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Win 100 Package from Original Source According to Your Personality,Mine is Cranberry and Honey & Mind and Honey Scrubs

Hello everyone!!!

I have great news for you! Remember those awesome products I've shared before? The one that contain natural ingredients, smells really good and kind to our skin, yes! It's Original Source. They are having an awesome giveaway called Intense Quiz on their Facebook page:

Like their page and take the quiz to found out which variant suits you best, it was really fun for me since, ANY variant is my favorite ^__^

When I need a boost I use the one with mint, when I'm feeling mellow I'll use the British Strawberry, Lime for a zesty day, and so on. They also comes with scrubs which I just tried today, thanks to Original Source Indonesia!!!


These babies safely arrive at my home, two lovely products, both are scrubs in two variant.

The Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub and Mint & Walnut Super Scrub. I'm super happy.


The lovely packaging is surely a winner, hey it's not always the pricey gifts that melts my heart, the ones that made with care and comes from a sincerity also do the trick. My favorite product doesn't always come in hefty price tag ^__^ #truestory. The one that smells good always become my favorite product.


Awww!!! Thank you.

What are you waiting for, join in their quiz now, it is super easy and free too.


Without further ado, here's my review on both products. First of all, is the biased for all Original Source, I already love them. What can I say, I'm a big sucker in terms of Original Source and in Indonesia, their prices are so affordable, they seriously enhance my showering experience from lazy to actively seeking for a shower time. It doesn't come in a better time than this, a pregnant lady often feels the heat as their body temperature rises, we do sweat a lot and showering 3 times a day can be a dull routine ..... not anymore ladies and gentlemen!! Again, thanks to Original Source.


I want to start sharing this post's review with Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub, first of all, it smells so sweet and endearing. The skin loves the mild and natural scrub particle that looks like from fruits, is it from strawberry? (This is actually a real question). So it was so mild, hence I understand why it is suitable for daily usage and the lathering effect is wonderful too. When about to be used, the oh-so-thick-creamy texture getting out from the packaging like squeezing a pink condensed milk from a tube, heehee, this alone has been a fun experience for me. Then, when lathered on, it feels so sticky (and still fun), bubbles up easily all over the body, making them clean, soft, gently scrubbed, and best of all, smells fruity and yummy!!! Seriously, I almost lick it, it was close (too close).


Then the Mint & Walnut Super Scrub, oohh!! I think the word super comes from the minty feeling that like taking a shower with liquid mentos (really). Details from Original Source UK:

Some days showering is just not enough, so we have teamed up our legendary 7,927 real mint leaves with the exfoliating properties of the walnut and created you one intense natural experience. Use a couple of times a week to get some seriously tingling soft bits.

So, unlike the Cranberry & Honey, the Mint & Walnut is to be used 2-3 times a week and not on daily basis, there are more particles and exfoliating properties as well, and the mint is just refreshing and feels so cold. My advice, use it during the day, not on a cold rainy days.


Curious to see what's inside? Here they are, aren't they so damn lovable?! Gooey, jelly-like and if only you can smell them, it's like mint ice cream for the Mint & Walnut and creamy sweet cranberry milkshake for the Cranberry & Honey. It is definitely a mood booster just by smelling them. Imagine taking a shower with them heehee, can't get enough for sure.


Thank you so much Original Source Indonesia!!!!

Stay tune for more reviews ya.

Psstttt, I keep rambling about the texture, sensation and scent, but forgot to mentioned how it felt on the skin, Original Source products doesn't make the skin suffer with dryness, the gentle (yet awesome) formula is skin friendly and wont strip off the skin's moisture like most soap do. 

Sebamed Balsam Deodorant Sensitive

Hi lovelies,

another product by Sebamed is here. This time it's Sebamed Balsam Deodorant in Sensitive.


Details from
The Trisoft system of biological ingredients
deodorizes and cares for the skin, inhibites
the formation of unpleasantly smelling
substances by skin bacteria
  • Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle
  • With the pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin
Product features:
  • Without alcohol
  • Aluminium salt free
  • Stops odour causing bacteria
  • Prevents body odour
  • Does not impede the physiological functions of the sweat glands
  • High skin tolerance
  • pH value of 5.5 supports the natural ecological system of the skin for natural deodorizing protection

Packaging size: 50ml


Best to be used on a cleaned skin, applied when needed and wait until dry before putting on clothes. The white and slightly creamy formula is made for sensitive skin, no alcohol nor aluminum salt, and the main focus of the product is to stop the bacteria causing odor without disturbing the physiological function of the sweat glands. The pH 5.5 is suitable for a healthy skin.

