Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooperative can be taught

About 2 years ago my daughter was diagnosed by abscess on her upper gum, caused by cavities on her teeth on that area. She used to be very difficult, reject her teeth to be brush and ended up in vomiting. Not that we've tried to help her out by bringing her to doctors and dentists but all of them saying because she is uncooperative there's nothing can be done to help her cavities fixed.

So things got worst and her gum is swollen, we brought her to a pediatrician that claim that it's only allergy. Filled with disbelieved we brought her to a hospital and after seeing a nurse, pediatrician, and dentist, she was diagnosed with dental cavities that lead to infection. The hospital put us an appointment for a specialist dentist for 3 months later, they are fully booked and didn't care about the urgency of the situation. But a lady who work at the hospital help us by giving us a card, a brilliant dentist just open his new clinic and that is his business card, equipped with his clinic's details.

We called and (thank God) another patient just canceled an appointment that day, so we rush there and met him. He was upset by how other dentist rejected to treat my daughter and leave her condition worsen. He treated my gal and settled a date for a surgery to remove her infected teeth. He gave us the best price too (believe me, I checked every where. he is the most compassionate dentist that not just care his patient but their financial welfare). He not just extracted the teeth that was infected but do some filling, cleaned and polished the rest of her teeth. Altogether that could cost 5 or 6 times the amount he charged us.

The first time we went there my daughter was never been so uncooperative. She kicked everyone, screaming and crying, but the Dr. Rashid know there's things to be done, and it is more important. He is tough but dont get me wrong he is the most caring dentist we know. Now time flies and my daughter grew to be a girl who really likes her dentist. When I told her it's almost time to see the dentist she was so excited and cheerful. She even kept on bragging how nice her dentist is.

So parents all out there please learn from my experience, yes a cooperative child is indeed lovely but when it's time to get tough we need to taught them to be brave and embrace what comes before us. And yes, cooperative can be taught for they own benefit.

Find Dr. Rashid at

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mask of Love

Kose is a brand that is well known for more than 50 years ago since it was founded. The company embraced beauty and help women all around the world to accomplished a more smooth and alluring skin that enhance the 'proudness' of being a woman.

Not so long ago a mask was born to help anyone who used it achieve a whiter and better complexion. You can read more about the details here:

But what's more I want to share my experience using it. It's the most easiest steps I ever took for a lovelier epidermis. All I have to do is clean my face, and put it on all over the needed area, wait for a good 30 minutes while reading beauty magazines and gently remove the mask. All the comedos and other indescribable gunk are out from my pores, leaving my face glow with happiness and purity. One time using it my skin glow and look really good, I wonder what will happen if I continually use it for months..hmm... modelling perhaps?!

About traveling with kids, small ones..

Many people try to avoid it, they put their children on their friends or relatives homes so they can have a holiday on their own, why? beats me, I have no problem at all traveling with small children so far.

Yes, there are some incident like getting sick, cranky, picky eaters, or stuff that happens along the way, for me the key is planning. If you know you bring the kids along well why don't you just planned it along the way, way before your trip. There's plenty of kids friendly destination and privilege you can have if you bring kids on the trip. Believe it or not the stewardess become more friendly, custom give you priority between the queue, hotels offer you certain floor that better, cleaner and newer if you said your kids allergic to dust (even an upgrade).

Kids make the holiday more fun and exciting, they describe the stuff they see from their point of view, even places we've been before if we bring kids along they make more fun and funny too. Museums sound less boring every time kids are there. Like when kids try to play hide and seek at the museum of science and end up in a space shuttle. Imagine your child want to run away to the moon or suddenly they brought home some strange object that you found out later it was a 10.000 years old fossil. What an adventure!

Bring kids along also make you take your trips slower and by that you can enjoy more of the scenery and environment you're in (you know with their small feet they can't walk as fast as you and get tired easily, well about get tired easily is depend where they are.. okay this could take long but you understand, right?!). With kids getting attach or start conversations with the locals also become easier. Like common parents problem can be a starter...

