Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perth, WA

After a series of going with a tour with my family, my father decided it's time for me to have an adventure all on my own. With a few phonecalls we make arrangements so my friend's grandpa can pick me up at the airport. I was 16 at that time and people have been telling me it is difficult to bring food to Australia and my friend's grandpa really want his fishcake, when I refuse to bring it, he pick me at the airport in grumpy mood...so sorry..:( if you happen to read this, I was young and naif at that time...

Anyway I stayed at My friend's house in Ballajura for about 2 weeks. Meet a lot of cute Korean and Japanese boys that made me begged my dad that I want to go to school there and stay for good.

In the term of present people say I'm going free and easy then. So while my friend go to school everyday I'm wondering around with the company of a stranger who happen to stay at that house too and we become friends in circumstances. Circumstances that forces us to be together because our friends are busy with their own things. So we go to places and see black swan, King's Park, Perth's Mint and Fremantle to eat some very good fresh seafood.

What I like about Perth is that it's a city that not too crowded and have a timing of it's own to be bloomed. And I also like their Condom Kingdom, I found it entertaining.

Since there's many Japanese people live there, I found Japanese Ramen House, it's not fancy, the owner is the chef aka waiter aka cleaner. But the ramen is really good and original. And his Japanese.

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