Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playing with Mixing Palette from BeautyGoodsID and Altering Foundationwith Skincare

Hello lovelies,

BeautygoodsID aka Wenny sent me one of her mixing palette, a simple product that you probably already seen it here and there at instagram. Yes, she only sells her items at instagram with an id @BeautyGoodsID

At first, I thought, hmm what am I going to do with this thing? And ideas start popping, something that I really want to do, making my own concoction of makeup base. Mixed with my favorite skincare or other things....curious? Let's check them out.


Start with the most classic of them all, Advanced Night Repair serum and Double Wear foundation. The serum is famous for being so light in texture yet hydrating the skin nicely, and those are the instant effect only, the long term benefit consist of repairing the skin back to it's perfect form. The Double Wear foundation also loved by many for it's great finish, but we all know how quick it dries up and settles. Most makeup artist from Estee Lauder's team will suggest the usage of this dynamic duo together.

What is the difference in using hand as the media or mixing palette, first, the hand has temperature and pores, it will change the texture, even if it's only a slight. The pores will absorb some of it's 'liquid-ness' hence the mixture will become drier faster. The mixing palette has a room temperature, doesn't absorb the products being put on top and last, no messy hands means less germs too.


By mixing these two together, it will gives us more time to blend the product onto the facial skin. This may not be a problem for an expert but for amateurs (like me) extra time means better applications, softer finish and more flawless result.


As seen the palette does not affected the products and solely function as a container, use a brush to blend the products together or I can apply the foundation first followed by the serum during blending.

Take note, there's no differences in preparing the skin before makeup, even thou' there's serum here, it doesn't meant we can skip the skincare routine. Start by cleaning the skin, use toner, serum, moisturizer, wait around 10 minutes or until the skin is ready for makeup and the skincare is absorbed well.


Now, my second concoction is a mixed between serum and drugstore foundation and the third one is facial oil by belif and the drugstore foundie. So one same foundie with 2 possibilities outcome by using 2 different mixture, one, an oil based product, and another a water based product.


The one mixed with water based serum from V10Plus remain it's original form and velvety but the one with facial oil lightens a bit and feels loosen more than the other. On the skin, the foundie mixed with V10Plus set faster, as the water based is easier to be absorbed by the skin, this concoction is perfect for those with normal to dry skin, it added a hint of moisture without being too much.

The foundie mixed with true facial oil is best for those with dry-very dry skin, as the foundie become so moist, but not oily, the true facial oil from belif is wonderful and I can see why this ultra fine oil is loved. The skin will glisten beautifully even with a drugstore foundie like Za.


Now, I'm adding a moisturizer from Hada Labo in the V10Plus mixture, this will make the mixture loosen and create a base like tinted moisturizer. The percentage of the products used will determine how it will be, more foundie means more coverage, less foundie means lighter makeup, suitable for those who doesn't like to use thick makeup. A BB cream can also be made by yourself using skincare, such as serum, moisturizer containing spf and foundation. Some powder may be added as well.

All depends on the brands and ingredients, not all brand is suitable with other products, I know for sure Double Wear foundation from Estee Lauder is best with the ANR alone.

Now, let's continue shall we?!


These are the result of a tinted moisturizer, a light coverage with moist effect. You may change the moisturizer according to what you have and the result desired. Here's some tips in choosing moisturizer:
Hydrating moisturizer which focused on adding moisture, usually contain more water will give the skin a natural hydrated look, suitable for almost all skin type.
Anti aging moisturizer, usually thicker and contains oils, will help those with aging signs as the ingredient may 'blurred out' or fills in the lines and wrinkles. Also help promote a better complexion.
Lifting moisturizer, feels a bit rubbery, hence it may not be suitable with a lot of foundie since it will create crease and/or perhaps noodle-ing.
Whitening/brightening moisturizer, helps lightens the tone, best to used for those looking for a fairer skin. Add some sparkles or golden dust, like the sample (way below).


Above is without some sparkles and below is adding some golden dust from IZU. The fine particles is perfect, bigger particle is not advice-able since it will make some gunk instead of nicely blend. No one wants a chunk of golden sparkles in random places.


Ta-da, glowing skin instantly, suitable for those going into special occasion like a wedding.


The possibility is endless, try mix and match your own items at home using this simple mixing palette from @BeautyGoodsID that only cost Rp.75.000.

Cleaning wise? I use a simple makeup remover and they are all gone.


Drop some speedy cleansing liquid directly and using the same brush, mix it up so nothing sticks, use a tissue and wipe them off. I proceed with cleaning it with a dishwashing liquid (just to remove the residue from speedy cleansing liquid) and the mixing palette is good as new.

The brush is clean as well ^__^

Thank you @BeautyGoodsID

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