Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Liquid Foundation in 202

Hello lovelies,

this is Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Liquid Foundation in 202 (Ivory)


For skin shrouded in smooth silk chiffon.
Provides soft, pore-deep coverage and a fluid, moist texture.
A liquid foundation that ensures lasting, semi-matt beauty.
JILL STUART Smooth Silk Liquid Foundation

30mL 5 colors
4,000Yen each (not including tax)

Product features:
・A light, fluid texture, created using our new Extramil production method. Enjoy a smooth and complete foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin with a veil-like sensation.
・The action of two types of silicone polymer naturally covers pores and patches of uneven skin, bringing you a feeling of fine, bright, semi-matt beauty. Protects against shiny skin or dullness that can be caused by sweat and lipids, maintaining a long-lasting, highly translucent and wonderfully clear finish.
・Sold in an easy-to-use dispenser. A striking design with a cap that produces glittering flashes of light.
・A combination of amino-acid and mineral powders. Gently blends with your skin, for easy, straightforward use.
・Contains Pure Crystal Powder.
・Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Keeping the cap on, shake well prior to use.
・Push one or two times to dispense an appropriate amount onto the palm of your hand and apply evenly across your entire face.
・Using a sponge (such as the JILL STUART Makeup Sponge LF, sold separately) will provide an even more natural finish.

Beauty Essences:
・Almond oil(Emollient)
・Wild rose extract(Moisturizer)


I am now has become the biggest fan of Jill Stuart's beauty products and I wish I have the full collection. They are very pretty, lovely, adorably irresistible, light when used and gives the skin that luminous glow and radiant like no other. So pure and delicate at the same time as well.

The expensive beneficial ingredients inside each products acts as another magnetism for me.

From the packaging to the product itself, they are all so beautiful.


This is the foundation, it comes in several shades from light to medium, the texture is unbelievably thin and airy, like using nothing. But the effect on the skin can visibly be seen instantly.

Above is the product once applied and spread. Below is after completely distributed and blended in.


Above image is with flash and below is without.

Effortlessly covers imperfection, creating this lightweight veil of a smooth and soft skin. The pores are hidden and the skin seems like getting a facelift. Naturally gorgeous and super easy to be blend in. The setting time also very fast thanks to the flimsy formula.

The aromatic crystal flower bouquet is just impressive, they don't last long like a perfume do, but still, during application, the aroma transfer me into this garden of grand floral.


Below is me when using the products by Jill Stuart, the base and foundation.

They literally made my skin glow and looks iridescence.


The foundation is suitable for daily look or a special occasion. The grandeur ingredients made the skin does like crystal with a veil-like sensation. Since it is so light, I feel ultra comfortable using them all day long. When heat and humid strike, loose powder touch up is enough. I'm definitely a huge fan thanks to the beauty essences inside it that made the skin stays healthy.

This product is suitable for those who loves to pamper their skin. It wont cover major imperfection. Layering the product with concealer and other makeup will help increasing the coverage ability.

An irresistibly gorgeous product.

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