Monday, March 16, 2009


I just got back from collecting prices at some areas in Singapore, for me it is so far away and since I have no car, I have to travel by MRT and bus. Carrying 2 bottles of Frooots can be exhausting, especially when its is raining, carrying a shoulder bag, umbrella, and those bottles. But I can't complain since I got them for free, including 2 movie tickets and a voucher to stay at a hotel for 1 night.

For me being jobless doesn't meant everyday just stay at home and doing nothing, everyday I either collect vouchers, get freebies or collect prizes from contest. It's more like a full time job for me.

Tomorrow I'll collect some samples from expensive brand of beauty products and then some vouchers from a department store. Monthly I can fork up about 600$, not in cash but in stuff or vouchers. I never sell stuff that I won, I usually give it to people surround me if I don't need it. Like a kilo of sticky rice to my mother in law, or slimming products to my baby sister.

If you read this and start goo goo gaa gaa about it and still don't think about joining contest its simply because it's just not your stuff. I get it totally, my closest friends always glow with envy every time I told her I won something yet doesn't have a single urge to join one. She kept saying it's not her thing.

Since when 'it' become 'my thing', I also don't know, it just happen. Maybe from when I was in primary and won a drawing competition or maybe younger than that during annual independence day I won eating banana contest... hmm..

People sometimes say, it's my luck to won stuff or because I have a competitive side, but really? I joined like 50 contests monthly and I won like 5 or 6 of it, is it luck or the game of chance? Like you roll a dice for 10 times neither of it you hit 6? And about being competitive is a habit that I think anyone have, like when you run to the MRT and push people surround you so you can get a seat (NOT ME, REALLY!) or drive a car like in a race? I think everyone just want the best or at least try to be better, if not believe me nobody will invent anything. We still be in stone age and no fire.

Still, there are some things are too difficult, like winning a grand prize for $10.000 cash or a car, a plane, a house, heehee..... a girl can dream right?! So as long as there are still grand prize to be won, be sure there I'll be, joining for one.

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