So for all of you parents out there, please don't ditch your cute little ones if you can bring them along (skip business trip, it's not holiday). You can enjoy more with them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun facts at UK

if you happen to have an accident or illness or anything that related to the ER when you are traveling in UK, its free, they won't charge you there. Nice isn't it?!

about traveling anywhere

1.Try to learn as much as you can about the country or place your going to.
2. Learn from the locals, there are many sites that offer information from the locals.
3. Know yourself, what you can or can not eat, your allergies, your health level and how locals live (like you're going to villages where transportation are limited but you are very bad at hiking or walking long distance), etc.
4. Learn a bit (a lot would be better) about their language.
5. Know the laws and the do's and don'ts. Always kind but alert at the same time.
6. Be happy and enjoy the ride.

about doctors...

They are indeed humans, so sometimes we meet a good one sometimes we don't, thank God so far we meet good ones. Like there's a dentist that has been very kind for us, he is very talented, well-known and dedicated to his work but never charged us with overpriced invoice, he even gave us very cheap price with a very top-notch result that usually cost 3 or 4 times more. His clinic is at Camden's Medical Clinic at 13th floor, he own and run Kidsdentist. Yes, I'm talking about my child's dentist. To whom I know I'm very grateful for what he has done to my child.

There are plenty good and dedicated doctors in Singapore that still charged you with reasonable price, the key is to ask around you and hear their review, sometime it might be subjective but it can give you at least a little bit insight. Just remember to look for a doctor that always can answer your question, patience, caring, firm when they needed to, and believe it or not sometimes they don't always stay in a fancy or expensive suites. The key is they have good recommendation.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The procedure took about 30 minutes but the doctor need me to lie down on my front for a hour and rested for another hour. During the removal of the lumps I feel pain on certain area as it is probably near to my nerve system. the one that hurt the most is the pressure from the ultra scan. But last night I still can sleep well, maybe the flu also bugging me (or is it helping me with drowsiness?).
The sticky plaster they put on give me a very itchy sensation. 2 days from now I'm suppose to meet the doctor for the result, I hope everything okay...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Steps for Free and Easy traveling

For cheap and most maximize free and easy trips here are my suggestions:
1. 6 months before:
Know which part of the world you wanna go and
search for that cheap no frills transportation, either air flight (budgets) or train or buses. Usually they will bombard the media with cheap cheap cheap deal (really cheap like 70% off). Remind yourself about Visa rules.

2. Do your homework, find out about your destination sites to see and match it with your interest. Then find a hotel near those areas.

3. Google your hotel to find a very good deal, no need to rush, just wait for the hotels to go on sale, have some backups.
You have to go through a lot of hotels website, some local company sometimes offer better value for hotels in its city. But I know some people like to play safe and booked only from world wide famous website.

4. 4 months later:
Booked your hotel, (if they were on sale 6 month before than it's a good thing you already booked them)

5. Start planning the details, either want to visit the cities nearby or daily activity. Start hunting for stuff you might need. Like going on winter find winter suit (always buy on sale since it's not daily clothes after you got back), mosquito repellent for countries that known for dengue, etc

6. Know your destination, for their local laws, tradition and culture. Look for their tourism board and ask for maps (usually they'll send you a free copy or just print it). It's useful especially when you really blind about the area or language they are talking. Guide book from tourism board include simple language guide, like 'where's the restroom?' (very important). Some countries also offer free local guide, check them out.

7. 2 months before:
Confirm everything, from hotel, flights, other transportation, visa, money, currency, living cost, stuff you need, vaccinations, doctor's recommendation on your personal health like spring in Korea means lots of allergy for some people, and so on.

8. Days before:
Check the weather, so you'll be more prepared and less surprises. News also important, some political issue might even have impact for tourists, or natural disaster, so keep your eyes open.

9. When thing go not exactly like you want:
It's okay, enjoy the ride and learn from it. You might have an adventure of a life time.

2 more days

for my scheduled biopsy....I hope everything gonna be okay...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The thing about friends is many people said the one that connect with your hobbies, interest or same habits. But for me it's the one that keep me on the ground and on my feet. The one that no matter what happen they always there, not in physical body most of the time but as far as an sms or instant messenger away. My best friends and I is separated in countries and even time but somehow we manage to know that she will always be there and I will always be there for her too.

One of them is pursuing her degree in Pediatric in Philippines, a very strong woman that doesn't even realize how amazing her impact is in her friends life, or anyone near her. She always positive and naturally generous person. Her life sometimes hits rock bottom, not even once I recon it was her mistake, things just happen, but miraculously she always able to stand up again and beat all the odds.

Another one is a new mother that so busy juggling with her new married life and her work. I never told her about how proud I am being her friend. She is so independent, I can see, she is the strong pillar in her family, she kept them going on. She is the only one in my circle friends that never have those crazy wild moments in life.

