Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Zealand

A year later my dad sent me again on a study tour to New Zealand for a month. I like in local's home like a home stay program. At that time I didn't knew how cold it is during winter at Auckland so I didn't really prepared my self for something more. Auckland itself is nothing much difference that another town in a well establish country, the shops also can be found anywhere else in the world but the local products are the ones I've been looking for.... shopping list:

  • Lanolin, a product made from sheep, for moisturizing our skin.
  • Sheep's wool, made into carpet, cardigan, sweater, and many more.
  • Lavender product, I bought a teddy bear shape filled with beads than have been scented by lavender oil, the scent can last about more than 6 months.
  • Manuka Honey, I love those small jars of assorted honey. For me if I ever get a chance to go there again, it's a must buy item.
Item to carry on my next visit during winter is a winter jacket to conquer the cold Mt Rotorua, I never felt cold as I ever felt before and after I visited Mt Rotorua, when it was so cold that now I refuse to travel during winter again. I can't feel my hands and feet.

The most beautiful thing I saw there is a bald eagle flying freely when I stay at one of the locals home's near Mt Rotorua. It was a very touchy moment. The nature in New Zealand is unbeatable for their natural resources. I saw the purest clearest light blue water there and thought that water in heaven must be like that. Unbelievable. I also join a tour to see penguins, whale, kiwi, wombat, kangaroo, koala bears, live outdoor so free and alive. They live so harmonius with the people there, how come in other part of the world war are going on between human and human.

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