Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bioderma Year End Gathering

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I went to an event with Bioderma to celebrate the year end. As the gathering goes inside Greyhound restaurant in Grand Indonesia, we are greeted by a Dermatologist, Diela Maharanie and Dea Karmia (Bioderma Indonesia Brand Manager).


In the event, we are talking about the importance of keeping our skin well, whether it's on holiday or on daily basis. Bioderma, a brand that was made by Biologist help deliver effective result as he understand the skin itself as a living thing.

From sensibio, hydrabio, to many others including for the body, Bioderma continue to produce more variant and items to many different needs.  

I personally always use skincare whenever and wherever I am, I just need to adapt the products according to the area or skin needs at that moment. Like during winter holiday, I'll focus on hydration with a bit more oils as it helps retain water better. Or more hydration in a light or gel like texture in a humid and warm climates. Everything need balance, so when the skin wants water, we give them water, when the skin is need protection, we deliver, like this spray sun protection from Bioderma called, Photoderm Max.


Aside from the arrays of products shared on our table, the event also deliberately made in the collaboration with Guardian and Diela Maharani, one of the top illustrator that not just famous in Indonesia but worldwide.

She made a pretty design for a cosmetic bag, inside there's Bioderma's iconic products, the Sensibio, especially Sensibio H20.


And I never failed to notice there's a huge 40% sale on Bioderma packages. Heehee, I just got mine last week and now I have some more. There's no way I would let my self run out of Sensibio H20, it will always be on my dressing table for anytime I needed it.

The pouch beserta isinya dijual dengan harga Rp 299.000. Psst!!! Don't forget to join the quiz on @Bioderma_Indonesia where you could win one for yourself.


After a short introduction and speech from Diela, sharing about her thoughts on the design, everyone who came that day and have the pouch can have her signature on the spot. It was a rare opportunity and precious one.

Aside from the purchase, everyone who came can participate and win a lot of prices, don't forget to tune in to their instagram account alongside with Guardian too so you wont missed a thing.


We have so much fun during the event, the chat, the ambiance, the products and everyone share the same common ground, our love for Bioderma.


Last but not least, thank you so much for having me.


See you again soon!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bio Oil for Hair and Skin Anytime Anywhere

Hello lovelies,

I've made 7 blog posts that talking or featuring Bio Oil, it definitely shows how much this one product affects me. The magical oil that has helped me through pregnancy, daily life with dry skin, dry hair, even the one for the kids too or for the whole family.


The Bio-Oil formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy, ensuring that the goodness contained in the vitamins and plant extracts is easily absorbed.
Bio-Oil has undergone safety assessments in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Cosmetic Products. The toxicological profile, chemical structure, level of inclusion and total level of daily exposure of each ingredient used has been assessed and deemed safe for use (including for use by pregnant women).

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract (Calendula Oil)
Lavandula Angustifolia Oil (Lavender Oil)
Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary Oil)
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (Chamomile Oil)
Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
Oil base
Paraffinum Liquidum Triisononanoin
Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate
Isopropyl Myristate
Glycine Soja Oil
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil
Fragrance (Rose)
Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone
Amyl Cinnamal
Benzyl Salicylate
Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde
CI 26100

Bio-Oil is manufactured in accordance with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) as stipulated by the World Health Organisation. All ingredients are tested for adulteration and microbiological contamination prior to production and a sample from each batch manufactured is laboratory tested and then retained and monitored over a 5-year period.
All Bio-Oil packaging is recyclable and all paper materials are certified to be in accordance with sustainable forest management practices.
No harmful emissions, hazardous waste or wastewater is generated in the production of Bio-Oil.


This tiny bottle is packed with goodness that nobody can resist. The skin will love and enjoy using it, from daily skincare to remedy, stretchmarks are one of the most difficult marks to reduce, erase, or even get helped with. I've tried many brands and formula, only this one helps starting by preventing. Use the oil diligently from the second trimester and enjoy the result.