Both of them are not rich but they always so generous to those surround them. We share our food and all our warmth together. I will always recall those joyful times when we was staying at my house or booked a room in a nice hotel. We play pranks and laugh our heart out. That will be moments that I'll always cherish, and wait for in our next gathering.

I know for sure that friendship aren't made during easy times, but when tears drop and the air feels to tight to breath and you need someone else to break those rope of problem just so we can stand again and deal with it. Having friends doesn't meant your problem will go away, it will still be there, but true friends will give you strength to carry on.

About traveling free and easy

Traveling nowadays has never been easier, the internet makes so much option and cuts fee to the point. I used to enjoy tours with travel agent, but now they just got more and more pricey. I never have a really good deal now a days. It's still better to do it by myself.

Yes, it require hours of sitting down in front of the computer to find that right one. Looking for a perfect hotel is very important to me. I want one in a strategic area, reasonable price ( I don't need a 5 star treatment or bed or fully automatic toilet, since I spent most of my time outside), for me cleanliness and basic amenities is good enough. I usually google it from tripadvisor, asiarooms, or many other site to read about other people's experience. But may I warned you, it not always accurate, some people just want to write whatever they want, even thou' it's not entirely true.

Like this one guy got his visa rejected so he didn't make it to the country or even the hotel he already booked and write an awfull review for a hotel he never been there. He does that just because he is upset his visa got rejected.

Or a review that was 10 years ago when the hotel just got build now its all crack and worn out. We always need up-to-date review and a truly honest one.

Not just hotel, flights and other transportation can be booked online, no more agents fee and fuzz about collecting the ticket somewhere else. We can choose our own seat and other details, even food preference. For me so far Singapore Airlines offered the best service and value. For economy flights they already got entertainment system, really worthy for long hours flight.

For the tours at the location, if the language really become a barrier many tourism board offer free local guide, we just have to pay for their food or admission (entering either museum, theme park,or some sort), tips is relatively low compare to private agent. Or book a day tour, for me it's more suitable, since a package tour from the beginning always means visiting places I didn't want to go. Free and easy means freedom and general happiness. I can sleep more when I needed to, I can shop longer, eat where I want and total liberty (in a cheaper price too). So cheers for free and easy, hooray!

Monday, March 16, 2009

not that...

The thing about life is there's moments we cherish and moments we wish never occured, like this Friday I'm about to do biopsy, After several USG procedure my specialist recommend me to do it. So here I am try to prepare my self, I just hope they find no cancer in me....


I just got back from collecting prices at some areas in Singapore, for me it is so far away and since I have no car, I have to travel by MRT and bus. Carrying 2 bottles of Frooots can be exhausting, especially when its is raining, carrying a shoulder bag, umbrella, and those bottles. But I can't complain since I got them for free, including 2 movie tickets and a voucher to stay at a hotel for 1 night.

For me being jobless doesn't meant everyday just stay at home and doing nothing, everyday I either collect vouchers, get freebies or collect prizes from contest. It's more like a full time job for me.

Tomorrow I'll collect some samples from expensive brand of beauty products and then some vouchers from a department store. Monthly I can fork up about 600$, not in cash but in stuff or vouchers. I never sell stuff that I won, I usually give it to people surround me if I don't need it. Like a kilo of sticky rice to my mother in law, or slimming products to my baby sister.

If you read this and start goo goo gaa gaa about it and still don't think about joining contest its simply because it's just not your stuff. I get it totally, my closest friends always glow with envy every time I told her I won something yet doesn't have a single urge to join one. She kept saying it's not her thing.

Since when 'it' become 'my thing', I also don't know, it just happen. Maybe from when I was in primary and won a drawing competition or maybe younger than that during annual independence day I won eating banana contest... hmm..

People sometimes say, it's my luck to won stuff or because I have a competitive side, but really? I joined like 50 contests monthly and I won like 5 or 6 of it, is it luck or the game of chance? Like you roll a dice for 10 times neither of it you hit 6? And about being competitive is a habit that I think anyone have, like when you run to the MRT and push people surround you so you can get a seat (NOT ME, REALLY!) or drive a car like in a race? I think everyone just want the best or at least try to be better, if not believe me nobody will invent anything. We still be in stone age and no fire.

