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Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

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ladies in particular ^__^ or perhaps a very dotting husband. This particular item is one thing should not be missed during pregnancy, an anti stretch mark cream. I know there's a lot of brand, type, and range out there, but I think we all want one that definitely safe and convenient to be used. I'm also aware there are many researches that shows anti stretch mark products doesn't really work, but for me, they do work in their own way, some help reduce the itchiness, some reduce the appearances and some help making the skin more 'flexible' during those 'stretching time'.

On my first pregnancy (as this is my third one), from the first to second trimester, I didn't use anything as I thought I only need it when the stretches are obvious, and then I've tried baby oil and stretch mark lotion which seems to be a complete waste, since I should've use the products before the marks are made, or from at least the second trimester.

The itchiness is unbearable at times and did make the skin condition worsen as I scratches. And then during my second pregnancy, I think I've grown a bit wiser (should be), I'm using the a tummy butter from the second trimester, but the butter is overwhelming, it made the tummy area feels hotter since the butter feels thick and oily, somehow like it was blocking the skin's pore. The itchiness does reduced but the greasiness is become a hassle.

Now, as I come to my third pregnancy, I know what I'm looking for (oh well, it does says three times a charm), a comfortable product that help ease out the itchiness, feels good on the skin, easy to be used and doesn't leave a greasy effect. To make my skin 100% free from stretch mark seems impossible (due to the marks from the first pregnancy) but at least I can make this journey as pleasant as possible and as 'smooth' as it can be.

So when Sebamed gave me their Anti-Stretch mark Cream, I'm gladly accepted the product with open arms, one for the reputation, and second, since my gynae recommend me to use Sebamed. Those two reasons are strong enough for me.


Details from
Understanding these needs, Sebapharma Research & Development formulated sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream to offer your skin the support of effective skin care, which at the same time protects the health of the biological acid mantle of skin thanks to its pH of 5.5. The unique triple-soft formula helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. This helps to prevent new stretch marks from forming, furthermore it also works to treat existing stretch marks, by helping to restore the connective tissue.
Prevention and regeneration of the affected skin
This cream with natural ingredients will keep your skin looking its best and help prevent stretch marks from occurring. Even if you have stretch marks sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream will help to support their elimination. The pH value of 5.5 of sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream stabilizes the health of the skin’s natural acid mantle and its barrier function. Thanks to this unique Triple Soft Formula your skin elasticity is improved. Avocado oil and sheabutter together with other lipids provide effective skin care and protection of the upper skin layers. The exceptional combination of Centella asiatica (Tiger grass) extract and peptides supported by the liquid-crystalline lipid structure of Olivem 1000, an olive oil derived complex, which increases the efficacy of the other active ingredients, supports the connective tissue adapting to the changing body volume to prevent structural damage. Thus perfected, sebamed Anti-Strech Mark Cream works preventive against the development, as well as, the elimination of existing stretch marks on all the especially sensitive areas of the body like breasts, abdomen, hips, and upper thighs.

Stretch marks are very common and disliked skin problems all over the world. Women want their body to show as few signs of pregnancy as possible after birth. Actually between 75% and 90% of women develop stretch marks to some degree during pregnancy.


The details on the box is generally sufficient, yet, inside the packaging Sebamed still provide a pamphlet for us to read, impressive isn't it?!


So the product works in three ways, preventing, help healing and restoring connective tissues. I really like all the details given, so when I try it, I know what kind of result that I looked for. They generally summed up what we expect, what they provide, how can we use it and in what way. And for me, i can share with you the feeling of using it, the actual texture and how it interact with my skin.

Even thou the product mainly for moms-to-be (hence the image) but the product can be used for those in slimming program and other medical treatments as mentions on the box.


On the image above, it shown the thickness of the cream, white in color and let me describe the feeling of the cream: Soft, smooth and like a creamy icing sugar on top of a perfectly made cake. It's thick but silky on the skin yet doesn't leave any greasy remark. I use it as suggested, in circular motions and gently massage the cream until there's no leftover on the skin, it was wonderful and the calming scent also adding the experience as wonderful. The cream absorbed quite fast, so massaging in circular motions for 2-3 minutes is enough, suitable for those busy moms or moms to be.


To describe the calming scent, hmm, it is somewhat between powdery, light musk, and a hint of delicateness of a flower.

These three images below will show how thick yet light the cream is:


When first applied on the skin, the cream remains as it is, then easily melts onto the skin like the image below.


With a single swipe the cream become like a lotion, so thin and light on the skin. This is what I need a cream on the belly that actually feels good, help to ease the dryness, I don't feel itchiness, nor other discomforts. The lightness may be not sufficient for those with dryer skin, but for me I can simply reapply anytime (usually after 5-6 hours of usage). The product also compatible with other products from Sebamed and may I say, with some others from different brand too, like soaps, cleanser, etc.


Above is after around 2 minutes of circular motions on the skin, like coated the skin nicely without leftovers. Instantly eliminates the dryness and discomfort, I do suggest using the product since the early pregnancy or at least the minute of entering second trimester when the skin is starting to stretched. So don't wait until they can't bear it anymore, consider it like investing a good nutrition or beneficial oils to the skin to prep them up.

Use the Anti-Stretch Mark Cream on the breast as well as thighs and other area affected by the pregnancy (or perhaps needed the attention).


Above is the amount of product I'm using on a single usage, it is enough for the entire belly and the surroundings ^__^. This is of course depends on ones needs and skin condition. You can use as many or less as you want.

So far the product has given me better skin, smoothness and softness, no 'cracking' (like in the first pregnancy) on the skin so it is really wonderful, the skin also become moist most of the times, no visible new lines of stretches appears, gentle to the touch and best of all the 'safe' feeling of using a product that wont harm me nor the baby.

And below, the list of ingredients used, as seen, they generally promoted ingredients that are safe to be used, plus don't forget the pH 5.5 which is ideal for a healthy skin.


Thank you Sebamed!!

Don't forget to only purchase Sebamed from a trusted seller and stores and look for the expiry dates as well.

See you on my next post.

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