For scar, either acne, made by operation, and so on, the product can be used as soon as the skin heal, so there's no bleeding nor open wound.

Skin that desperately need healing like heels and elbows may also use Bio Oil that works overnight. Apply some oils onto the area like heels, use socks and wake up tomorrow morning finding the skin to be softer and smoother.

As healing takes time, it is important to do it as a routine and when the skin is healed, we can use it less often to maintain the condition.


The light oil not just feel so good on the skin, it is so fragrantly good too. It's addictive for me, reminds me of a good ol' days. I've been using it since 2013 as my skin remedy. During traveling or everyday lifestyle, it nourished my akin and keeping them happy and plump.

Adding a few drops of the oils on my face mask helps made my skin glows. It glisten like Christmas. Those who are afraid of oil, fret not, this one is a light and easy to be absorbed kind of oils, so it doesn't make the skin greasy, it's pure love.


Using them on the hair is easy, whenever you feel like it, apply some drops of oils into the palm, made them a bit warm by closing your palm. Gently apply by running your finger through the end of the hair, it adds glow in an instant and helps secure the flyaway too. In the long run, the hair also gain nourishment and made them healthier, stronger with that same lovable aroma.

So there you go, a product that works comfortable, show clinical results and smells so good too. Like I'm receiving everything. Convenience, practicality, safe, yet effective, there's not many product like this in this world to be honest. And they don't come in a hefty price tag too, so there's another bonus point.

Something that all of us from any age and gender can use.

During traveling, the oil kept me well and hydrated as I often travel to countries with dry air like during winter. Not just winter, the air inside the plane is super dry. Long haul flight means the skin suffer the most as we sometime looks so tired after landing, that's because our skin aged so fast during the flight.


Use the oil often or sometime, I love to add a few drops of the oils inside my face mist. I mixed them well before each application and the skin become moist longer than without Bio Oil.

I add a bit of them as well during travel as a serum or night therapy, it made the skin so happy they didn't crack nor once. Try using Bio Oil with your regular skincare and it adds the ability by far. No matter how dry and cold the temperature are, the skin stays flexible and plump. It's a different level of moist that only the user can witness and feel. No more painful dry skin, there's only comforts with Bio Oil.


I remember during my first winter holiday in 1994 where we went to the states during Christmas and New Year, my skin feels so dry that it become so white by a gentle scratch. Now, me and my family never have to go through those kind of pain and discomforts anymore since we use Bio Oil. The product can be mixed with our favorite body lotion too, it made our body lotion works better.


Last but not least, I'll attach the case study here and click it for larger view. You'll see how universe the oil is and how wonderful the ingredients are.


Thank you so much Female Daily dan Bio Oil Indonesia for the must have item in all household.

Rene Furterer Naturia Extra Gentle Balancing Shampoo

Hello everyone,

who loves to clean their hair as often as possible? I do, I really do! I can't stand sweat or anything on my hair, I want them to feel clean, smells clean, and as light and airy as possible. I have a very active scalp, hence it felt oily sooner than others, most shampoo in the market is harsh and not recommended for daily use, but Rene Furterer have one that I can happily use as often as possible.


Extra-gentle frequent-use shampoo for the entire family

NATURIA Extra-gentle balancing shampoo restores moisture and bounce to your hair, all while maintaining a balanced scalp. Its luxurious lather envelops hair in a fresh, leafy aroma.


Mint (Used for a whole range of medicinal reasons since ancient times, archaeologists have even found dried Mint flowers in the Egyptian pyramids dating back to the first century BC. Its highly prized essential oil is rich in menthol, renowned for its soothing, cleansing, anti-irritant and refreshing effects on the scalp.) , Basil (Long since considered a sacred plant in Europe and India due to its power to heal wounds, Basil leaves contain an essential oil that has been used since the Middle Ages. This botanical active ingredient has several cleansing and toning properties. Its refreshingly spicy aroma gives it balancing aromatic properties.), Caraway Also known as Persian cumin, Caraway (grows in cold climates. As the oldest spice used in Europe, its delicately perfumed fruit was used to make love potions in Egypt. Renowned for lifting the spirits and creating an optimistic mood, the essential oil extracted from its seeds has a subtle and powerful aroma. It has been selected for its aromatic properties and its ability to cleanse the scalp.).