Still, there are some things are too difficult, like winning a grand prize for $10.000 cash or a car, a plane, a house, heehee..... a girl can dream right?! So as long as there are still grand prize to be won, be sure there I'll be, joining for one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aneong Haseyo

My eyes was never been opened so big as I recall on that faithful day, I joined a Sparkling Korea competition and won a trip for 2 to Seoul, transportation and accommodation,pocket money included. This is also a chance for me to thank them. So I extended the trip from 4 days 3 night to 7 days and 6 night.

The first day I'm arrived I stayed in a budget hotel (Rainbow) even thou it's not a hotel with stars on it, it got all the amenities I needed, water dispenser, heater, air conditioner, TV with all the channel from all over the world, broadband, hot water and access to the subway system.
This is the first food I ate there, a beef (hopefully or pork) like a kebab style, marinated by Korean sauce, it's yummy.

The next day I went to Sokcho, a mountain area. I took a 5 hour bus, the transportation is lovely and pleasurable, but I didn't know passenger can buy 2 way at once. So when I get back to Seoul after a night staying there I have to queue a good 2 hours at the local bus station.

This is the food I ate at Sokcho, the ajumma is so nice she gave me free soup and fruit.
It looks really good isn't it? Well it is.

This is the view from our hotel, it's Mt Seorak (Seorak-san), the weather is really cool and comfortable, I'm glad I stay in Ondol style room.

So my journey is continued back to Seoul with a bus. The bus always stop after 2,5 hour so passenger can go toilets and buy local snacks like daebokki or some fish cake.

Those are food I ate near the Bus Station.
But before I stepped my food on that bus I met some interesting people, a lady that backpacking from Europe, and a Korean lady that just visited her family, she so nice, she gave me a drink and hope I have a pleasant trip in Korea.

So I'm back to Seoul and enjoy the 4D/3N I got from Korea Sparkling program (you know what, Korea does sparkling in my eyes). The accommodation that I won is at President Hotel, right in the city central, next to Lotte Hotel. Here's a view from my room:

Staying in a hotel with a very good location have a lot of plus points for me, food, shopping and ENGLISH is everywhere.

The next day I went to a very famous theme park in Seoul, Everland. It was so big, like Disneyland again to me but minus Mickey and the gang. After taking the subway and then continue with bus I finally arrived there.
This is a view taken from the big wheel.

The park is so big and got a lot of attraction, zoo, gardens and rides. I couldn't finish it all in a day, someday I'll get back there again.

Going home from Everland to Seoul is a big problem for me, I completely forgot to ask the staff there, they are equipt with proper english not like the rest of the people. After taking a bus to no-where-land I decided to take a taxi back to my hotel.

The next day I went to places near by, this is the City Hall,

and Gyeongbokk Palace:

I also not forget to taste Korean proud grape, it is so fragrant, sweet at the first bite and the slightly sour juice will just burst on the next bite, so chewy and yummy.

This is ... yup the famous building before it got burnt...

You can buy a lot of traditional Hanbook or Korean proud product in Dongdaemun (well Namdaemun offer quite the same). I also found a lot of Korean street snack there, and too bad my tummy only eat a few of them and didn't have the time to try them all.

Korean like their food very fresh and enjoy raw seafood, so a lot of restaurant have an aquarium like this:

It's time for me to go home now, so sad, I kept saying to myself someday I'll come back here and enjoy more from Korea, Busan maybe...:)

I'll see you soon...

Bangkok jam

For me I can't find much of a difference between Bangkok and Jakarta, it's hot, humid and crowded. So I hunt only for the food and local product like Boots and buy cheaper stuff from The Body Shop, for us ladies it's like shopping haven. The foods, the clothes, the toilettries are cheap, really cheap that we really feel like a steal.

MBK: Great to shop local product like their art and craft too. Very hot and humid outdoor so drinks those coconut there.

Pratunam: Nearest and convenient hotel near by is the Princess Pratunam (Singaporean loves this place). I like since the building is full with air conditioner and each level sell different items (like ladies clothing, men attire, etc).

Siam Square: Shopping galore for those who have money more than statistic, branded goods and the place also more luxurious than other.

And lots of other, just ask the locals and hotel folks.

What I dislike about Bangkok is the grumpy taxi driver that can not speak english properly and keep yealling at tourists. But I also found 1 taxi driver that so nice, he take me back to the airport Suvarnabhumi with full smile, speed and even keep playing me movies inside his cab. God bless you for your kidness, sir.

