Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Laneige Extra Easy Eyeliner

Hello everyone!!

How are you today? I hope everyone is in tip top condition, me? I've been under the weather lately, a lot of phlegm and coughing (boo hoo), and my gynae doesn't even let me take any medicine, hence I'm really suffering. He only recommend natural ingredients such as honey and lemon....

Well, anyway, I've been attending events too lately (despite of being sick -naughty me-) and using makeup (of course) Now, for those whose been sick and using makeup must have known this, makeup and sickness doesn't really go well together, especially for makeup that doesn't stands sweat and humidity that usually occurs on the facial area during sickness. I'm sweating more as I'm sick and the temperature is slightly higher (not yet a fever nor feverish) but definitely produce more 'steam' from within.

Most makeup will melt easily, hence a great time to test a product that should be waterproof, or so they said. This is not a new product, and apparently on the international website is no longer available. You may find it on the Singapore website:


Laneige Extra Easy Eyeliner.

Sponge eyeliner that can be used easily even for beginners

This is the product I have at home, it does look simple and super easy to be used. Plain black in color, no fuss, no frills.


Only available in one shade and one tone alone, black. I''ve been testing and using the products for months now and finally ready for my conclusion (really took that long?!), yes usually when testing, I'm trying the product in many occasion and condition. With different base and makeup. The brush is one thing that definitely made the definition for an easy application or not. On the hand they work fine, but on the lids, the applicator is not as smooth as it looks, on the curve of the lids, it made it point that it is a sponge, like a pen marker, it can be quite rigid.


(the strokes define the thickness and wideness of the lines created)

And once you get pass the application process, they'll dry relatively fast, but within a few hours, unfortunately they'll cracked. Leaving trails of dots on the lids. Waterproof? Perhaps, but cracking here and there is also not good.

I don't think I'll use the product again in the future, I need one that stand with me until I removed them.

Tips, perhaps when using lightly, in a faint mark the liner wont crack.


  1. Thanks for the review. I guess Dolly Wink pen liner is still unbeatable until now X)
    also.. get well soon!

  2. Setujuhhhh :) Dolly Wink and Dasoda