Friday, February 28, 2014

Win 100 Package from Original Source According to Your Personality,Mine is Cranberry and Honey & Mind and Honey Scrubs

Hello everyone!!!

I have great news for you! Remember those awesome products I've shared before? The one that contain natural ingredients, smells really good and kind to our skin, yes! It's Original Source. They are having an awesome giveaway called Intense Quiz on their Facebook page:

Like their page and take the quiz to found out which variant suits you best, it was really fun for me since, ANY variant is my favorite ^__^

When I need a boost I use the one with mint, when I'm feeling mellow I'll use the British Strawberry, Lime for a zesty day, and so on. They also comes with scrubs which I just tried today, thanks to Original Source Indonesia!!!


These babies safely arrive at my home, two lovely products, both are scrubs in two variant.

The Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub and Mint & Walnut Super Scrub. I'm super happy.


The lovely packaging is surely a winner, hey it's not always the pricey gifts that melts my heart, the ones that made with care and comes from a sincerity also do the trick. My favorite product doesn't always come in hefty price tag ^__^ #truestory. The one that smells good always become my favorite product.


Awww!!! Thank you.

What are you waiting for, join in their quiz now, it is super easy and free too.


Without further ado, here's my review on both products. First of all, is the biased for all Original Source, I already love them. What can I say, I'm a big sucker in terms of Original Source and in Indonesia, their prices are so affordable, they seriously enhance my showering experience from lazy to actively seeking for a shower time. It doesn't come in a better time than this, a pregnant lady often feels the heat as their body temperature rises, we do sweat a lot and showering 3 times a day can be a dull routine ..... not anymore ladies and gentlemen!! Again, thanks to Original Source.


I want to start sharing this post's review with Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub, first of all, it smells so sweet and endearing. The skin loves the mild and natural scrub particle that looks like from fruits, is it from strawberry? (This is actually a real question). So it was so mild, hence I understand why it is suitable for daily usage and the lathering effect is wonderful too. When about to be used, the oh-so-thick-creamy texture getting out from the packaging like squeezing a pink condensed milk from a tube, heehee, this alone has been a fun experience for me. Then, when lathered on, it feels so sticky (and still fun), bubbles up easily all over the body, making them clean, soft, gently scrubbed, and best of all, smells fruity and yummy!!! Seriously, I almost lick it, it was close (too close).


Then the Mint & Walnut Super Scrub, oohh!! I think the word super comes from the minty feeling that like taking a shower with liquid mentos (really). Details from Original Source UK:

Some days showering is just not enough, so we have teamed up our legendary 7,927 real mint leaves with the exfoliating properties of the walnut and created you one intense natural experience. Use a couple of times a week to get some seriously tingling soft bits.

So, unlike the Cranberry & Honey, the Mint & Walnut is to be used 2-3 times a week and not on daily basis, there are more particles and exfoliating properties as well, and the mint is just refreshing and feels so cold. My advice, use it during the day, not on a cold rainy days.


Curious to see what's inside? Here they are, aren't they so damn lovable?! Gooey, jelly-like and if only you can smell them, it's like mint ice cream for the Mint & Walnut and creamy sweet cranberry milkshake for the Cranberry & Honey. It is definitely a mood booster just by smelling them. Imagine taking a shower with them heehee, can't get enough for sure.


Thank you so much Original Source Indonesia!!!!

Stay tune for more reviews ya.

Psstttt, I keep rambling about the texture, sensation and scent, but forgot to mentioned how it felt on the skin, Original Source products doesn't make the skin suffer with dryness, the gentle (yet awesome) formula is skin friendly and wont strip off the skin's moisture like most soap do. 


  1. i love original source soaps very very much. i've tried the cranberry scrubs and vanilla-raspberry. And i bought the Mint and Lemon for Men soaps. Gotta try the Quiz now. Thank you for informing dear :D

  2. Oh! I use their Vanilla & Raspberry and finished a bottle already <3
    Also I won their Intense Quiz and blogged about it ^^