The food: I love Thai food, they are sweet, sour, spicy and very tasty.

Must try: Green Curry (either with chicken or lamb), Pineapple fried rice, Tom Yum, Rice Noodle, and everything you can eat while you are there :)


Staying in one place make me bored, so after couple of months in Singapore, I decided to take a trip to Langkawi. An island own by the Malaysian government, its small too and famous for it's beaches. I went there by Malaysia Airline (MAS), I got a special discounted price and took a 3 days 2 night holiday.

Arrived at the airport and rent a car for an easy access to all the places in Langkawi, the fare is quite reasonable and convenient, when done using it just drop off the car back to the airport.

This is the view taken from my hotel at Bayview, an old hotel but brings pride to the locals since when I was there people from election party also stayed there. It gotta means something right.

There not much attraction in Langkawi, but the food is delicious, there's one place that always crowded with people and tourist, you have to wait an hour and a half for your food after you order but the meals is just unbeatable (or is it the hunger talking gibberish). I ate the best beansprout with plum sauce there,

The next day I took the cable car, it was really high and I can feel the temperature lowering from hot beach wind to cooler mountain climate.

For the beaches is as lovely as it can be, white sand, perfect wind for family with young children but since it is so quiet and not well equipped like life guard and changing or shower places, I decided not to swim.

My short vacation ended at the next day, maybe next time I'll better stay at the resort that filled with amenities and spa treatment, oh la la.

Singapore again and to stay...

Moving to Singapore is an easy task for us, as far as I know Singapore is known for its neat and squaeaky country that blissful with self-driven people that always wants better. We stay at the Albert Court for 2 weeks and enjoy the buzzling Bugis and all it's glory. The food, the street snacks, the shopping galore that fit for those young at heart and the cowded market, it's just perfect to describe Singapore.

Suggestion: eat that fried carrot cake at the hawker center right at Bugis Street. It's somehow addictive, no, don't compare it with western style fluffy carrot cake with the cream cheese, it's white and taste like kway tiao only chubbier and more juicy. The taste that uncle cook is salty, a bit sour and spicy, and he add those preserved pickled veggie and it's just very delicious and talking about it make me crave for more.

Anotehr food is a dessert ice stall at Sim Lim Square (just around the corner from Bugis St to Albert Court), it's suitable for hot days in Singapore. It's sweet and colorful.

Two weeks later I moved to Bukit Batok an area at the west of Singapore. I tasted a lot of local delicacy like fried kway tiao, fried oyster (ask more chilly), Hokkien fried noodle at Bt Batok shopping centre, Chicken Rice at Bt Batok Central near to the POSB center.

Singapore is a very small country and the people are easily bored here so they indulge themself in food, shopping, and technology. Staying in Singapore for one year already make me wonder what should I do next? Feels like been here and done that.

The museums in Singapore I found them more interactive and less boring than any other museums I've been in another part of the world, like the Science Center is definitely a-go-go. So whenever you have a chance to go to Singapore don't forget to check the street food (don't go to Mcxxx or Kxx or those restaurant that served food from your own coutry), try local taste bud, shop a lot and indulge in 'kiasu' environment. Okay?! Or may I say, okay lah?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I have a chance to visit Australia again...

I would definitely go to New South Wales for Sydney is known as a cosmopolitan city that still breeze with a carefree life. The places I really want to go is plentiful and the food is well-known for it's international selection, Anthony Bourdain once said in his show at Discovery Travel and Living that dining here would never be a problem (or something more than that).

First arrive in Sydney I would start my day by checking in all the baggage at the hotel, and if it's in the afternoon than it is perfect to start walking at the Darling Harbour, to enjoy a beautiful sunset, maybe dining at the Opera Bar and end the night after visiting the Opera House.

The next day I will go to Crown Street's Bird Cow Fish for it's well known breakfast and get back to find local markets that sell local products, for me eat and shop like locals is the best treasure I could find during my travel experience, I will try to find it along my way to the Sydney Harbour National Park. I bet it will take me one whole day to explore the area. Probably will have to stay at hotels in the area before get back to the city tomorrow.

The next day I'm planning to go to Sydney Aquarium and Bondi beach after that back to the city to enjoy some of Sydney's famous nightlife.

