. I use no makeup since well, this is not an event for it heehee. As seen, I have concerns and worries at my eyes, I'm scared of pain, and I'm getting a Brazilian wax here.


The place itself looks pretty and they are using the sugar wax, cold and hot. The cold one is pretty interesting, like thick sugar jelly and used only on areas that are a bit more painful when using hot, like in the middle part of a Brazilian wax (ouch!) as it pull out more and faster.

So they'll combine in both hot and cold in a treatment on different parts. I've tried both and they are both ... painful on certain areas.


In terms of technique, I think the staffs are actually quite good and they all get waxed from time to time so they can 'feel' the customers plus get practices. The place itself is never empty, there's always customers.

For me, I think I prefer to be waxed somewhere else since I know there's a place that offer less painful wax.


Since they are close, I still visited this place during 'emergency' moments ^^

Beside waxing, Wax Inc also offers nails service, massage (which is far beyond expectation), body scrub, and many more, please do take a look of their menu below.



A place that offer sugar wax as their main service, located at Pantai Indah Kapuk area, slightly hidden from the main road. The place itself looks nice, but I think in terms of cleanliness and hygienic, they should improve. The waxing technique is okay and as painful as it can be, but bearable, it will sting for a while and you should bring your own after wax lotion/spray/ointment since they don't provide any.

I also dislike how they keep powdering the waxed area and wiping it off with tissue as it made everything more uncomfortable and the staff wipes from the back to the private part ( a huge no no).

The staffs also loves to chat between themselves and between rooms, which made customers also feel more uncomfortable.

I guess, there's a lot of room for improvements and potential to be better.

In term of price, they are in the reasonable area, they also have packages which means discounted price for more savings.


Thank you for reading this post everybody ^^

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