Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singapore again and to stay...

Moving to Singapore is an easy task for us, as far as I know Singapore is known for its neat and squaeaky country that blissful with self-driven people that always wants better. We stay at the Albert Court for 2 weeks and enjoy the buzzling Bugis and all it's glory. The food, the street snacks, the shopping galore that fit for those young at heart and the cowded market, it's just perfect to describe Singapore.

Suggestion: eat that fried carrot cake at the hawker center right at Bugis Street. It's somehow addictive, no, don't compare it with western style fluffy carrot cake with the cream cheese, it's white and taste like kway tiao only chubbier and more juicy. The taste that uncle cook is salty, a bit sour and spicy, and he add those preserved pickled veggie and it's just very delicious and talking about it make me crave for more.

Anotehr food is a dessert ice stall at Sim Lim Square (just around the corner from Bugis St to Albert Court), it's suitable for hot days in Singapore. It's sweet and colorful.

Two weeks later I moved to Bukit Batok an area at the west of Singapore. I tasted a lot of local delicacy like fried kway tiao, fried oyster (ask more chilly), Hokkien fried noodle at Bt Batok shopping centre, Chicken Rice at Bt Batok Central near to the POSB center.

Singapore is a very small country and the people are easily bored here so they indulge themself in food, shopping, and technology. Staying in Singapore for one year already make me wonder what should I do next? Feels like been here and done that.

The museums in Singapore I found them more interactive and less boring than any other museums I've been in another part of the world, like the Science Center is definitely a-go-go. So whenever you have a chance to go to Singapore don't forget to check the street food (don't go to Mcxxx or Kxx or those restaurant that served food from your own coutry), try local taste bud, shop a lot and indulge in 'kiasu' environment. Okay?! Or may I say, okay lah?!

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