Now, is it effective for body odor? I must say, so far so good, they last until my next shower, which is around 10-11 hours. Like every usage of deodorant, it does depends on ones activity, hormones and physical reaction, but for me, I like how gentle yet effective the formula are. No excessive dryness, in fact, no dryness, no itchiness, no redness nor allergic reaction from using the product. Sometime when using other product that inhibit perspiration the armpit skin become irritated and itchy after usage or long term usage, but with Sebamed Balsam Deodorant for Sensitive, it's all good. The scent also mild and this powdery balsamic scent, which I think is unique and pleasant.

I would recommend this product for teenagers, I know there's a lot of brands out there on the market but some contain high irritants and may cause problems when used in a long term period. Try finding brand that have good reputation and caring for the skin like Sebamed.

Thank you Sebamed Indonesia.

See you on my next post.

RevitaLash Advanced Indonesia

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I was invited by Revitalash Advanced Indonesia for their pampering day in the BlossomNail. The theme of the day is RevitaLash, a brand that carries products that help to grow lashes, hair and even beard. But how come the event held in a BlossomNail,? A place to do the nails and all the guests are pampered with a relaxing pedicure.

The reason is non other than the sole distributor of RevitaLash Advanced Indonesia also own BlossomNail and she wants us to be relaxed and comfortable during the presentation.


The presentation itself is about sharing the background of RevitaLash, an ophthalmologist that care so much for his wife. She is a survivor of cancer, she did lost her lashes too due to chemotherapy. He made a product through series of research with a team of chemical cosmetic experts. This is their story:


And Ms. Sandra Natalia brought the brand and products to Indonesia through her own successful personal experience with RevitaLash.


Beside the RevitaLash Advance, the brand also carries many other items such as: RevitaBrow Advanced, Hair Advanced by RevitaLash, Fineline Primer, Volumizing Mascara, and Volumizing Primer.


All of the products mentioned above are available at BlossomNail at Intercontinental Hotel.


I'm really enjoying myself with the pedicure ^__^ the atmosphere is relaxing and comforting, so does the treatment. If you happen to be in the neighborhood you should try to have a manicure or pedicure here.

Beside BlossomNail, there are other places to find RevitaLash Advanced, please do call (021) 573 5625 for further information, one thing for sure, the prices are fixed and written on the packaging, so customers from anywhere can be assured of the same price everywhere.


Seeing the testimonials presented I must say, this product seems to be on top of the league with their 3 weeks result of once a day application. Most products that help develop lashes growth usually needs 4 weeks and twice a day application. The team from RevitaLash Advanced assured us that once a day application is enough, just used it on a clean area and wait until penetrated before using other product such as mascara.


However they don't recommend the product to be used on pregnant women, they said it is not dangerous because some pregnant women are using the product, but they just want to play safe.

You may search the videos from Youtube for a live testimonials and how to use the products.


Thank you so much RevitaLash Advanced Indonesia for having me, I'll ask my mom to be my model this time.

These three products will be used wisely ^__^ and see you soon on my next post (3 more weeks to go!!)



Sebamed Everyday Shampoo

Hello everybody,

how are you today? Hopefully everyone is doing fine ^__^ After yesterday rambling about beauty blogger's life, it's time for me to do a review again heehee, I love reviewing, trying 'new' products and figuring out what it is best for according to it's usage.

The thing is, if you're passionate enough with what you do, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen and perhaps that's what people behind Sebamed did. They have done researches to fulfilled what the word quality means for them.

Another product is brought here for you thanks to Sebamed Indonesia, and it's for the hair, an Everyday Shampoo with soap and alkali-free, suitable for daily cleansing that still provide moisture and adds volume, perfect for me, I always wash the hair daily since I dislike the oiliness on the scalp and limp hair.


