Sunday, February 1, 2015

Acmedica Medicated Oil Contril Powder AD Clear

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I'm back with more Japanese product ^^, seems like there's no end of their drug store items. I hope they keep making more heehee as I really enjoy reviewing their products, why? As simple as they are budget friendly, made with good ingredients and through research and effective, this powder is one of them.

Made by Naris under Naris Up, a company that has been around in Japan from 2000 (Naris itself is from 1932) the brand made a lot of products that fit the current trend or needs.


● acne prevention
bactericidal effect
anti-inflammatory effect
● support acne prevention I prepare the moisture balance of skin I condition the skin
● Support clean shine prevention Cover pores

Active ingredient; sulfur, glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl other ingredients; talc, sericite, talc-silicofluoride potassium baked product, methyl polysiloxane, alkyl poly acrylic acid, 2-ethyl hexanoic acid cetyl, liquid isoparaffin, zinc lauric acid, the end of nylon , silicic acid anhydride, mica, hydroxyapatite, magnesium phosphate L- ascorbyl, zinc oxide, hawthorn extract, to total extract, grapefruit extract, apple extract, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, titanium oxide, methyl hydrogen polysiloxane, purified water, 1,3-butylene glycol, paraoxybenzoates

This medicated powder is super duper cute in terms of size and the baby on the card, like showing customer that your skin could be like that when using their products. This powder itself comes in several share, from natural, beige and mine, in clear as in transparent.

Each of them is sold for 700 Yen.


Inside there's blue puff that feels so soft and the white compact powder. I'm using it as the last part of my base, so after using BB cream or foundation and other base makeup (including shading and everything), it's like a setting powder for me. But the thing is, the powder can also be used as a night powder on the problematic skin.

Problems such as acne. There are ingredients in the powder such as sulfur that act as an antibacterial.

I don't have any problem with acne, but during the day, I need a powder with a good sebum controlling power and this cute powder does that and it help makes the skin look fresh longer and better. I can use a brush or the sponge provided it doesn't matter, the white powder easily turn transparent and doesn't have any cakey effect since it is very light in term of texture.


The soft focus effect is mild, so for me the highlight is the sebum absorption which made a huge differences on my skin. So I always looks like I just put on my makeup.

The pores also appears smaller, perhaps due to the powder who clings on them to keep the pores dryer.

Now, it does help the skin away from oils and sebum, but does it have that over drying effect? Nope, even on my normal to dry skin condition, my dry cheeks are still happy, as happy as the matte looking nose.

How long does it stays on the skin?
Depends on your skin's condition and activity, the more oils and active you are, the more you need to top it off once in a while. On me, once every 5-6 hours is enough.

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