Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Musee Platinum Tokyo in Indonesia

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago, I went to Musee Platinum Tokyo at Central Park Mall, located at LG floor, right next to the underground tunnel exit to Mediterranean Apartments.

This is their first branch in Indonesia, hopefully more to come.


Do you want to know more about Musee Platinum Tokyo?

Check out the details at their website:

This Japan No.1 Hair Removal Salon also have the most branches in Japan, No.1 in customer satisfaction, and No.1 in sales.

Beside Indonesia and Japan, you may find Musee Platinum Tokyo at Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, and Malaysia.

Look at below, the salon looks so clean, white, stylist and feminine at the same time.


Take a look at the friendly staffs that are ready to greet customer every single time.

You may start with a free consultation, learn about their method and find out their prices. Right now they have many promotions and discount, from small areas to large like legs and body. Packages and deals not to be missed.

The package that I tried is the underarm and bikini line, both unlimited. They have a promotion which is made so affordable. Underarm alone cost around Rp. 500.000 for ever, and taking an underarm and bikini line together cost around Rp 800.000, this is a very good deal.*

*for more details regarding the price and current promo, do call them at (021) 29200500 or visit their branch.

Maybe, perhaps, you're like me, you're not really bothered by the price but the effectiveness and the number one question, how painful it is.


Well, let's get naked ready for the process shall we?!

I changed into a towel with disposable panties included, the underarm and bikini line will take approximately around 30 minutes (wow, that's faster than waxing time!). I did my share on plucking, waxing, IPL, shaving, you name it, I've tried them all.

I've been through tag line such as less pain, painless hair removal, bearable pain, quick and minimal pain, to 'virtually painless' ,  they all have the word pain and pain they are.

Yes, some does only last a few minutes or some does last for a full hour (in bad clinic waxing also can cause traumatic skin and other skin problems). Shaving may look harmless but on bad days, I do have the skin accidentally wounded by the sharp blade. All of that wax, shave and 'duh!' plucking are temporally. Mine should get back in less than a month. And the irritation, oh, what have I done to deserve it, all I want is to look pretty, well, Musee Platinum Tokyo help me (and women like me) to get a completely painless process for a hair free body.

How is it?
First they marked the area and cleaned it, a very cold gel applied and then the lights starts beeping, my heart beats so fast since it is similar to IPL, IPL is not not painful, there's sharp electric kind of pain every single beep. This one doesn't. I waited, waited and waited, but until everything is finished and they put cold pack for 2 minutes and then, it's done, a moisturizer is applied afterward and that's it! So fast, so enjoyable and really doesn't involve anything near pain.

The only thing that I do recommend, is for everyone to use socks during bikini line flash hair removal service since for me, somehow, I feel less naked when using socks and those cold gels are really cold ^^

No worries thou, they do provide a seemingly clean towel and blanket during treatment, but still, the feet feels cold, oh maybe I'm nervous too, when there's nothing to be worried about.

After the service, I went back into the powder room and there's a hair dryer and brush waiting for me.

I get out after getting dressed and greeted back by the staffs.

The staffs that are helping me with the service are all nice and in Japanese standard, very polite and do pay attention on things that ladies may feel uncomfortable about. There's also a Japanese staff, she is so nice and she is doing everything in perfection.



A wonderful way to shed those unwanted hairs from our body. I will share more reviews soon since I will kept coming back until all the hairs at my underarm and bikini line are no more, or perhaps far less obvious. Bye bye shaving, wax, plucking and Ouch P L (IPL).

See you again in two months Musee Platinum Tokyo.

(Why two months? We need the hair circle to get back before banishing them again).

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