Details from
Extra mild cleansing due to surfactant for
daily hair care and protection for scalp
  • Supports and protects the acid mantle of the scalp for healthy hair
  • For stabilization of the hair structure with the pH value of 5.5
Product features:
  • 100% soap and alkali-free
  • Formulated with vegetal based active cleansing agents for gentle daily hair care
  • The new generation glycoside surfactant blend safeguards hair and scalp against dryness
  • Keeps hair structure intact for healthy shiny hair
  • Moisture retaining properties penetrate the structure of the hair shaft, adding volume and a silky lustre
  • Pleasant delicate fragrance

As usual the packaging and bottle is simple with Sebamed logo and details written everywhere. This product suits those who needs to wash their hair on daily basis. Some people says it is good to wash the hair daily, while some don't. I guess it's a matter of preference and needs. If you like to use your hair daily, an everyday shampoo is necessary, but for those who doesn't need it, should find other shampoo accordingly.

For those who needs to wash their hair daily should find daily shampoo that cleans well yet still gentle enough for their scalp and hair, as there are shampoo out there that can be too harsh, creating problems on the hair and scalp. From irritated or sensitized scalp to dry hair.

Remember, not all shampoo suitable for daily usage/frequent use.


The soap free formula from Sebamed Everyday Shampoo aims to protect both hair and scalp, I'm enjoying the mild formula and lovely scent too. Somehow it reminds me of a smell from a hair colorant product.


The shampoo should be used on wet hair and after lathering on the palm, the shampoo does produce enough lather but depends on your hair length and condition, for me I need around 1/3 of the palm for two washes.

The clear lathering gel cleans the hair with a tight clean feeling but soft to the touch when dry. I use a conditioner or hair treatment after the shampoo but the scent of the shampoo is stronger than my treatment, so after the shower is finished for around 2 hours my hair still smells like Everyday Shampoo from Sebamed.


Since the product still contains sls, for those with colored hair would find their hair colorant fade faster than when using a non-sls shampoo.



a soft clean feeling hair with airy effect.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This is How You Should Treat Beauty Bloggers

Dear companies and agencies,

After a series of unfortunate events, a post must be made to help enlighten those in the dark. Years of being a beauty bloggers in Singapore and Indonesia, 100% of the incident happens in Indonesia. What kind of incidents? Start from an agency that ask me to do copy-writing for them then suddenly mia (missing in action) after forcing me to an impromptu meeting to their 2,5 hours away office, rushing me with deadlines (always under 24 hours) and many more. All went away without any news moreover a payment.

Companies asking me to make posts, reviews, endorsing their products for payments ended up keep stalling on the agreed payment or like what happen above, when mia.

Agencies that kept asking for 'favors' to help their database with beauty bloggers I knew, which basically asking me to do their job without payment. Their request is always without shame, it's not just the link, but the request can go until page view, followers, hits, and other private data regarding the beauty bloggers which they are either too lazy to do research or paid without the need to work.

Don't get me wrong, I do heard complains about beauty bloggers from companies as well, I must admit, there are a few (small numbers) of beauty bloggers that loves products yet never review them or went mia, but hey, in my defense, choose the bloggers wisely, read their blog for goodness sake! If you see constant update, recent posts, and well, clearly good reputation everywhere, then collaborate with her (or him). If you don't see those signs, then don't!

Do your research well.


Me personally, I love reviewing products, going to an event and share about it all over my sns (social networking services, yessssss, many pr's or marketing officers in companies or agency doesn't even know what sns is). I do my job well and frankly some of the companies I've collaborate all these times and has been years appreciates what I'm doing and I'm appreciating them as well.

If there's an invitation I can't come, I'll reply the email letting them know, I hope companies and agencies do the same when I need their response, it's like a basic manner don't you think?!

Talking about basic manners, some of the people work in companies or agencies seems to be lacking of start from the email:

"Hey beauty bloggers,

We want to invite you to..................."

We do have name you know. Would you like a post made for you, "this brand has this product lah, it was held in this place". How do you feel when it's the other way around? Again, it's about getting to know the bloggers you are going to collaborate, we are all human being, correct?!


Regarding reviewing products, when beauty bloggers do a review, they are doing their job and despite what the review turns out (positive or negative) there's should be a sense of appreciation that the bloggers already used the product and review about it. If the result is good, then the companies may uses the review as a marketing tools and beneficial for the company.

If the review is negative (let says the blogger doesn't like the product), it can be as a feedback to the company, perhaps a communication should be done to look for things that might went wrong in the process, in the end, it's still beneficial for the company to have a feedback, there is no way a product can be 100% fool proof.

Now for the endorsement or advertorial, let's start from the definition shall we?!