Washing your hair every day is certainly possible, but avoid oily baby shampoos or harsh clarifying shampoos. NATURIA Extra-gentle balancing shampoo naturally maintains the balance of your scalp.


Apply a dab of shampoo and massage it into your wet scalp with your fingers. Add a little water to work into a lather.
Carefully rinse, preferably with cool water, until clean.
Daily use.


The product is simple, kind, and really gentle, the whole family even my kids are using it. I can wash my hair daily, sometime even twice a day when I'm really active, like sweats like nuts... wait, nuts doesn't sweat, hmm, like a mom who do chores all by herself, or perhaps a non stop run in marathon, in this perfect Jakarta weather where the sun shines so brightly and we are lucky if the temperature somewhere below 30 degree Celcius. Yes, we are in a hot weather daily, hence making small movements made me feel so hot. This is the thing that saves my hair and my mood to be honest.

The kids can happily use it as it doesn't made them sick, no harmful chemicals nor stuff that harsh. This simple, pure and gentle shampoo works in cleaning as well preserving the scalp and hair as it is. Doesn't stripe them dry and made their condition covered in silicone nor anything that doesn't belong nor beneficial for the scalp and hair.

The hair will smells greenly good and for me, I still use some conditioner or mask. For the kids, they just use this shampoo without conditioner nor mask.

From my husband oily and sensitive scalp to my dryly damaged hair, to the kids gentle scalp and healthy hair, we can all use this shampoo and be happy with it. Definitely recommended and surely we'll continue using it.

5 Tips Kulit Cantik dan Bersih

Hai semua,

terinspirasi oleh Ovale dan berbagai macam produk yang mereka miliki, aku ingin membagikan pengalaman menggunakan produk-produk ini untuk kulit terlihat lebih cantik dan bersih, pastinya sehat ya.


Belum lama ini, Ovale Indonesia mengirimkan sejumlah produk kepadaku, mulai dari masker, lulur Bali, minyak zaitun, vitamin kulit, bedak dingin, tissue minyak wajah, sampai ke pembersih yang sedang naik daun, micellar water.

Dengan berbagai varian dan aroma, produk-produk ini praktis untuk digunakan sendiri saat dirumah atau berpergian. Seperti tissue untuk wajah berminyak yang bisa menyerap minyak berlebih saat diperlukan. Terutama saat diluar rumah dan kita tidak sempat merapihkan makeup, tissue ini bisa membuat wajah kita terlihat lebih fresh, dan jadinya makeup lebih awet sampai kita sempat touch up.

Lalu disaat kita pulang ke rumah, setelah membersihkan wajah, kita bisa mendinginkan wajah kita dengan makser bedak dingin Ovale yang diambil dari tradisi bangsa Indonesia yang suka menggunakan bedak dingin. Efek mendinginkan dan menyegarkan kulit serta membuatnya terasa lebih bersih dan segar membuat bedak dingin ini banyak disukai.

Indonesia dengan iklim tropis dan lembab, membuat kulit terasa berminyak dan lelah, bedak dingin ini memberikan pori-pori yang lebih kecil, sehingga terlihat lebih bersih dan pastinya nyaman. Ini adalah tips pertama aku untuk kulit cantik dan bersih, rajin-rajin gunakan masker seperti bedak dingin.


Micellar cleansing water adalah produk terbaru dari Ovale. Tips kedua aku adalah, selalu bersihkan kulit dengan bahan yang lembut dan aman untuk kulit seperti Micellar Water. Ada banyak sekali di pasaran, cukup cari bahan yang tidak atau sedikit mengandung alkohol dan pengawet.