Forth day gotta be shopping day for me, I want to buy:
  • Gaia, a famous brand for babies that deliver natural goodness.
  • Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, this stuff really works like wonder, bug or insect bite, acne, or minor cuts are a small problem now. Australian Tea Tree oil is really well known for its quality. And it's remind me of...
  • Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo.
  • and try to find precious gems like pearls from the South Sea or maybe pink diamonds...hmm...
  • Aboriginal art and collectibles.
  • Lots of other Australian made product that I can grab on... (probably need more suitcase).
At night I will eat at Victorian Street and enjoy what Sydney have to offer at night time for a street food lover like me.
Fifth day I would start wondering around to find Australian Museums and after that I really love to spent some time at the Spencers Creek if the time persist I would like to stay there for a couple days and just enjoy the nature before going back home.

I know that my whole journey seems so ambitious but I like to keep in mind that before traveling, try to plan everything and for the outcome and realization it is up to the situation later on, but at least I already do my homework so my trip will be fruitful. Generally I like to try every side of Australia from the point of view of New South Wales.

Singapore the sequel

This time I went to Singapore with my friend only for a 3 days journey since the school holiday is only 1 week. We saw there's an ad in the newspaper going for a very cheap tour. After negotiating with each parents and off we go. We went to see Chinese Garden and watch a show (now closed already), visit the Merlion, take pictures in Raffles, Sentosa and having a free and easy night at the Orchard. The only thing that impress me is I love free and easy package, I can go places I want to go, like streets vendor and not having a must to see temples and historical places.

The best thing about Singapore is...........SHOPPING :)

New Zealand

A year later my dad sent me again on a study tour to New Zealand for a month. I like in local's home like a home stay program. At that time I didn't knew how cold it is during winter at Auckland so I didn't really prepared my self for something more. Auckland itself is nothing much difference that another town in a well establish country, the shops also can be found anywhere else in the world but the local products are the ones I've been looking for.... shopping list:

  • Lanolin, a product made from sheep, for moisturizing our skin.
  • Sheep's wool, made into carpet, cardigan, sweater, and many more.
  • Lavender product, I bought a teddy bear shape filled with beads than have been scented by lavender oil, the scent can last about more than 6 months.
  • Manuka Honey, I love those small jars of assorted honey. For me if I ever get a chance to go there again, it's a must buy item.
Item to carry on my next visit during winter is a winter jacket to conquer the cold Mt Rotorua, I never felt cold as I ever felt before and after I visited Mt Rotorua, when it was so cold that now I refuse to travel during winter again. I can't feel my hands and feet.

The most beautiful thing I saw there is a bald eagle flying freely when I stay at one of the locals home's near Mt Rotorua. It was a very touchy moment. The nature in New Zealand is unbeatable for their natural resources. I saw the purest clearest light blue water there and thought that water in heaven must be like that. Unbelievable. I also join a tour to see penguins, whale, kiwi, wombat, kangaroo, koala bears, live outdoor so free and alive. They live so harmonius with the people there, how come in other part of the world war are going on between human and human.

Perth, WA

After a series of going with a tour with my family, my father decided it's time for me to have an adventure all on my own. With a few phonecalls we make arrangements so my friend's grandpa can pick me up at the airport. I was 16 at that time and people have been telling me it is difficult to bring food to Australia and my friend's grandpa really want his fishcake, when I refuse to bring it, he pick me at the airport in grumpy sorry..:( if you happen to read this, I was young and naif at that time...

Anyway I stayed at My friend's house in Ballajura for about 2 weeks. Meet a lot of cute Korean and Japanese boys that made me begged my dad that I want to go to school there and stay for good.

In the term of present people say I'm going free and easy then. So while my friend go to school everyday I'm wondering around with the company of a stranger who happen to stay at that house too and we become friends in circumstances. Circumstances that forces us to be together because our friends are busy with their own things. So we go to places and see black swan, King's Park, Perth's Mint and Fremantle to eat some very good fresh seafood.

What I like about Perth is that it's a city that not too crowded and have a timing of it's own to be bloomed. And I also like their Condom Kingdom, I found it entertaining.

Since there's many Japanese people live there, I found Japanese Ramen House, it's not fancy, the owner is the chef aka waiter aka cleaner. But the ramen is really good and original. And his Japanese.

Singapore and Malaysia

Seeing the Singapore for the first time making me so happy for it's cleanliness and it's a FINE country. No littering, No smoking, No jaywalking (now, almost No-body care). What I remember about my first visit to Singapore is everyone is seems so friendly back on those days, I still remember a lady offer me a vitamin C after seeing my lips are chapping and if I often sneeze in the morning that means I need vitamin C so I bought it from her since she look so well in her product knowledge and her English (now where are they?).