An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The term "advertorial" is a blend of the words "advertisement" and "editorial
Endorsement (alternatively spelt "indorsement"[1]) may refer to:
  • a testimonial, a written and/or spoken statement endorsing, promoting or advertising a product.

You may still google it up or look in a dictionary if you're not okay with wikipedia.
So, yes, clearly stated there's an 'advertising method', one support with products and/or payment, in return of something, in the terms of relationships with beauty bloggers, we do posts.

Posts that shares the products as followed by the sponsors. There are t&c's, obligations from both sides, and so on. Unfortunately, in most cases I see or experienced (in being a beauty blogger or handling beauty blogger management) it's not the beauty bloggers that doesn't do their responsibilities, it's the companies and/or agencies.

What should we do now as a beauty bloggers? Should we put a 50% down payment for all of our deals with the companies and agencies?


Now, another problem occurred.
Some irresponsible parties has start developing rumors about bloggers being a goody bag hunters, for me my respond would be.....seriously? How can a person have a problem in differentiate or distinguish between a goody bag hunter and a beauty blogger?! Again, do a quick background check. I believe we all connected to the internet right now, a quick google check should be a able to finish the job.

There are goody bag hunters and people who love to join quizzes or giveaways, some of them do blog, they do share their 'prizes' in the sns, but they are not beauty bloggers. Does beauty bloggers join giveaways? Sometime yes! I do love giveaways myself, joining one or holding one, but my main focus is still beauty blogging and my blog is mainly about reviewing, not about joining a giveaway, so again, read and you shall see. We are not so difficult to be understood or acknowledged.

As a beauty blogger before I received a product of accepting a collaboration, I do my homework by googling to your companies and agencies. I check and re-check everything I can before saying 'yes'. Is it because I have more time? Not really! I work 10-12 hours every day, I have a life, family, and other responsibilities like being an Event Organizer for beauty bloggers and running a management for beauty bloggers as well. I'm not a privileged person who has butlers and personal assistant, I do most of everything by myself, and I think, most of the beauty bloggers in Indonesia as well.

So please don't keep asking us for a meeting in your office when everything could be done online or when companies or agencies can simply get everything by reading our blog. Again it's all there, like an open portfolio. One company just contacted me asking where I live for a meeting, in the end they still wanted me to come to their location which is 2 hours away, for what?! Their excuse is no more then to 'check on me' for an endorsement that they don't want to pay. So to satisfied their unreasonable personal request to see me in person and putting me in difficult situation and demanding t&c's, I just have to decline, saying sorry, if they don't trust me, they shouldn't collaborate with me. Did they replied after that? Of course not. It feels like they are just playing around with beauty bloggers, whose the one stupid enough to do our demands for nothing.

Don't take us for granted and for agencies, we are NOT your commodities.

Am I talking to all companies and agencies? Nope, it's a very good thing that there are still a lot of good ones out there, the one that we do mutual respect and honor each others job.

I still collaborating with many brands and agencies so far, I'm very happy that a lot of them are still making efforts in making a relationship. Yes, beauty bloggers and companies should be like making relationship instead of 'business' only. It is best to know beauty bloggers personally and build a long term relationship, and beauty bloggers should do to, by doing so we know each other better and better and a trust can be establish, and it's all start by NOT being so demanding.

Even when it's 'business' only basic manners should still be there.


In the end is about treat others how you want to be treated, don't give us expired or almost expired products so you don't have to throw it to the trash bin yourself. Don't contact us in the last minute to come to an event without apologizing like we're some kind of unemployed idleness. Be aware of your own position, don't give us a serum to be reviewed within 7 days. It will ruin your own reputation as a representative of the brand.

Don't repeatedly emailed and contacted us through private messages and keep telling us to reply ASAP when you need 2 weeks to answer a simple question.
Don't call a blogger whose on their way to your event to hurry up when he/she clearly says they are stuck in traffic, be realistic.
Don't tests us by saying to do a trial review, read our blog for previous review.
Don't ask us to review dozens of products in a day, do you want real review or gibberish words?!
If you want a blogger to highlight ONLY the goodness of your products, please don't make us upset by being too controlling, people are happier and more positive when they are treated nicely and kindly. I'm not asking about kissing our ass behind, I'm talking about basic manners and realistic requests.
As most the beauty bloggers are girls, respect us when we do came to your event at night time and at areas that are far from our home, some of us still have to take public transportation.
Don't ask about our personal data and then when mia.
Don't ask for a full review when you gave us a 5 ml product in sachets.
Don't ask for a review when you only send me a press release via email, not even the real actual product.
Honor our agreement in the beginning of a collaboration, this goes for agencies too, even if your client suddenly changed the agreement, you should fight for us and stick to the signed agreement.