Cara memakai micellar water cukup mudah, basahkan kapas, jangan terlalu basah, jangan terlalu kering, sampai terasa lembut dan lembab saja di kulit. Lalu usapkan kapas yang sudah dilembabkan dengan micellar water tadi di kulit yang kering, kapas dengan micellar water bekerja sebagai magnet yang mengambil apapun yang bukan bahan alami kulit, jadi makeup, debu, minyak berlebih, dan kotoran lainnya diangkat tanpa membuat kulit terasa kekeringan. Jadi prinsip micellar water adalah 'magnet' ini, hal ini juga yang membuat konsep ini amat dicintai, kulit terasa tetap nyaman.

Masalah seperti kulit kesat, tidak bersih, kurang bersih, atau lainnya bisa dihindari. Saat menggunakan foaming facial foam, belum banyak orang yang bisa membusakan dengan baik sehingga hasillnya kurang optimal, micellar water ini sangat praktis, cukup tuang di kapas dan diusap ke wajah. Ambil lagi kapas baru dan lembabkan lagi dengan micellar water berkali-kali sampai tidak ada sisa kotoran di kapas.

Untuk makeup yang waterproof atau tahan air, gunakan dulu makeup remover berbahan dasar minyak, baru gunakan pembersih micellar water ini sebegai pembersih kedua, atau dikenal juga dengan double cleansing method.


Setelah wajah bersih, saatnya menggunakan masker. Tips ketiga, gunakan vitamin untuk kulit. Vitamin yang digunakan bisa sesuai dengan jenis kulit. Ada vitamin A, C dan E yang terkenal baik untuk kulit, atau gunakan Ovale  Face Rejuvenation dengan berbagai macam vitamin seperti A, C, E, dan bahkan K.

Kali ini, aku campurkan 1 ampoule ke dalam larutan masker Teh Hitam dari Ovale juga.


Masker ini ampuh loh dalam membersihkan kulit dari minyak berlebih, dan buat kulit berjerawat, kandungan teh hitamnya juga baik dalam membersihkan dan mengurangi peradangan. Jerawat jadi cepat hilang dan kulit tidak terasa berminyak lagi.

Gunakan masker ini beberapa kali dalam seminggu atau kapanpun saat dibutuhkan. Bisa juga di totolkan ke bagian yang ada jerawatnya, tentunya setelah dicampur dengan cairan agar berbentuk seperti creamy paste.

Untuk cairannya, bisa dicampur dengan air mawar, toner favorite atau bahkan air mineral atau air soda. Semua memiliki kebaikannya masing-masing. Khusus air soda, jangan yang ada pewarna atau gula (non sugar) ya.


Aplikasikan dengan kuas atau tangan, kalau aku, aku prefer kuas, karena hasilnya lebih rapih. Agar masker bisa melekat dengan baik, jangan terlalu encer tapi jangan terlalu kering juga, nanti susah nempel.

Bisa juga seduh teh, saat teh sudah dalam suhu ruangan, campurkan bubuk masker teh hitam ini dan buat jadi adonan masker yang siap digunakan. Pastikan kulit bersih, agar kandungan masker bisa diterima dengan baik di kulit.


Tips keempat, jangan takut dengan minyak.

Gunakan face oil untuk wajah dan body oil pada kulit tubuh, jangan dicampur dan jangan salah ya. Kandungan dan konsentrasi serta tekstur masing-masing minyak itu berbeda, ada yang memang buat kulit tubuh bagus, tapi bikin kulit wajah jerawatan, jadi cek dengan benar sebelum dipakai. Olive Oli dari Ovale ini cocol untuk kulit tubuh dan bisa untuk rambut, hindari pemakaian pada kulit kepala tentunya.

Untuk tubuh, bisa untuk pijat juga, rasanya lembut di kulit dan aromanya wangi. Aku gunakan pada kulit tubuh dan rambut pada bagian ujung-ujungnya 20 menit sebelum mandi dan keramas.

