Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hoyu BeautyLabo Bubble Whip Hair Color in Marshmallow Pink

Hi lovelies,

I just changed my hair color into Marshmallow Pink and I love it!! Like I finally found my color. They looks so pretty. But before we get to that, let's see the product, shall we?!


My sister bought this in Japan, but I think it's been around quite some time. I remember finding this around 2011. Perhaps they'll add or continue developing new colors. But in terms of technology, whipped hair color is not new.

For the first time I try on a foam hair color, it's also from a Japanese brand, so perhaps the method and innovation behind this foam/bubbles/whipped hair color is from Japan.

Compared to the cream, liquid, or lotion formula, the bubbles are easier and much more user friendly to be used at home and done personally (without anyone's help) since they can be distributed easily. The tiny bubbles will goes from hair to hair and in the smallest space. Without the need of brush or comb, these bubbles are made for fingers usage.


Like all Japanese made product, the packaging, design, and wrapping are all so cute. The details is suffice and somewhat understandable despite of the no English words whatsoever. They made everything completely usable, like the top also help the liquid to transform into whipped bubbles.


Everything is provided. The bottle with the clear liquid is the developer, the small box contain a pair of gloves, the chubby long sachet contains powder to be mixed with the developer into the big cup. There's another sachet, it's the post color care. Use it like a conditioner.


Mixed everything in the big cup like shown above. Close the lid tightly so there's no spill.

Shake the container up and down vigorously around 30 cm height.

Remember not to pre wash the hair before coloring. It is always best to color your hair after a day or two of cleaning them. This 'natural oils' from our scalp will protect the scalp from chemicals of the hair colorant. Especially for those with sensitive scalp.

I wont recommend any ladies to do hair coloring during and right before period as we are far more sensitive. When not feeling well, avoid hair coloring or other chemical process as well.


After continue shaking them and feels like everything has shaken, they'll transform into bubble whip like shown below.

Put on the gloves before opening and make sure you're wearing an old clothes to prevent staining. Areas such as hair lines, ears, and upper neck can use some petroleum jelly for easy cleaning.


If you want, you can cover the floor as well with used paper.

Comb your hair before coloring.

And then, let the coloring begin. Scoop the foam by hand, palm size after palm size on area start with the toughest one to change color, like the hair at the upper neck, the roots, and then after that start distributing the foam everywhere. Section by section until there's no more foam. A tube of this is enough for medium length hair. Longer hair and thicker ones might need to use more than 1.

The hair colorant is enough for me. It managed to colored every part of my hair. There's this floral scent but still it is pretty strong, like a usual hair colorant the chemical can be quite sting. Open the windows and air ways so the fume will not be inhale. Keep away from baby and kids too.

After 30 minutes, I can't take it anymore and rinse everything off. The scalp felt the sting and really uncomfortable. I rinse using plenty of water and after they run clear. I used the post care conditioner, leave it for a while and rinse it off again.

Of course for a few days the towels will have the same color as the hair. But after less than a week, they'll stop 'melting'.

And here's the result of my new hair color.


Love love love it! I will dye my hair with the similar color when this one runs down, but perhaps I'll try another brand and not hoyu heehee, other brand that wont sting.

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