Thursday, February 13, 2014

Original Source in British Strawberry Shower and Lime

Hello everyone!!!

Yesterday, I found some treasure at Hypermart, a place where I usually do grocery shopping almost like in a robotic mode thinking it wont be much different than any other day. I was almost scream (in joy) looking at the babies of Original Source on the selves, second thought came.... is it pricey? NOPE. I used them everyday in Singapore and loving every moment of it, they cost like 10$ a bottle, here in Indonesia, they cost started from Rp. 17.500 a piece, like fraction and fraction of the price abroad, haha! I'm super duper happy to be here.


I got two on my hands as fast as I could, well, at least two of my favorite, thinking I have piles of body wash at home and don't want to get on my hubby's nerves when looking at those piles yet keep adding, but whoaaa, he actually requested I should get some more, he loves the mint and tea tree. Stay tune, I definitely have some more. I love using different body wash on every single mood and occasion, it's just a thing I do.

More details regarding the product, just in case you're clueless and so astonish of why am I so worked up about this brand.

You'll find their values, philosophy and why they are doing what they are doing.


Their products always come in this unique packaging and details, their main attraction is the REAL 'juices'. They literally smell and looks like a real fruits juices or jam.


Don't pout your mouth because it is so sour haha! Not that I've tasted it, but my skin does give it a taste, love the freshness and lemony freshness, no more being envy with the dishes for that lemon (I know it is lime but really smells and looks and feel like lemon, or like a lime cocktails, yum!) freshness :D Oh how many time should I say freshness, because it does super duper fresh and lifted up the mood in a zesty way. And for the skin lime actually help to cleanse in a natural way. Suitable to even the most stubborn person who got to lazy to take a shower. Once tried, careful, you might even got addicted to it.


I have another one that comes in totally different type, the British Strawberry, they look like blood, haha, my brother even joked about it, it's like a donated blood in the packaging. When poured on I really feel like I'm putting on some strawberry syrup on the skin, the first honest feeling is sticky, but once mixed with water, those sticky wonderful liquid will turn into lather and a fun shower begins. The strawberry scent is like jam, like a mixed of strawberry jam and milkshake, not all the way to milkshake hence it's not that 'sweet' but going there.

It's a scent that any gal should like, especially when they're in love.

Bottom line: two great products for a wonderful shower experience, each have their own characteristic according to the ingredients and effect on the skin is different as well, strawberry is more calming while the lime is exciting. Their texture also different but the lathering effect are both very good and pampering. The scent usually last in the shower only heehee, so it's more like a shower experience which  last during the shower and perhaps 20 minutes on the skin if you're lucky. But the refreshing, sublime and addictive effect will last a very long time on our other senses.

Conclusion: Must have and must try, at least choose one from their wide collection.


  1. Aiiiih ci :3 iya must have banget item ini :))
    Aku juga review ini di penghujung tahun. Sekarang lagi progress review hadiah natal dari cici nihh :))
    :D salam semangat ci :*

  2. wowww ada di hypermart? XD
    bsk mau berburu ah~ thanks for sharing ci ^^

  3. Karina,

    enjoy ya hadiahnya, ditunggu loh reviewnyah :D


    Semoga di Surabaya juga lengkap yaaaa denger-dengerrrr mereka mau keluarin variant baru lohhh hihihihi seneng banget, udah kaya koleksi dirumah.