Saat mandi aku membersihkan tubuh dengan sabun mandi dan rambut dengan shampoo favorit. Setelah dikeringkan, kulit tubuh terasa lebih lembut demikian pula dengan rambut karena olive oil tadi.


Minyak zaitun ini juga bisa dicampur sedikit dengan body lotion agar kulit terlihat lebih bercahaya. Cukup beberapa tetes saja sudah cukup. Jika berlebihan tentunya rasanya juga kurang nyaman.

Jika memungkinkan, gunakan saat sedang ingin ke sauna atau steam room, efek minyak zaitun ini akan lebih terasa di kulit, selain membersihkan, kulit terasa amat sangat halus setelahnya. Campurkan sedikit minyak zaitun dengan garam laut kasar atau gula pasir, dan gunakan sebagai lulur.


Tips kelima,
deep cleanse, lulur, atau exfoliate.

Luluran juga sudah mendarah daging ya untuk orang Indonesia, dan banyak budaya asing juga karena kulit terasa jauh lebih bersih, lembut dan bahkan lebih cerah juga. Untuk tubuh, luluran bisa dilakukan sesering mungkin, kita cukup adaptasi kekuatan kita dan kekasaran bahan luluran. Jika lembut bisa setiap hari, dan jika bahannya terbuat dari materi yang  cukup kasar, maka sebulan 1-2 kali sudah cukup.

Lulur Bali dari Ovale bisa digunakan sampai seminggu sekali, aromanya menyenangkan dan formulanya milky seperti susu. Krim nya terasa lembut di kulit. demikian pula dengan butiran scrubnya.


Susu dikenal amat baik untuk kulit, sampai katanya Cleopatra sendiri bermandi susu dan madu setiap hari. Karena kita manusia normal ya, dan gak mungkin juga kita setiap hari habiskan bergalon-galon susu untuk kita berendam, marilah kita menggunakan produk yang mudah dijangkau seperti Lulur Bali Milk Ovale ini.

Lulur ini bisa digunakan pada kulit kering ataupun setelah dibasahi. Jika ingin efek luluran yang lebih kuat gunakan pada kulit yang kering dan jika ingin lebih ringan, gunakan pada kulit yang basah.


Dengan 5 tips mudah ini, dan tentunya komitmen kita untuk rajin merawat kulit, kulitpun bisa terlihat lebih cantik, bersih dan pastinya sehat.

Memang dibutuhkan juga ketelatenan dan kesabaran, hal-hal yang kita lakukan sehari-hari besar pengaruhnya ke fisik kita. Dengan adanya produk-produk yang tersedia di pasaran seperti Ovale yang praktis ini, kita tidak perlu lagi terlalu ribet dalam mempersiapkan bahan-bahan. Produk Ovale pun bisa dicampur dengan bahan sehari-hari yang ada dirumah kita seperti tadi, minyak zaitun dan gula pasir untuk lulur, atau campurkan lemon di masker untuk efek kulit lebih cerah dan segar, dan sebagainya.


Terima kasih Ovale Indonesia untuk semua produknya, dan kalian semua yang mmebaca review ini.

See you again soon!!

Tempat Kosmetik Berkualitas

Halo semua,

khususnya kamu pecinta kosmetik atau skincare yang suka banget menggunakan berbagai macam produk tapi tetap gak mau berantakan? Aku mau share rekomendasi tenpat kosmetik yang beneran bagus, rapih dan pastinya gak tajam.

Aku sendiri punya banyak kosmetik dan biasanya aku tata begitu aja diatas meja kosmetik, lama-lama kepenuhan dan jelas berantakan. Beberapa produk bahkan tumpah karena saling bertumpukan. Karena sulit diambil, beberapa juga ada yang expired karena males kan ambil di bagian-bagian belakang yang sulit dijangkau. Tempat kosmetik dari bahan kayu atau plastik biasanya bamyak dijual dan cukup cantik, tapi tidak terlihat bagian dalamnya, ini juga yang bikin aku gerah saat mencari item tertentu.