Last but not least, I know that you may hate your job or doing it because you don't have other choice but don't take it on us, we may love being a beauty blogger but we do have our personal life as well. There are things that aggravate us, you don't want us to take it on you nor your products right?!

Why am I saying this? So many times I heard excuses from agencies or representatives of a brand saying they are pushed by their tight schedule, their demanding bosses, etc, hence they are taking it on beauty bloggers, well, do you want us to do the same?


-This post is made for those companies and agencies that has failed to be more representative for themselves NOT for those awesome companies and agencies that has been doing a great job (and still collaborating with me ^___^ )-

Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion

Hello again lovelies,

heehee, yes.... post after post will be shared today since it's been a very busy week and another busy week will come as well. More posts are coming your way. Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion is ready for a review now. I've been using the product regularly now and immediately tossing away my old lotion the minute I received Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion since it is suitable for children as well and contain no paraben.


Details from
The organic-sourced active ingredient complex
effectively nourishes the skin; boosting
hydration by 26% within a 3-week period

  • Supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle
  • With the pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin
  • Patent pending
  • Boosts hydration by 26% in 3 weeks
  • Rapeseed phytosterols protect relieve itching, tension and burning sensation in the skin
  • Active ingredient phytosterol equivalent anti-inflammatory effect to cortisone, but without the side effects
  • Restores lipid balance
  • Moisturizing complex formulated to increase skin's moisture content
  • Shea butter makes the skin smooth and supple, natural UV filter
  • Natural polysaccharides balance the moisture deficit
  • Vitamin E neutralizes free-radicals, Improves elasticity
  • Clinically tested

Contain highly concentrated phytosterols the lotion able to calm sensitive dry skin that have an anti-inflammatory properties as well. This could be a solution for those suffering from atrophic eczema, diabetes, psoriasis or a a side effect of taking certain medication. Or perhaps in my case, just a dry skin alone that need to be hydrated in a safer and gentler yet effective method.


As usual the details are all there and Sebamed reputation has been known for decades as well. You may happily read all the necessary information provided on the packaging, the bottle, pamphlet and website too.


This is the lotion inside the bottle, white, light and the smell is soft and gentle. Almost smells like powdery, for those who concern about perfume in their skincare, I can say that this is very mild and so far feels so friendly on the skin, suitable for those with sensitivity.


As seen, when I touched the product, the lotion that attached to my skin is light and almost clear, in a minute there I thought whether it would be able to hydrate the skin due to the lightness, I guess, I just have to use it to found out.


When applied on a clean skin (I'm always applying lotion after shower), at first the lotion becomes clear, as I massage it in, they become whitish, like shown on the image below.


After kept on massaging in circular motion for 1 minute or less, the lotion sinks in, leaving no trace, the skin feels soft and smooth away from dryness at the same time. This is great!! Usually lotions will somewhat have this leftover felt on the skin, when we are sweating the slipperiness is there and noticeable, and then when there's a bit of water (or sweat) there's mixture of whitish thingy, but with Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion, no residue whatsoever, and when sweating, there's no slipperiness, or whitish residue on the skin. Just soft, hydrated, velvety and healthy skin.

I feel really comfortable using the lotion. The skin stays happy (happy means: not dry, doesn't have that stripey white streaks when scratched, looks moist but not greasy nor oily, plumped and has this clean feeling) for hours and hours. I think in my case, until the next shower came.


Who do I recommend this product for? Anyone! Young and old, men or women, normal to dry skin will enjoy the lotion comfortably. Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion may be used as a help in skin problems (like mentioned above) or as a daily care and prevention.


Thank you Sebamed Indonesia.

