Tuesday, February 18, 2014

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil in Noursihing Oil, Rich Oil, ColorGlow, Mythic Milk, Shampoo, and Masque

Hi everybody!!

Finally I can start pampering myself, the perk of being sick is I have to stay at home, at all times, and all moments, well, when sick, I'm not 24/7 sick, there are times where I have to take showers and bedtime ^__^ love bedtime so much. Beside resting, showering also plays a good part in healing, taking a warm showers means steams from the water helps ease up the congested airways inside of me.

Before taking a shower, I pampered the hair with oils using Mythic Oil. I have several of them now thanks to L'Oreal Professionnel.


Here are the three oils and one milk. As seen below, the milk is in spray and made specially as a leave in, while the tree may be used as a pre shampooing treatment, pampering, massaging the hair and scalp and as a leave in as well after all the process is done.

Here's how I'm using them,

1. Apply the Mythic Oil of my choice before shampooing, on dry hair. Gently massage the hair first, focusing on the hair and then gently massage the scalp to help promoting better circulation. Wait for as long as I want or perhaps when I have the time to leave it alone. Usually around 30 minutes or so. Remember, I'm not applying the oils directly to the scalp but to the hair first then work it through upward direction.

2. After leaving it alone, I hit the shower and shampoo the hair using the  shampoo from Mythic collection. The rich golden clear gel is amazing, the lathering and pampering effect is soothing and calming at the same time. They all have similar scent. But the texture between those three oils are slightly different. In terms of 'thickness' the Rich Oil is the winner, next in line is the original and the Colour Glow Oil has the lightest texture above all.

3. Massage the scalp and hair well, rinse everything off and repeat. I do noticed the very fine oils but surprisingly not oily on the hair. I was thinking about limp and greasy feeling, but what I got is pampering, softening and still light feeling on the hair and scalp too.

4. After shampooing, I'm using the mask. The lovely thick creamy white mask. Take note that mask are made for the hair, NOT the scalp, as it will clogged the pores of the scalp. The hair needs it, not the scalp. The hairs need the nourishing and luscious oils to help them getting their shiny locks back.


5. After working it through the hair, you may brush using a wide tooth comb making sure every hair part get's the mask. There's no need of using too much, for my shoulder length hair 1 and a half spoonful is enough as the mask is very rich. The smell also wonderful, a bit deeper than the oils. And the result after rinsing them off with warm water is beyond words, those coarse and dry parts are immediately pampered, covered and feel so soft to the touch.

6. I toweled and blow dry the hair, it has become so much smoother, I can put on the leave in on the ends only so I don't put weight for this airy feeling. My hair can be styled with hot tools now, but it is best to keep them safe and sound. The softening effect relaxed my hair so well, that it become so tidy and like well mannered.


The effect stays on till the next day, but for those with oily scalp like me, the scalp may become oily faster, like after 24 hours, I really need to clean the hair again. The smell last more than 24 hours and so does the softening effect on the hair. Still so silky and smooth. Feels really good, especially on the dry part, my hair used to be abused with the highlights, bleaching and other process, now they become so tame. 

Those with normal hair condition may still use these products as a maintenance or adding some amazing glow to the hair, using it 1-2 times a week is enough, those with dry hair may use it more often, those with oily scalp but dry hair, may focusing on the hair only.

Thank you L'Oreal Professionnel for the wonderful products that smells so luxurious, flowery and a bit of coconutty musk.

Products available at exclusive salons with L'Oreal Professionnel's logo.


  1. Hi dear,
    loreal products are good, our hair becomes softer and healthier.
    I always use loreal products for my hair


  2. Yes, they are for professional use after all, and like usual your comment is always with personal ads ya