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Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum

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People say that the eyes are the window for our soul. So, when looking at the view, imagine a lovely frame surrounding the eyes, that's our lids, under eyes and oh well, everywhere around the eyes. That's why for some, even the tiniest wrinkle become far more noticeable compared to other location.

Introducing, Kiehl's Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum.


Details from

Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum

The Super Smart 5-in-1 Solution for the Eye
  • Lift, firm, smooth, hydrate, and restore youthful shape of the eye
  • Skin around the eye area looks visibly firmer, lifted and skin texture looks more refined in less than one week*
  • 95% of women showed a significant improvement in eye opening**
  • Paraben-free, mineral-oil-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, and suitable for sensitive eyes
  • * Based on consumer evaluations after 4 days of use ** Based on consumer evaluations after 4 weeks of use

-Apply around the entire eye area morning and night.
-Can be used alone or under existing eye cream


SO-di-em HI-ah-loor'uh'nayt
Sodium Hyaluronate is the sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid. It is used as a moisturizing agent, viscosifier and emulsifier. It forms a transparent film on the skin which has a soothing and lubricating action. It is a powerful humectant as it is capable of binding 1,800 times its own weight in water. See also: Hyaluronic Acid.
Botanical Extracts
Induces an increase in epidermal thickness, reinforces the DEJ by stimulating the synthesis of certain proteins involved in dermal epidermal cohesion. Lifts skin and improves firmness around the eye area, restores youthful shape to eyes

Skin Illuminating Minerals
Light reflectors help improve skin luminosity. Instantly diminishes under-eye darkness, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles


The packaging is all in purple, with details and instruction on how to use it. As seen on the image above, the no.1 and 2, can easily be changed into 1 as middle finger and no.2 as the index finger. Like a Pulp Fiction dance gently place the eye serum on the fingers as mentioned about and in those direction shown on the packaging more towards outer and upper-ward


On the packaging the details are provided in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

The product itself also comes in the purple bottle with silver cap.


I love it, she looks pretty in a shiny purple.

I always opt for an eye serum since it penetrate easier on the skin and doesn't gives that creamy nor greasy side effect since my eyes are already greasy enough.


Below, that's the dot. That's approximately almost a full pump.

That amount is enough for the areas on both eyes. So use both middle and index finger, rub them together and gently apply them on the area like shown on the box. If you're confuse or unsure, the KCR's at any Kiehl's counter will help you out. They also help suggesting whether this particular item is the right product for you or not.


After a bit of blending, before disappearing into the skin. This is how it looks like. So shiny and like a pearly glow. It moisturizes the area by giving an instant hydration and help lifted up the eyes.

The paraben formula feels so light and more safe to be used on the eyes, the skin feels a nit of cooling action once applied.


The firming result is noticeable after days of using it.
On me it's around a week, and I like that it somehow made the eyes looks younger by plumping the skin so the fine lines are less visible. This is a suitable product to be used on sensitive area since it is really like and comforting. I'm using it alone and without any other eye cream and so far, I'm really happy of the feeling when using it and effect. I'll keep using the product for sure!

Thank you so much Kiehl's for opening up my eyes!

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