Be Extraordinary with L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil (1001 Cara Menggunakan Extraordinary Oil)

Halo semua,

wah tumben menggunakan bahasa Indonesia ^__^ hehe, karena post ini sebelumnya sudah pernah dibuat dengan bahasa Inggris, cek disini ya:

Dalam post tersebut, saya hanya menggambarkan review sekilas, dan di post ini saya akan membagi berbagai macam cara menggunakan Extraordinary Oil dari L'Oreal Paris. Jangan, lupa kalian juga bisa ikut membagi ide-ide dan cara lainnya dan mengikuti kompetisi yang diadakan oleh L'Oreal Paris, yuk mari dilihat:


Setelah 'belajar' mengenai produk Extraordinary Oil di post saya sebelumnya (link disebutkan diatas), saya jadi semakin mengerti kegunaan produk ini dan multifungsinya. Ide demi ide bermunculan setelah menggunakan Extraordinary oil selama sebulan. Semuanya sih berawal di hari yang agak-agak bete karena 'bad hair day', kaya gini nih.


Ujung rambut kering, kusut dan bentuk yang ga keru-keruan. Siapa juga yang bisa hepi kalau kondisi rambut begini. Mood jadi bete, lalu saya ingat, ada sebuah produk yang bisa bikin bete 'day' jadi extraordinary.


Challenge accepted!!! Daripada manyun, mending 'pampering day' dengan Extraordinary Oil, rambut nanti pasti jadi oke.

Oil ini dapat dipakai sebelum keramas. Saya menggunakan sekitar 4-5 pump untuk seluruh rambut dari dekat akar (tapi tidak sampai mengenai akar) sampai ke ujung-ujung rambut yg pecah dan kasar ini.


Kamu bisa menggunakannya sesuai dengan panjang rambut kamu, jumlah pump bisa lebih banyak atau sedikit.

Aroma Extraordinary Oil yang nyaman dan harum, sudah mampu membuatku lebih santai, mood yang tadinya down mulai luntur, perlahan-lahan, saya memijat rambut dan menyisirnya dengan sisir bergigi jarang (wide tooth comb) agar oil yang ada bisa tersebar dengan lebih baik ke bagian-bagian rambut yang membutuhkan.


Rambut langsung terasa lebih lembut dan bagian-bagian yang 'kosong' seperti terisi, kutikula yang kasar menjadi lebih halus, ujung-ujung yang pecah terasa lebih lembut dan seperti mulai menutup.

Setelah memijat, saya biarkan sekitar 30 menit agar Extraordinary dapat terserap lebih baik. Kadang saya menggunakan shower cap, agar kehangatan alami dari kepala membantu proses 'mild steaming' ke rambut dan oil dapat bekerja lebih baik berkat kehangatan ini.


Sambil menunggu saya menyiapkan masker yang biasa saya gunakan, kalian bisa menggunakan masker apapun, saya telah mencoba menggunakan Extraordinary Oil dengan berbagai merk dan type masker rambut.

Pump 3-4 kali Extraordinary Oil ke dalam masker. Aduk hingga rata. Lalu gunakan masker setelah rambut dikeramas. Jadi jangan langsung digunakan ya.


Dengan menambahkan Extraordinary Oil kedalam masker, kita memberi manfaat extra untuk rambut kita. Extract bunga-bunga dan minyak kelapa dalam Extraordinary Oil membuat rambut kita lebih kuat dan halus, serta harumnya yang lembut membuat kita nyaman.


Nah, setelah masker teraduk dengan rata, kita keramas dulu dengan shampoo yang sesuai dengan jenis kulit kepala kita, jika kulit kepala kita berminyak, gunakan shampoo untuk kondisi berminyak, jika normal, gunakan shampoo untuk rambut normal, jika kering, gunakan shampoo untuk rambut kering, dsb. Basahkan terlebih dahulu, kita bisa menggunakan air hangat, tapi jangan air panas ya, air hangat suam-suam kuku cukup kok untuk membersihkan kulit kepala kita tanpa membuatnya iritasi atau rambut menjadi kering.

Untuk hasil yang lebih bersih, penggunaan shampoo dapat diulang kembali, pada tahap ini, rambut sudah terasa lebih halus berkat Extraordinary Oil. Tapi, saya ingin terus membagi tips untuk rambut yang lebih indah lagi. Setelah keramas, gunakan handuk, tidak perlu sampai terlalu kering, aplikasikan masker tadi yang telah dicampur dengan Extraordinary Oil, karena ini masker, tidak perlu digunakan di kulit kepala ya, cukup di rambut saja, terutama bagian ujung-ujung rambut. Ratakan dengan pijatan lembut ke rambut atau gunakan sisir bergigi jarang.

Setelah itu, yuk kita menunggu lagi.