Akhirnya sekitar setahun yang lalu, aku beralih ke tempat kosmetik berbahan akrilik yang bening atau transparan. Semua item yang aku letakkan terlihat jelas dari luar. Ada berbagai toko di instagram yang menjual tempat kosmetik semacam ini dan aku beli dari beberapa tempat. Biasanya PO dan beberapa sudah ada desain-desain seperti yang tersedia mulai dari tempat lipstik saja, sampai kombinasi.

Setelah order dan menunggu pengiriman biasanya mereka tiba setelah 1 minggu. Dan jujur, aku agak kecewa, karena rata-rata akriliknya tipis dan tajam. Jadi tiap mengambil item aku harus berhati-hati dan jangan ceroboh kalau tidak biasanya kulitku lecet. Pinggiran-pinggirannya pun kasar, beberapa laci juga agak bergesek saat dibuka jadi seperti kurang rapi dari segi desain maupun finishing.


Lalu belum lama ini, @Tempat_Kosmetik (Instagram) menghubungi aku dan mengirimkan 2 set tempat kosmetik yang bisa ditumpuk atau dipisah dalam peletakannya. Packagingnya super rapih, bubble wrapnya aman, dan boxnya juga cakep banget. Semuanya dibuat dengan niat dan telaten, setiap detailnya berarti.

Mulai dari pinggiran setiap sisi, sampai pegangan laci, semuanya halus bahkan saya tidak khawatir kalau anak-anak mengambil barang-barang di tempat kosmetil tersebut karena tangan mereka tidak akan terluka.


Ukuran P 30 cm x L 20 cm x T 18 cm
Tebal 5 mm

Bagian bawah adalah 3 laci (2 di kiri, 1 di kanan yang lebih besar), bagian atasnya yang adalah rak untuk botol-botol yang bisa berdiri, bisa juga sebagai tempat kuas makeup atau makeup berbentuk pena. Bagian atas dan bawah ini bisa dipisah, bisa dibeli terpisah dan digunakan terpisah atau ditumpuk seperti ini. Bagian tumpukannya juga pas dan amat rapi. Kita bisa membeli bagian-bagian ini sesuai kebutuhan dan ditumpuk atau digunakan sesuka hati.


Meski terlihat tidak besar, mereka muat amat sangat banyak dan bikin meja rias terlihat jauh lebih rapi. Dari berbagai sisi semua produk terlihat dan bisa dikatakan no blind spot. Foundation berbotol besar, compact, lipstick, lip creams, palette, eyeshadows, eyeliners, dan sebagainya muat dengan nyaman. Memang kosmetik aku masih banyak banget, tapi paling tidak, kosmetik sehari-hari sudah didepan mata dan siap dipakai. Aku cukup update stok kosmetik aku dan dirotasi, tapi yang jelas, meja rias aku rapi dan lebih bersih.

Kalau makeup dibiarkan berceceran biasanya jadi rentan debu dan tempat ngumpet serangga, dengan begini mereka lebih aman. Mengambilnya juga mudah karena masing-masing ada tempatnya sendiri dan terlihat dengan jelas.


Jadi ingat dulu saat mencari kosmetik karena tertutup dalam makeup box, dengan tempat kosmetik akrilik ini mebantu menghemat waktu, penting untuk ibu-ibu agar lebih cepat dalam bersiap-siap. Kebayang kan, setelah kelar beberes rumah, anak-anak, sisa waktu buat para ibu bersiap-siap biasanya tinggal sedikit. Lebih dari 15 menit keluarga sudah jenuh menunggu (menangis di hati).

Nah, dengan tempat kosmetik seperti ini biar terburu-buru juga aman, tangan tidak akan lecet-lecet. Pernah loh dengan tempat kosmetik yang lama, terburu-buru ambil eyeshadow, malah luka tanganku, bete pasti, dan gregetan juga. Tempat kosmetik dari @tempat_kosmetik jauh lebih bagus dalam hal finishing dan lebih terlihat premium.


