Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mask of Love

Kose is a brand that is well known for more than 50 years ago since it was founded. The company embraced beauty and help women all around the world to accomplished a more smooth and alluring skin that enhance the 'proudness' of being a woman.

Not so long ago a mask was born to help anyone who used it achieve a whiter and better complexion. You can read more about the details here:

But what's more I want to share my experience using it. It's the most easiest steps I ever took for a lovelier epidermis. All I have to do is clean my face, and put it on all over the needed area, wait for a good 30 minutes while reading beauty magazines and gently remove the mask. All the comedos and other indescribable gunk are out from my pores, leaving my face glow with happiness and purity. One time using it my skin glow and look really good, I wonder what will happen if I continually use it for months..hmm... modelling perhaps?!

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