Sambil menunggu, kita bisa membaca majalah, menonton tv, atau aktivitas lainnya yang memberi efek relaks (jangan nonton film horror ya), atau kita bisa menggunakan masker wajah, jadi 2 in 1 deh efeknya setelah ini, rambut dan kulit yang sehat. Biasanya saya juga sambil melakukan lulur, biar efeknya seperti spa beneran, sirkulasi darah yang lancar karena pijatan lulur juga membantu menaikkan mood kita lho.

Lalu setelah sekitar 30 menit, bilas rambut kita dengan air bersih, boleh diawali dengan air hangat, namun pada bilasan terakhir ada baiknya menggunakan air dingin untuk menutup pori-pori kepala dan menurut beberapa hair expert, to seal in the moisture and nutrients received (untuk menjaga kelembaban dan nutrisi yang telah diterima rambut tetap melekat).


Keringkan rambut dengan cara ditepuk-tepuk, jika kalian suka membungkus rambut seperti gambar saya diatas, jangan 'mengikatnya' terlalu kencang, rambut yang basah biasanya lebih mudah patah. Dan jangan terlalu lama, cukup 5-10 menit saja lalu biarkan kering secara alami.

Nah, Extraordinary Oil dapat kembali digunakan hanya di bagian yang masih memerlukan, untuk saya sih jelas, ujung-ujungnya saya, jadi 1 pump untuk rambutku cukup. Untuk rambut lebih panjang, lebih banyak pump juga boleh.


Extraordinary Oil memiliki karakteristik ringan dan mudah menyerap ke rambut sehingga saat digunakan dengan tepat tidak akan terasa berminyak, malah rambut terlihat sehat dan berkilau tanpa terlihat berat. Sedikit Extraordinary Oil juga bisa membantu dalam proses styling lho.


Karena saya sedang ada event dan harus segera pergi, saya menggunakan hair dryer, pada tahap penyisiran rambut sudah tidak kusut lagi, halus dari pangkal sampai ujung, hehe, sudah terlihat senyuman bahagia kan disini?!


Extraordinary Oil tadi cepat sekali menyerap dan tidak meninggalkan efek lengket, sehingga rambut tetap bisa megar atau bahasa kerennya 'airy'.


Setelah selesai di blow dry, masih ada beberapa 'flyaways' atau rambut-rambut yang terlihat tidak rapi, saya kembali menggunakan Extraordinary Oil sebanyak 1 pump, untuk merapihkan ujung-ujung rambut. Teknik ini juga digunakan oleh beberapa stylist di salon-salon. Jadi daripada pakai produk yang merusak rambut dan membuatnya terlihat tidak alami, lebih baik menggunakan Extraordinary Oil untuk rambut yang lebih 'menurut', halus, lembut, dan berkilau.


Ta-daaa, jadi lebih rapih kan?! Tatanan seperti ini sangat sesuai dengan kebutuhan saya sehari-hari, jika ada event resmi yang harus saya datangi, biasanya saya akan menggunakan curler atau straighterner, alat pengeriting atau pelurus rambut ini biasanya amat sangat panas dan cepat merusak rambut, Extraordinary Oil dapat kembali digunakan untuk menjaga rambut tetap sehat.

Oh iya, jika kalian memiliki hair treatment water, tambahkan sedikit Exraordinary Oil kedalamnya, shake sampai partikel oil menjadi amat sangat kecil  setiap sebelum penggunaan, spray pas sebelum menggunakan alat-alat panas tadi, partikel yang diperkecil dengan spray tersebut membantu aplikasi menjadi lebih rata dibanding dengan tangan saja.


Dan satu lagi nih (banyak kan caranya?!) buat kamu-kamu yang hobi ke salon, dibawa aja Extraordinary Oil nya dan minta hair stylistnya untuk menggunakan Extraordinary Oil sebelum dan sesudah penataan, karena memang tidak semua salon menyediakan produk treatment yang baik padahal kita tau sendiri blow drier di salon memiliki power yang sangat tinggi dan sangat panas dibanding blow dryer rumahan, belum lagi alat-alat catoknya, jadi yuk, kita jaga rambut kita agar selalu terlihat Extraordinary dengan Exraordinary Oil dimanapun dan kapanpun.

Psst!!! Harga pasaran Extraordinary Oil adalah sekitar Rp.69.000, sangat kompetitif dan bisa disandingkan dengan Oil treatment lain yang lebih mahal.

Thank you L'Oreal Paris Indonesia for the wonderful and affordable product.