Monday, February 23, 2015

KARE Design for Beauty Blogger Meet Up

Hello everyone!!

Last week has been a real blast with our first bazaar held in Senayan City mall. Thank you so much for everyone who participated, including KARE.

If you've been walking around, you'll noticed the 'lounge' area right at the end of the room.

But first, let's get to know more about KARE Design.


Click on the image to see it in larger view.

And below, here's what they presented during our beauty bazaar. After consulting with the team from KARE, we opt for everything pretty, girly and suitable with BBMeetUp (Beauty Blogger Meet Up).


Hello everyone!!! Let this bowing red man (aka Fred) greet you on your way into the bazaar, he is right at the entrance door.


Walk straight into the lounge and enjoy the girl's room. Lipsticks (money box in a form of lipstick, genius!) huge painting with a dashing lady in pretty makeup do looking straight at you.

The polka-dots carpet that scream FUN, PARTY and alive at the same time. This would be a perfect carpet for my dressing closet. Oh yes, if I have a walking closet some day, this would be the it factor for me, of perhaps right in the bedroom to add some colors, or just anywhere. Seems like KARE Design has a lot of key items to make a home looks unique, personalized and completely you.


Don't forget to follow their instagram and twitter account for more information.

Thank you so much!!!

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