Monday, March 23, 2009

about doctors...

They are indeed humans, so sometimes we meet a good one sometimes we don't, thank God so far we meet good ones. Like there's a dentist that has been very kind for us, he is very talented, well-known and dedicated to his work but never charged us with overpriced invoice, he even gave us very cheap price with a very top-notch result that usually cost 3 or 4 times more. His clinic is at Camden's Medical Clinic at 13th floor, he own and run Kidsdentist. Yes, I'm talking about my child's dentist. To whom I know I'm very grateful for what he has done to my child.

There are plenty good and dedicated doctors in Singapore that still charged you with reasonable price, the key is to ask around you and hear their review, sometime it might be subjective but it can give you at least a little bit insight. Just remember to look for a doctor that always can answer your question, patience, caring, firm when they needed to, and believe it or not sometimes they don't always stay in a fancy or expensive suites. The key is they have good recommendation.

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