Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

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During our first Beauty Blogger Meet Up (or BBMeetUp) Bazaar, one of the tenant is Duux.

Details on Duux:
Hello. We’re Duux and we are here to help you take care of those little ones you love so much. It’s our goal to make them feel both healthy and happy. We develop soothing light and healthy air electronics, which help you create the best possible environment for your baby or child to grow up in.
Our current portfolio consists of air purifiers, humidifiers and night lights that project a sky full of stars onto your nursery’s ceiling. You’re able to find all these products here. We’re sure you’ll love them. Perhaps because of
their great effect on air quality, which helps your child breath freely, feel fit and enjoy it’s play time more. It could also be their great functionality, ease-of-use, or simply their stunning design.
You wonder why we create all this awesome stuff? Well, clean and healthy air is our expertise and we feel it’s an underestimated aspect in a baby’s room. By taking all the bad out of the air we can improve the lives of the young. It enables us to add freshness to the process of growing up. Hope you enjoy!


This is the one I have at home, Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, where I put it on my girl's room.

immediate mist

ultrasonic technology creates cold mist within a second!

night light

the nightlight will make your child feel safe in the dark

large water tank

1 liter water tank will ensure long operation time


  • Silent operation
  • Interval timer
  • Filter-less
  • Immediate mist
  • Auto shut down
  • Compact design
  • Large water tank
  • Energy saving
  • Night light
  • Speed control

The mist is cool and feels fresh on the skin, it made the room feels better since the air has become less dry. The skin also gain benefit in terms of the moist and hydration. I love air conditioner but it does made the skin irritatingly dry, and when breathing as well.

Especially for the kids, and during cough and flu, the dry air will make them feel miserable and those awful stuffy nose too.

Using the humidifier, they can breathe more easily and moisten their mouth and nostrils as well.

Compared to other humidifier I've used, Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is quite flexible, I can drop some essential oils and enjoy extra effect. The size of the 'tub' is big enough and can run for a maximum 5 hours, so it pretty much kept the kids 'safe' during most of their sleeping time and help waking up without the 'dry spell'.

The night light is there when needed, but we can turn it off since complete darkness help our immune system to be awaken during night time.

The timer and other function like interval mode is wonderful as it helps the air to be less dry without being too much.

I suggest placing the humidifier on a higher place so the mist can gently fall down or circulate better in the air. When put on the ground the are will be moist and become wet gradually. It is always best to put the humidifier exactly where the air (usually from air conditioner) blow.

Please do check their website for more details regarding cleaning, caring and maintaining Duux Ultrasonic Air Humidifier: http://duux.com/

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