Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About traveling with kids, small ones..

Many people try to avoid it, they put their children on their friends or relatives homes so they can have a holiday on their own, why? beats me, I have no problem at all traveling with small children so far.

Yes, there are some incident like getting sick, cranky, picky eaters, or stuff that happens along the way, for me the key is planning. If you know you bring the kids along well why don't you just planned it along the way, way before your trip. There's plenty of kids friendly destination and privilege you can have if you bring kids on the trip. Believe it or not the stewardess become more friendly, custom give you priority between the queue, hotels offer you certain floor that better, cleaner and newer if you said your kids allergic to dust (even an upgrade).

Kids make the holiday more fun and exciting, they describe the stuff they see from their point of view, even places we've been before if we bring kids along they make more fun and funny too. Museums sound less boring every time kids are there. Like when kids try to play hide and seek at the museum of science and end up in a space shuttle. Imagine your child want to run away to the moon or suddenly they brought home some strange object that you found out later it was a 10.000 years old fossil. What an adventure!

Bring kids along also make you take your trips slower and by that you can enjoy more of the scenery and environment you're in (you know with their small feet they can't walk as fast as you and get tired easily, well about get tired easily is depend where they are.. okay this could take long but you understand, right?!). With kids getting attach or start conversations with the locals also become easier. Like common parents problem can be a starter...

So for all of you parents out there, please don't ditch your cute little ones if you can bring them along (skip business trip, it's not holiday). You can enjoy more with them.

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