Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Preparing Nursery and Shopping at Audrey

Hi all,

one of the biggest perk of being pregnant is having to shops for nursery :D seriously!! I love shopping but I know I have to be wiser and spends only on the necessities, with the baby coming soon, a lot of items become necessities now heehee (excuses).

Where do I shop? Well, everywhere. I've tried online, malls, exclusive (and expensive places), abroad, ITC Mangga Dua and finally ITC Cempaka Mas. The one that I truly recommend is ITC Cempaka Mas, in a store called Audrey, located at 3rd floor Blok F. This store is very famous, it's even got an award from a famous Mother and Baby magazine.


As most women nowadays we are looking for recommendations, reviews and suggestion as we prefer to be spot on instead of researching on our own, for me personally, it does help me a lot and gives me more time to relaxed, but still I do my own research in comparing the price, quality and conditions of the products I want to buy.

At ITC Mangga Dua, frankly the terms of going there already created headache, imagine the jam, crowd and unbearable parking situation. 2 hours just to found a parking spots, 1 hour just to get into the crowd and found the level store to get baby's items, and 1 hour of finding the ones that sells brands or items that I needed, haggling, asking and so on, it was too much. And after kept on asking and asking, haggling here and there, even the lowest quality of products become more expensive there with a slight differences than the mall. Seriously? Yes. Comparing the quality, material and brands, they don't do much help for me. So in conclusion, a day wasted going there.

However, the wide varieties for the pregnant mom is way better than any malls or other places I've been. So there's this pro and cons after all.

How about the malls, imagine cool air con air, wide stores, friendly staffs and beautiful looking products for baby that can only be useful for around 3 months, what?!!! I'm not going to spend moneys on that. Believe it or not, I found the exact same items at Audrey in ITC Cempaka Mas which can cost 1/10 from the malls. And I'm not kidding. The best thing here is I don't have to bother haggling, they really gave the best price ever. Cheaper than any online shops I've google-ed plus we've got to check the real items without guessing (like buying online) and well, see them 'live'.


Some of the side effects here is, well, like many other small crowded place, is feels kinda hot, some people also refuse to read the sign of 'NO Smoking' plus other personal issue like the toilet is not that clean and the place is not looking pretty like in the mall. My suggestion is to plan your visit carefully, make a list of all the things needed instead of wandering cluelessly there. It will save you some time and energy as well. Even thou' you want to buy a 3-6 months jumper, you still need to choose the brand and material once there.

Since the store is always crowded, watch over your belongings and including the products you want to buy, make sure they all in the right sizes, material and quality, I know there are some women that blame the staff for taking the wrong items and when they check it at home some are wrong, well, take a look and personally double check the products before making a purchase will definitely help. For me I double and triple check the products, it does make me spend 30 minutes extra time there but at least I keep everything in order.

I recheck everything at home again and the staff always gives me their phone number, so if anything goes wrong, they'll make up for it. I think in terms of low price and high quality products, the staffs at Audrey do give a wonderful service. I went there several time and been helped by multiple staffs, almost all of them are well equipped with knowledge on almost every products there, imagine they have lie everything. From strollers, baby bather, clothing, dresser, shoes, socks, teeter, toiletries, bedding, sterilizers, bottles, wipes, and many many more. It's like almost chaotic yet they know their stuffs.

I found tons of branded items with prices that's fractions from anywhere else, I'm so happy to be there and so does my husband. He was in disbelief at first, but after googling on the prices, we spend way less than buying anywhere else and received more items. Oh wow. Why do I still go to the malls? Oh wait, the air con and the food and the nice clean toilet of course ^__^


Here is the store's location and details, I do really highly recommend this place. I don't want to spend another minute browsing anywhere else but here (oh I should get a royalty for sharing this ^__^). But, one thing thou' if you see something really perfect or wonderful here, buy it instantly, on my last visit I bought these cute pair of baby's gloves and socks, I only bought like 2 pairs, thinking on my next visit I could get some more, I'm so wrong! They are all sold out. A lot of items I've managed to get last week also like 1-2 items left. They run out pretty fast. I still have some necessities, so I'll definitely come back to Audrey again.

They also sell spare parts for products from Medela, isn't it great?! Even the fanciest store at the mall doesn't have that sometime.


I will share a few of my purchases, get ready to be blown away:

Chicco Sterilizer Rp.450.000 (check anywhere else and usually sold above Rp.500.000).
Carter Baby Jumper -5 piece per pack- Rp. 70.000 (at ITCMangga Dua is above Rp.100.000 after serious haggling)
Next Jumper -4 piece per pack- RP. 90.000 (you may check this at NEXT at the malls, yikes)
And many many many more.

Happy shopping.

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  1. Asikkkk, semoga si dede sama maminya sehat-sehat selalu ya ce ^_^
    Ditunggu foto-foto sibabynya nanti ^_^