Wah, premium, harganya bagaimana? Tenang, meski premium, halus, dan memiliki design yang sangat baik, harganya masih terjangkau dan puas sih kalau aku. Untuk paket seperti aku harganya masih sekitar 300 rb an dan sedang ada promo loh dari tanggal 11 sampai 14 Desember 2017. Yuk buruan dibeli dan jangan lupa lihat-lihat instagram mereka di @Tempat_Kosmetik untuk semua model dan designnya.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Vidal Sassoon Light & Soft Nude Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

still looking for that perfect shampoo? The key is easy peasy, always look for a non silicone ones that cares for the scalp and hair growth, contain no sls or sles, and of course no paraben. But it's hard, especially in Indonesia, not a lot of brand mass produce this kind of product. While the world has keep evolving with the best and safer thing for daily use, we are kinda stuck, many brands still 'proud' giving us silicone inside their shampoo and claim to be the best for dry hair (sighs).


Seems like I'm having so much trouble finding details for Vidal Sassoon from China on google, like it was impossible. So this post is made solely from my experience using it.

Start from the packaging which I really like, it's red as any other Vidal Sassoon trademark product but since the theme is nude, it has that transparent part on the bottom. It's clear and it's the first of VS product with clear packaging.

And one of my favorite key feature is the pump bottle, I always love shampoo in a pump bottle, it's simple and more hygienic. It doesn't allow spills and mess in the shower room and usually comes in a right portion on each pump. But traveling with a pump shampoo is a challenge :D


Nevertheless, the details is mostly in Chinese on the back side and the front has some English details so I know that this is a nude shampoo where silicone is not included. When you happen to have dry hair and oily scalp, most shampoo in Indonesia are addressing the hair problems and made my roots worse, like the oils is just unbearable, silicone also add stickiness. So this is a clean option with a lightness and not adding  problems to my scalp and hair.


The shampoo is a clear gel that smells fragrant, lathers on beautifully on the hair and abundantly without causing my hair to feel tautly dry. So there's no squeaky clean feeling like there's tons of surfactant.

The clean feeling that it gives is pleasing and comfortable, the scalp and hair are both happy. Usually the option is rather the scalp or the hair only and no in between, but this one made the scalp cleans really well and the hair still feel manage-ably soft (of course I still have to use conditioner) compared to other shampoo for oily roots that strip the hair barren.


So far, the shampoo shows a good interaction with a colored hair too, they don't really preserved acid color hair but doesn't remove them all at once, it's somewhere in between since acid hair color means they will be loss in every washes. Conclusions, in terms of perfect for the colored hair, I would say, yes.



a shampoo that everyone can use, thanks to it's light and soft formula. Smells so fragrantly good and never overwhelming. Perfect for dry, colored, damaged to even normal hair with no problems. Love the silicone free formula that made my scalp happy.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Purify & Protect Silicone Free Conditioner

Hello lovelies,

after series of sharing a non silicone shampoos over the past few posts, now it's a turn for the conditioner, a silicone free conditioner from Schwarkopf.

On my previous posts, I've mentioned that using a silicone on the hair its fine, as long as it doesn't touch the scalp, they'll blocked the scalp sooner or later. On the hair, it helps seals, covers and made the hair appear smoother, shinier and healthier, even when it is damaged on the inside.


Here's some information from Schwarkopf regarding Silicone:

When to Use Hair Care Products with Silicone

Whether hair care products with silicone are right for your hair depends on the type of hair you have and the type of hair you want to have. Learn how to infuse thick brittle hair with silky luster and how to add volume and hold to fine hair
Silicones are highly effective and valuable active ingredients in hair cosmetics. Silicones in hair care products are designed to serve specific purposes. The consumer has the choice of hair care products with or without silicones. Whether you should or should not use silicone-containing hair care products depends entirely on your hair type and what you expect the hair care product to do for your hair.

