Monday, February 3, 2014

Silkygirl CC Color Control 2-Way Foundation in 01 Light

Hello everybody,

February is officially here and we just passed the first month of 2014 and entering the second month, oh, how time flies.

I hope this (Chinese) new year bring new blessings to all of you, Gong Xi everyone ^^


In this new year, I'm trying new products too ^__^ heehee, I'm using it during the CNY celebrations with the big family, I need to look nice without being overwhelming, covering the imperfection but not like I'm going to an event where the more makeup the merrier, this is a 'family rated' event >.<

So a goody good look is always welcome.

I'm using CC Color Control 2 Way Foundie from Silkygirl in Light shade. Without the use of any makeup base, liquid or foamed foundie, the 2 way foundie is applied on a pre-cleansed, toned, serum and moisturized skin.

Here is the details of the product from


Since the product is made for South East Asian market, the shade given is limited for the usage of locals, from light to medium the colors fits those in the range, which I think works regionally.

The texture of the powder also nice, but not as smooth or silky as I imagined it will be. It does covers the skin with a matte finish below is my before after look:


What it does:

Help hide imperfections such as redness, uneven skin tone, large pores, fine lines, discoloration, and made the skin looks matte.

Tips: The build-able coverage can be done to increase the maximum coverage, from using makeup base, liquid/mousse foundie, and top it off with a loose powder after the compact.

When used alone the 2 way foundie last for max 3-4 hours on me without melting. If you want a longer lasting result, build the coverage like mention on the tips above.


A simple foundie for everyday use, suitable as a base for makeup and may be used alone or with others. May be used in dry or damp condition but better in dry since sometime when the skin is damp with moisturizer, the powder may not be able to distribute evenly, some 'paste' may formed.

Thank you Silkygirl Indonesia.

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