I don't recall any special dish on my trip to Singapore back then beside eating crocodile meat (yup, they have a lot here, you can found it at almost every supermarket), the meat are soft like Aloe Vera, so different than their skin. They say it's good for people having a skin problem, like itching and rashes.

Then we went to Malaysia, their cuisine for me is more tasty than Singapore's. But I like their friendliness and everything seems so relax back then. Kuala Lumpur I've know have changed.

We visited a very big Hindu temple and eat a very nice and sweet bird's nest dessert. Bird's Nest is a well-known dish that benefit for one's health, and you can be very rich if you have those kind of birds dwelling in your home.

Must try dish: Nasi Lemak.

Now Beijing

The next year we went to Beijing, again to enjoy a very cold winter that soon some of us regret. Back then Beijing is really different from the Beijing I know now, there's not much building and cars, people use bicycle everywhere and they seem to enjoy it. It still look like a calm country, where the people are not rushing each other and smile are seen in every corner.

We transit for about 1-2 hours at Senzhen, I bought a very nice squid there, still can not forget the chewy sweet and salty taste.

Resume to our journey to Beijing and the cold weather with hard strong wind blows our face. The lake are frozen so many people skate there and many people sells roasted sweet potatoes and it was a big hit since it was warm and sweet (yes I have a sweet tooth and can not resist food that I haven't tried before).

We stay for 11 days and the whole journey filled with China national's treasure like The Great Wall (hard work just to get to a station), Ming's Tomb, Tian An Men, Summer's Palace, and Peking's Duck. Yup, it is one of their national treasure and I don't like it, why? I don't like the aftertaste of a duck, it's just not my favorite.

Tips and Tricks: When joined a tour and still have time like waiting for group gathering or plane or already reach hotel but not late enough, go ahead and take a walk (ask the hotel for local street snack or market), even if you don't know their local language, just remember to keep your track so you can get back to your place. Joining a tour sometime restrict you from knowing local rare delicacy like chilly sauteed peanuts.. hmmm...

My first traveling experience

I was underage at that time, getting a visa to USA is not a problem at all (yes I've been rejected once when I was not underage anymore but could not understand what sponsor means, I'm still at school and my daddy is my sponsor as far as I'm concerned). Anyway, the whole gang ( my family and me) take a tour to the west coast , so we visited:
  • Hawaii, may I say, it's the most beautiful island I ever land on, even until now. The rainbows, the weather, the blue sky (oh no, not just that pale blue sky, it's deep gorgeous blue sky), the hang loose people, I promised myself someday I'll go there again and eat those spam again. And the banana cakes too, I swear it's really yummy and spongy.
  • Los Angeles baby, no trip will be completed without China town and a round bus tour in Beverly Hills neighborhood. Then we visited the national park, that time is winter and my first time seeing snow, yes like any other "Snow Virgin", we ended up throwing each other with snow balls and completly ignore the tour leader.
  • Tijuana, Mexico. Just at the border and around enough to buy some Ponchos for me and my mom.
  • Disneyland, Anaheim. It's beyond my wildest imagination (when I was a kid, and now a kid at heart). It was fully crowded and the toon town is like a dream come true, and don't ever forget to see the fireworks at night, the first time I see the night can be so bright as day is that time only.
  • Solvang, a small town that have a charm like Holland with their windmills, I like their sweets, I don't think I would ever get back to that place again, not that I don't want to but I can't remember exactly where it is.
  • San Fransisco. During New Year's Eve we spent it on the harbor town of San Fransisco, it was cool and the tour leader warned us so many times, be careful there's many gangster there, just watch out and avoid empty alleys.
Like many other places that I go I keep reminding myself always eat like the locals, so eat those hotdogs at the streets and buy food from local supermarkets and I do feel like local.


First I would like to point out why I started this blog, it's because a certain person with the initial DCP have successfully persuade me to make one. Since traveling and eating is my all time favorite so I decided to make a blog dedicated to all the things can be done while we live here on earth, not the things that you must do like working and stuff that we don't actually adore but stuff that you actually CAN do to make happiness come true, yes..yes I know some people really do love their work but come on 20% from the whole population doesn't make a quota. So here we go...