Hair Care Products with Silicone for Silky Shine

The main benefit of silicone in hair care products is its ability to form a microfilm around every hair shaft. With this protective coating in place, hair looks shiny and falls like smooth silk. The supple individual hairs align tightly now in wide light-reflecting layers. Dry and unruly hair responds particularly well to silicone in hair care products. Silicone restores the supple nature of hair, intensifies its luster, and makes it more manageable.

Silicone-free Hair Care Products for Hold and Volume

Unless your hair is seriously damaged, silicone-free hair care products are the best choice if your hair is fine and in need of added volume. The individual hairs are better able to support your hairstyle and build up sufficient volume if their cuticle layers are not silicone-coated.  
Different parts of your hair may need different types of care. If this is the case you have the option to treat the hair near the roots and the hair ends differently. For example, you may decide to use silicone-free styling mousse for the only slightly damaged hair near the roots and a silicone-containing conditioner (e. g. a conditioning spray) for the hair ends.


So based on that information, Schwarzkopf deliver a refreshing option, a non silicone series consist of shampoo, conditioner and even hair mask. Mine is happen to be the conditioner.
Schwarzkopf Extra Care Purify & Protect Conditioner with Liquid Keratin for normal to dehydrated hair. Silicon free.
The needs of normal to dehydrated hair.
Even normal or dehydrated hair can feel lifeless and look dull. It is important to cleanse the hair keeping its protective layer and to improve its natural shine & vitality. 
Extra Care Purify & Protect
1. Perfect combability
2. Zero weight, no overburdening.
The repair solution with innovative Puricare technology.
The ultra-light formula with the breakthrough Puricare technology cleanses and protects the hair without diminishing the hair's natural shine. 100% free from silicones and parabens, 0% overburdening - no residues. 
Keratin Reconstruction.
Liquid Keratin reconstructs the hair and renews its quality by repairing damaged areas deep inside the hair and on its surface. 


Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Quaternium-27, Isopropyl Myristate, Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Glycerin, Parfum, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-37, Methylparaben, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Citric Acid, Panthenol, Benzophenone-4, Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Keratin, Lauryl Glucoside, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Lauryl Glucoside, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Lauryl Glucoside, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract.


The product comes in a white creamy lotion texture and smells so good, like a white floral, and turns into transparent like when used on the wet hair, like a milky liquid that protects and help heals. It contain liquid keratin that helps builds the hair, filling the needs. Our hair is made from keratin too, loss of keratin made it brittle and breaks easily.

So by using the product gradually it builds the hair strength and made them whole again. The thing is, it has to be in sync, we have to stop damaging the hair to see the difference or it will remain the same, like we are walking on the same spot where damaging and healing collide.

So, if you want to take care your hair, do it with your whole heart and reduce damaging it (talking to myself), meanwhile, using a more hardcore products like mask and serum also helps, so the  conditioner don't work alone.



it is a great conditioner that works by helping sealing the hair with liquid keratin and no silicone for a lightweight and airy hair that shines.
PS...bought mine in China.. just in case you're wondering and I think it's available in many country worldwide.

Modern Chic by Johnny Andrean

Hello lovelies,

Johnny Andrean Premium Salon has just celebrate their new openings at Kota Kasablanca. The event is held last week where bloggers and medias are attending.


This is the fifth premium salon opened, you can also find them at Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Mall Taman Anggrek and Kelapa Gading.


In this event, the wife of Johnny Andrean herself came. Alongside the event are celebrating new hair trend of cutting, coloring and styling.


Long textured hair, blunt bob, midi length bob, side quiff, and stylish hair color like balayage brown, burgundy, and ash brown.


A short interview with one of beauty influencer also presented during the event representing the needs to be stylish on everyday look. By getting the right hair style, we can achieve that modern chic trend.


A low maintenance hair do that still appear high fashion needs a lot of attention from the hair stylist. He/she must understood the hair texture, flow, and a person's shape, activity and made them look their best.


Johnny Andrean Premium share their luxury products such as Shiseido to deliver the promise of a more high end services, style, and stylists.


Thank you for inviting me Johnny Andrean Premium salon, hope to see you again soon!