Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My First Encounter with Vanity Trove in Beauty Influencers Gathering

Hello lovelies,

last week I was invited by Vanity Trove in their Beauty Influencers Gathering where they invited beauty bloggers and makeup artists or other what we called, someone who has influences in the beauty world.


The event is held at Bistronomy and when I arrived the event is almost started. I think by this point most of us (beauty enthusiast) already know or perhaps heard something about Vanity Trove, start from the beauty box to the community for beauty bloggers (or anyone who has a passion for beauty).


In Vanity Trove, they proudly share about their ability to match preferences between the users and the products, so instead of buying full sizes, why not trying on the samples first.

After trying the samples you'll have the decision to purchase the product or not, in the end it's about providing options to customers and also, for those who has 'talent' in beauty to share tips, what products do they use and sharing reviews too.


Vanity Trove has more than 80 brands participating and they also caters product that wasn't available at stores in Indonesia.


Interested? Sign up for an account at https://www.vanitytrove.com/id where you may join via facebook or twitter.


Find out more about Vanity Trove directly at their homepage and see you there!

After the presentation from Vanity Trove, we got a chance to learn about Medi Beauty and everyone also get to try the serum on the spot.


Thank you Vanity Trove for having us at the gathering!

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