Monday, February 3, 2014

Fragonard Perfumes (Fragonard and Soleil)

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for those who have a passion for perfume must have known the country that produces the most famous fragrances all around the world, yes, it is France. Even their skincare are scented with the finest aroma, some from the highest quality of ingredients.

Not all of the ingredients are originally from France, some they imported from the best of the best, one of the ingredients we all known as patchouli is from Indonesia.

I learn more about fragrance during my visit to Fragonard in Paris, France. I went there as a representative from Asia selected by Contiki Tours.


The image above is taken on January 2011, right in front of Fragonard's entrance.

I've visited Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. It was definitely a unique experience and a visit to Fragonard is one of my highlights as I love perfume. I want to be a perfumer. It's like a dream I always have.

Inside the building we can see how the perfume being made, there are replicas of lab and areas for testing the perfume, we have a chance to identify scents like perfumer do, but the perfumer should be able to acknowledge like thousands of scent and able to withstand more than 500 times of trials for one perfume, the endurance of the nose is amazing. And the outcome made by master are usually something that not just smells good, but a perfume that worth every penny, brings back memories and create a scene on its own.

It is clear that the French took perfume seriously, it was like among the highest paid job in the world.

Being a 'nose' (perfumer) also have it's own cost, they are not allowed to eat spicy food, smoke, or have an unhealthy lifestyle as it will have a negative impact on their senses.


We can also make our own concoction from the scents that we love, for me their originals are heavenly on its own, I love Soleil and Fragonard, they also have so many perfume I can think of, beside the EDP, body lotions, soaps and EDT also available, some may say they do have a high price, but I see quality, their perfume last really long on the skin or on the clothe and the dimension it created was immensely beautiful.

Their perfume wont breakdown into something that's unpleasing, the steady scent and aromatic fragrance stays consistent even after long hours of usage, almost unbothered with the natural scent, unlike other perfume on the market that usually 'changed' after a while.

The staff from Fragonard told me how to use their perfume, just drop some on the skin, let it air dried and do not rub it against anything, including our own skin. Do we need to put some on the 'warm' area (behind the ear, neck, etc), not necessarily. Their perfume can still smells awesome in cold places too.

This is their details on Fragonard (the perfume not the brand) and Soleil


Fragonard is an elegant perfume that unites suave white flowers with mellow amber. This fragrance is sold in a sophisticated ‘estagnon’, golden aluminium bottle, which protects the perfume from the effects of light and heat.


Soleil is a heady blend of flowers – jasmine and orange blossom, lily and rose, iris and wisteria – offset by amber, sandalwood and musk. An intensely radiant fragrance that irresistibly evokes the noontide southern sun. This is THE great Fragonard classic.

I bought like a series of mixed perfumes in a box at Fragonard, I've been using them for these past 3 years and always have one inside my shoulder bag, I think they do have scents that are beautiful, personally made, with the wide variety and range of ingredients and mixture, and most importantly successfully made with a gorgeous outcome.

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